Books & Journals

 The History of Limerick
- John Ferrar (1787)
 Limerick; its History and Antiquities - Maurice Lenihan (1866) The Glamour of Limerick - A.J. O'Halloran (1928)
The Cromwellian Settlement of the County of Limerick - James Grene Barry (1900)Worthies of Thomond - Robert Herbert (1944-1946)Limerick Municipal Elections (1841-2009)
Round about the County of Limerick - Rev. James Dowd (1896) Our Catholic Life (1954-'70)Hatch 33 (1987-'97)
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The Old Limerick Journal Vol. 1-51Journal of the Limerick Field Club (1897-1900)Limerick Socialist (1972-1981)
The Bottom Dog (1975-1976)Limerick War News (1922)North Munster Antiquarian Journal (1909-2013)
Shannon Meat Gazette (1975-1986)Lough Gur Journal (1984-2014)

Gréan (1980-2010)

Weekly Observer (1915-1919)

Classic Literature of Limerick 

An Antique and Storied Land 




Deel Views                                                        



Other books and journals from the Limerick City and County Library collection:


In the Shadow of the Spire : a Profile of St. John's Parish

Reflections On Kildimo - A Journal of Local History by Fr. Martin McCormack S.D.B.

Municipal Corporation Boundaries (Ireland) - Reports and Plans, 1837

The Lenten Pastorals, 1887 - 1917, of Bishop Edward Thomas O'Dwyer

James and George Pain - Gothic Architects by David Lee (2003)

Ireland's Naturall History by Gerard Boate, 1652

Two Centuries of Popular Education: An Historical Survey of the Educational Institutions of Limerick, 1700 - 1900 by Michael V. (Milo) Spillane (1973)

A Visit to Knock by T. O'C (printed & published by T. O'Connor, 3 Military Road [O'Connell Avenue], Limerick, 1880)  

Limerick Harbour Directory 1890   

History of Limerick by A. O'Dubhgaill 

Feile Padraig Annual 1957 

Limerick Clothing Factory 1850-1950

Life of Sarsfield by R. Barry O'Brien, 1895 

Life and Times of Patrick Sarsfield (Printed by Guy & Co, 114 George Street, Limerick)

Recollections of an Irish Police Magistrate [Thomas Phillips Vokes] by Henry Robert Addison, 1863 

Some Members of the Munster Circuit by Patrick Lynch, 1946

Souvenir of the Centenary of Gerald Griffin, Poet & Novelist - a Faithful Delineator of Irish Character (Guy & Co., Cork, 1903)

Limerick City Street Names by Gerry Joyce (Limerick Corporation, 1995) 

Forgotten Revolution: Limerick Soviet 1919 by Liam Cahill [link to external site]

The Antiquities of Limerick and Its Neighbourhood by Thomas Johnson Westropp, 1916 [link to external site]

Limerick and Its Sieges by James Dowd, 1890 [link to external site]

The history, topography and antiquities of the county and city of Limerick, vol I by Rev. P. Fitzgerald and John James McGregor [link to external site]

Night Times (1990-1991)

A Garland of Verse by T. J. Dunbar (1907) 


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