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   1840 calender


Abbott, Paul (817 Kb) , Cork, Limerick Chronicle 18/01/1840, quaker, brother of Thomas Abbott of Limerick

Alley, Lizetta (467 Kb) , North Anne Street, Limerick Chronicle 28/11/1840, widow of the late Sir George Alley of Fermoy

Anderson, Henry (1,195 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 04/11/1840, formerly of the City Limerick Regt.

Arthur, female (Mrs.) (543 Kb) , John Street, Limerick Chronicle 18/11/1840

Ashe, Richard (835 Kb) , Ashgrove, Limerick Chronicle 22/04/1840, aged 57, former magistrate of Co. Cork

Atkinson, Benjamin (772 Kb) , King William Street, Mansion House, Limerick Chronicle 29/01/1840, aged 81

Baird, Richard (537 Kb) , James Street, Limerick Chronicle 09/12/1840, Royal Navy

Baird, Thomas Maiden (835 Kb) , Merchant's Quay, Limerick Chronicle 22/04/1840

Barnardo, Frederick Alphonsus (628 Kb) , Castle Street, Limerick Chronicle 15/01/1840, son of John Barnardo

Barnes, William Duncan P. (1,195 Kb) , Gort, Limerick Chronicle 04/11/1840, of croup, aged 6, son of Captain Barnes, Barrack Master

 Baylee, Anne (508 Kb) , Baker Place, Limerick Chronicle 22/02/1840, dau of John T. Baylee, sis of the Rev. Joseph Baylee (death notice 26/02/1840) (874 Kb)

Benn, Alicia (537 Kb) , Cornwallis street, Limerick Chronicle 28/03/1840, dau of Ewer Benn of Castleconnell

Bennett, Letitia (566 Kb) , Gleneffy, Limerick Chronicle 19/09/1840, wife of George L. Bennett

Benson, Jeremiah (549 Kb) , Boherbuoy, Limerick Chronicle 25/11/1840, aged 17, accountant

Bindon, Catherine (543 Kb) , Limerick City, Limerick Chronicle 18/11/1840, dau of the late Henry Bindon, Recorder of Limerick

Blackall, Robert (526 Kb) , Nelson Street, Limerick Chronicle 01/07/1840, 51st Light Infaltry

Blackwood, Elizabeth (501 Kb) , Peter Street, Limerick Chronicle 14/10/1840, wife of George R. Blackwood, solicitor, dau of the late Richard Ledger of Mota, Tipperary

Blake, female (Mrs.) (584 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 12/02/1840, Lady of the Right Hon. Anthony Richard Blake, Chief Remebrancer of the Court of Exchequer

Bolton, Elizabeth (551 Kb) , Castleconnell, Limerick Chronicle 10/10/1840, dau of the late Michael Bolton

Bouchier, Maria (543 Kb) , Charlemont Place, Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 05/09/1840, sis of the late Thomas Bouchier of Kiliney Castle, Co Dublin, sis-in-law to Dr. Thwaites of this city

Bradshaw, Jane (547 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 15/04/1840, dau of William Bradshaw

Bradshaw, Joseph A. (849 Kb) , North Strand, Limerick Chronicle 01/04/1840, of fever

Brereton, Eliza (566 Kb) , Cullenswood, Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 19/09/1840, widow of Arthur Brereton of this city (death notice 23/09/1840) (544 Kb)

Bridgeman, James (612 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 08/04/1840, report, workman to Thomas Collins of Askeaton, died suddenly

Broomfield, Charlotte (616 Kb) , Borris Cottage, Maryborough, Limerick Chronicle 19/12/1840, dau of the late Henry P. Broomfield

Brown, John Robert (584 Kb) , Wilton, Limerick, Limerick Chronicle 12/02/1840, infant son of William Pearse Brown

Bryce, Samuel Wilson (733 Kb) , Catherine Place, Limerick Chronicle 30/12/1840, died of inflamation of the chest, son of Thomas A. Bryce

Bunton, William (517 Kb) , Thomas Street, Limerick Chronicle 05/12/1840, aged 80

Burke, James (874 Kb) , John Street, Limerick Chronicle 26/02/1840, son of Standish Burke, shoe manufacturer

