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Scanned Registers of Electors for Limerick City, 1931 to 1950

The Registers of Electors listed below are full, scanned copies of originals. They are all in pdf format, i.e. they are opened using Adobe Acrobat software. Most computers will already have the software necessary for viewing these documents. The documents are searchable by using the Adobe Acrobat search option (i.e. the 'binoculars' icon). Please bear in mind that the search is not 100% reliable as it is based on character recognition and where the print on the original may be poorly defined due to fading or other damage the character recognition software may not work.

These are large files and may take a few minutes to open.


  1931-32 Register of Electors (PDF - 19,107 Kb)

  1940 Register of Electors (PDF - 22,826 Kb)

  1945 Register of Electors (PDF - 27,744 Kb)

  1950 Register of Electors (PDF - 25,768 Kb)

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