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The City of Limerick has its origins on and around the island of Inis Sibhton. Inis Sibhton is now known as King's Island after King John of England, 1199-1216, who as Lord of Ireland, granted Limerick its first Charter in 1197. This island was formed by the River Shannon and its tributary the Abbey River. This area was home to early Christian settlements from the 5th.Century, the time of St.Patrick and the city patron saint St. Munchin.
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The Vikings who made Limerick their base in the 9th and 10th centuries were eventually dislodged by the O'Brien kings of Thomond and Munster. On the death of Donal Mor O'Brien in 1194 the Normans came and established a garrison. From there the mediaeval city much of which we can still trace today developed. The walled city of English town on the island and it's neighbour Irishtown on the southern side of the Abbey River grew and prospered through the following centuries up to the middle 1700's. The late 1700's and the 1800's then saw the emergence of the "new city" with its fine streets, commercial and public buildings and its Georgian architecture. This is the city that is so evident today to visitors who take the time to explore it as it should be explored ...on foot!

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