Callaghan, Patrick (612 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 08/04/1840, report, porter in a grocer's shop on Roche's Street, died from effects of intoxication

Carey, Arabella (805 Kb) , Ballingoola Glebe, Limerick Chronicle 04/01/1840, died at residence of her father,widow of Captain Benjamin Carey, dau of the Rev. B. Fitzgerald

Carey, William T. (546 Kb) , Nenagh, Limerick Chronicle 29/02/1840, formerly of Limerick

Carington, Mary Isabella (556 Kb) , Whitehall, Limerick Chronicle 29/04/1840, dau of the Right Hon. Lord Carington

Carroll, John Rev. (592 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 22/01/1840, died in Limerick, vicar of Clonlea, Six-Mile-Bridge

Casey, Ellen (874 Kb) , Rathkeale, Limerick Chronicle 26/02/1840, dau of Joseph Casey

Casey, female (Mrs.) (511 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 22/08/1840, died at the house of her son-in-law Miles O'Brien, apothecary, widow of James Casey of Gortroe, Limerick

Cavanagh, Mary (549 Kb) , Arthur's Quay, Limerick Chronicle 25/11/1840, aged 7, dau of James Cavanagh

Cochrane, Dorothea Lady (551 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 10/10/1840, sis of the Earl of Dundonald

Coerata, Antonio (512 Kb) , Bedford Row, Limerick Chronicle 09/05/1840, hotel-keeper, native of Portugal

Collins, Honora (539 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 30/09/1840, mother of Matthew & John Collins, T.C.D.

Colthurst, Augustus Rev. (841 Kb) , Clarisford House, Limerick Chronicle 16/05/1840, chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Killaloe

Connell, John (866 Kb) , High Street, Limerick Chronicle 04/04/1840

Considine, Michael (537 Kb) , Derk, Limerick, Limerick Chronicle 06/06/1840, son of the late Heffernan Considine

Coomy, Catherine (849 Kb) , Abbey Place, Limerick Chronicle 01/04/1840, widow of John Coomy of Newtown-Mahon

Corbett, Denis (549 Kb) , Dromin, Limerick Chronicle 01/08/1840, member of the Newcastle Temperance Society, buried at the Ardagh Church

Corbett, Mary (526 Kb) , Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 01/07/1840, wife of James Corbett, late of the Cresent

Cotter, Julia (477 Kb) , Newtown, Limerick Chronicle 06/10/1840, of fever

Coyle, Mary (803 Kb) , New Street, Limerick Chronicle 06/05/1840, mother of the Rev. Mr. Coyle

Crampton, John (702 Kb) , Kildare Street, Limerick Chronicle 17/06/1840, professor of Maderia Medica, King's & Queen's College of Physicians

Creagh, male (564 Kb) , Tarmons, near Tarbert, Limerick Chronicle 22/07/1840, son of Moneton Creagh

Creedon, Johanna (614 Kb) , Ardrine, Limerick Chronicle 21/10/1840, report, died suddenly on way home from funeral

Croker, female (Mrs.) (1,196 Kb) ,  Grange Hill, Limerick Chronicle 21/03/1840, widow of Edward Croker

Crosthwaite, Henry (849 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 01/04/1840, wine merchant in Carlow, son-in-law of the late William Goggin of Limerick

Cullen, Edward (771 Kb) , D'Ollier Street, Limerick Chronicle 15/07/1840, aged 70, 30 years salesman to the Messrs, Kinahan & Co.

Cunningham, Bryan (674 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 24/10/1840, report, buried in Newcastle Church Yard, private of the 7th Depot, 16 years in service, died worth near £100

Cunningham, Catherine (803 Kb) , Queen Street, Limerick Chronicle 06/05/1840, wife of Mr Francis Cunningham

Dalton, James (817 Kb) , Abbeyfeale, Limerick Chronicle 18/01/1840

D'Alton, male (infant) (803 Kb) , Clare Street, Limerick Chronicle 06/05/1840, son of Michael D'Alton

Daly, female (Mrs.) (1,195 Kb) , Mount Pleasant, Limerick Chronicle 04/11/1840, widow of Michael Daly of Raford

