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You can search by trade, directory, surname, address or year. You can also run a combined search (e.g. Gun Makers named Boyd between 1769 and 1870).

When searching a particular surname be aware of the possibility of variations in the spelling of a name (e.g. Burke & Bourke; McMahon & MacMahon; Moloney, Molony & Maloney). Partial entry of a name will catch some of these variations. For example, if you search "Wals" your result will include the names Walsh and Walshe (and any other names that might start with the letters "Wals").

When searching by address you need to be aware of the fact that some streets had different names in the past. For example, O"Connell Street was called George Street, Gerald Griffin Street was Cornwallis Street and Davis Street was Queen Street. If you have any query regarding such changes you can either consult the book Limerick City Street Names by Gerry Joyce or contact Limerick City Library at the address below.

N.B. The default setting in the "Between Years" field is 1769 - please change this as required before conducting your search.

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