Danaher, John (619 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 08/02/1840, report, horse & cart they were travelling crashed due to flooded road

Danaher, Thomas (619 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 08/02/1840, report, horse & cart they were travelling crashed due to flooded road

Davenport, James (545 Kb) , Ballynacourty 21/11/1840, aged 11 months, son of Thomas E. Davenport

Davis, Nicholas (580 Kb) , Kilfinane, Limerick Chronicle 08/02/1840

DeCosta, Joshua Meades (551 Kb) , Castle Street, St. Mary's Axe, Limerick Chronicle 10/10/1840

Delany, Mr. T. (543 Kb) , Roche's Street, Limerick Chronicle 18/11/1840, cabinet maker

Denmeade, Henry (841 Kb) , Anne Street, Limerick Chronicle 16/05/1840, cabinet maker & auctioneer

D'Esterre, Mary (853 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 25/03/1840, aged 19, dau of the late Arthur D'Esterre, Deputy Clerk of the Peace for Limerick (death notice 01/04/1840) (849 Kb)

Donovan, Timothy (565 Kb) , Mungret, Limerick Chronicle 12/08/1840, aged 102, laid the first stone of the bridge near Bank Place in 1756

Dowling, female (Mrs.) (803 Kb) , Castleconnell, Limerick Chronicle 06/05/1840, of fever, wife of George Dowling

Dowling, William (564 Kb) , Adare, Limerick Chronicle 22/07/1840, buried near Newcastle

Dowling, William (626 Kb) , Francis Street, 26/09/1840

Downes, William Rev. (589 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 16/12/1840, report, P.P. of Patrick's Well & Ballybrown, thrown by his horse, suffered severe head injury

Dunn, female (Mrs.) (628 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 15/01/1840, of Limerick, widow of Henry Dunne of Portarlington

Dwyer, Catherine (1,247 Kb) , Kilballyowen, Limerick Chronicle 25/01/1840, aged 107

Dwyer, Catherine (1,247 Kb) , Ballymacstradeen, Limerick Chronicle 06/06/1840, report, wife of Patrick Dwyer,  house attacked by an armed group, Mrs. Dwyer so frightened by the attack that she took sick and died 24 hours later

English, Elizabeth (519 Kb) , Fuschia Cottage, Limerick Chronicle 08/08/1840, residence of her son-in-law George Walker, wife of Richard English of Seafield House, County Waterford (death notice 12/08/1840) (565 Kb)

English, male (578 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 21/03/1840, report, alledgedly murdered by his relatives for marrying without their approval

Enright, William (853 Kb) , Mount William, Limerick, Limerick Chronicle 25/03/1840

Evans, Thomasina (637 Kb) , Victoria Terrace, Limerick Chronicle 17/10/1840  infant dau of Thomas Darcy Evans

Ewart, Robert (568 Kb) , Kilkee, Limerick Chronicle 02/09/1840, of this city, years doing business for the distillery of Stein, Brown and Thomondgate, native of Scotland

Fahie, male (612 Kb) , New Road, North Liberties, Limerick Chronicle 08/04/1840, report, 2 brothers, died of fever

Fahy, Bridget (663 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 14/11/1840, report, murder, struck in the head by Anne Gilburn

Fallon, Edward (611 Kb) , Drumsna, Co Leitrim, Limerick Chronicle 02/05/1840, Clerk of the Crown for Co. Roscommon, bro of the Assistant  Barrister for Limerick

Feheeny, male (705 Kb) , Heath Lodge, Galbally, Limerick Chronicle 28/10/1840, report, murder, Driscoll family in custody for this murder

Fitzgerald, child (614 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 21/10/1840, report, drowned, child of James Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald, Edward Marlborough (565 Kb) , Guernsey, Limerick Chronicle 12/08/1840, son of the late Maurice Fitzgerald of Lifford

Fitzgerald, John (628 Kb) , Abbeyfeale, Limerick Chronicle 15/01/1840, son of John Fitzgerald, postmaster

Fitzgerald, Lucy (771 Kb) , Mallow Street, Limerick Chronicle 15/07/1840, infant dau of Wyndham Magraith Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald, Moses (551 Kb) , Galbally, Limerick Chronicle 10/10/1840

Fitzgerald, Sarah (547 Kb) , Richmond, Limerick Chronicle 15/04/1840, aged 18, dau of David Fitzgerald

Fitzgibbon, Henry (769 Kb) , Ballyseeda, Limerick Chronicle 05/08/1840, son of Thomas Gibbon Fitzgibbon, served in the late Anglo Spanish Auxillary Legion

Fitzmayer, Catherine (507 Kb) , Camberwell, Limerick Chronicle 25/07/1840, died at her mother's residence, dau of the late Major Charles Howard Fitzmayer, Royal Artillery of Limerick

Flannery, Ann (817 Kb) , Rutland Street, Limerick Chronicle 18/01/1840, of fever, wife of James Flannery of Scariff, corn factor

Flynn, Delia Agnes (597 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 12/09/1840, dau of Patrick Flynn of Thomas Street

Flynn, Patrick (628 Kb) , the Mill-Stream, near Abbeyfeale, Limerick Chronicle 15/01/1840

Franklin, George Rev. (507 Kb) , Kildimo Glebe, Limerick Chronicle 11/07/1840, aged 78

Gaff, Robert (605 Kb) , Tarbert, Limerick Chronicle 12/12/1840, of Carrigafoyle Castle, manager at the National Bank in Tarbert

Garvey, male (628 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 29/07/1840, report, died of apoplexy, stone cutter, native of Limerick

Gatchell, Frederick (803 Kb) , Nelson street, Limerick Chronicle 06/05/1840, son of the late Samuel Gatchell, quaker

Gearon, Susan (1,195 Kb) , Rathkeale, Limerick Chronicle 04/11/1840, wife of John Gearon

Gleeson, William (518 Kb) , Greenlawn, Bruff, Limerick Chronicle 04/07/1840

Grady, Ann (840 Kb) , Boulogne-Sur-Mer, Limerick Chronicle 08/01/1840, dau of Thomas Grady jnr., grand-dau of Thomas Grady, late of Belmont, Limerick

Graves, Hugh Raves (508 Kb) , Hatch Street, Limerick Chronicle 22/02/1840, barrister, son of the late Rev. John Graves of Fortwilliam, Limerick

Griffin, Daniel (655 Kb) , Bruff, Limerick Chronicle 29/08/1840, report, visiting his cousin in Mungret, murdered by Michael Fitzpatrick of Watergate

Griffin, Gerald (509 Kb) , North Monastery, Cork, Limerick Chronicle 13/06/1840, of typhus fever, late of this city, author of 'The Collegions', 'Tales of Munster Festivals'

Griffin, John (542 Kb) , Green Park, Limerick Chronicle 18/04/1840, aged 10 months, son of John Ryan

Griffith, Catherine Frances Minchin (533 Kb) , Kildare Street, Limerick Chronicle 08/07/1840, dau of the Rev. Joseph Phillips Griffith

Gubbins, Lucinda (503 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 09/09/1840, widow of the late Robert Gubbins of Ulla Hill, Limerick

Guerin, Michael (635 Kb) , City Jail, Limerick Chronicle 05/09/1840, report, under sentence for robbery, sent back from Kilmainham to Limerick Jail

Hackett, Margaret (805 Kb) , Patrick's Quay, Cork, Limerick Chronicle 04/01/1840, wife of William B. Hackett, dau of Patrick O'Callaghan of Limerick

Hands, Sylvester (507 Kb) , Denmark Street, Limerick Chronicle 11/07/1840 (death notice 15/07/1840) (771 Kb)

Hannan, male (565 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 04/01/1840, report, shot dead

Hanneen, female (Mrs.) (615 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 19/08/1840, report, mason's wife, died of cholera morbus

Hanrahan, Anne (630 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 31/10/1840, sis of the late Rev. Jean Hanrahan

Hanrahan, George Rev. (592 Kb) , North Strand, Limerick Chronicle 13/06/1840, (death notice 17/06/1840) (702 Kb)

Hanrahan, George Rev. (592 Kb) , George's Quay, Limerick Chronicle 22/02/1840, P.P of St. Mary's 7 Roman Catholic Dean of Limerick, buried at St. Mary's Chapel (death notice 26/02/1840) (874 Kb)

Hardy, Frederick George (841 Kb) , Brunswick street, Limerick Chronicle 16/05/1840, son of S. T. Hardy, manager National Banks

Harpur, Rebecca (554 Kb) , Henrietta Street, Limerick Chronicle 01/01/1840, dau of the Rev. Singleton Harpur

Hart, Thomas (630 Kb) , Retreat Place, Hackney, Limerick Chronicle 31/10/1840, former merchant in Limerick (death notice 04/11/1840) (811 Kb)

Hassard, Henry (550 Kb) , Skea House, Fermanagh, Limerick Chronicle 15/02/1840, late of Limerick

Hay, Winifred (570 Kb) , Peter Street, Limerick Chronicle 25/04/1840, widow of Edward Hay

Hayes, Catherine (565 Kb) , Roche's Street, Limerick Chronicle 12/08/1840

Hayes, James (840 Kb) , Arthur's Quay, Limerick Chronicle 08/01/1840, shoe maker

Hayes, Michael (477 Kb) , North Strand, Limerick Chronicle 06/10/1840, of decline, former Agent of Messrs, Harvey & Co.'s Timber Yard

Hayes, Thomas (771 Kb) , Cornwallis Street, Limerick Chronicle 15/07/1840, carpenter

Healy, James (733 Kb) , Peter Street, Limerick Chronicle 30/12/1840, of the East India Company's Medical Department at Calcutta

Hemphill, Edward (637 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 17/10/1840, son of the late Doctor Hemphill of Cashel, Lieut. & Paymaster in the 60th Regt.

Hogan, Anna (556 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 29/04/1840, aged 14, dau of the late Edmond Hogan

Hogan, Daniel (584 Kb) , Clare Street, Limerick Chronicle 12/02/1840, brewer

Hogan, James (546 Kb) , Bank Place, Limerick Chronicle 29/02/1840

Hogan, Thomas (853 Kb) , Rathkeale, Limerick Chronicle 25/03/1840, aged 77

Holohan, James Rev. (1,195 Kb) , Ashford, Limerick Chronicle 04/11/1840

Howard, Hugh Hon. (644 Kb) , Bushy Park, Limerick Chronicle 07/11/1840, aged 80

Howley, Margaret (705 Kb) , Fever Hospital, Limerick Chronicle 28/10/1840, report, jury returned verdict "died by visitation of God"

Hugueuin, Juliana (780 Kb) , Great Brunswick Street, Limerick Chronicle 05/02/1840, wife of Monsiuer Hugueuin

Hunt, Dawson Vere (568 Kb) , Woodbine, near Cappagh White, Limerick Chronicle 02/09/1840, died at his mother's residence, Magistrate of Tipperary, son of the late Henry Davis Hunt of Cappagh White

Hunt, Elizabeth (517 Kb) , North Camass, Limerick Chronicle 20/06/1840, wife of Daniel Hunt

Hunt, Frances (525 Kb) , Friarstown House, Limerick Chronicle 30/05/1840, aged 2 years

Hynes, Mr B. (514 Kb) , Rathkeale, Limerick Chronicle 24/06/1840

Jackson, Anna Maria (580 Kb) , Mungret Street, Limerick Chronicle 08/02/1840, aged 75, dau of the late Thomas Jackson of Limerick

Jamieson, Ralph W. (542 Kb) , Roches Street, Limerick Chronicle 21/10/1840, aged 38, contributed entertaining sketches of Hounds and Hunters in Ireland to the periodical press

Julius, Jean (501 Kb) , Hermitage, Limerick Chronicle 14/10/1840, died at the residence of her father, Francis Spaight, wife ofGeorge C. Julius

Kane, Emily (780 Kb) , Kildare Stree, Limerick Chronicle 05/02/1840, infant dau of Richard D. Kane

Keays, Richard (554 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 18/03/1840, aged 20, son of Christopher Keays of Birdhill, Tipperary & Brittascastle, Limerick

Kelly, Dorothea (537 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 28/03/1840, aged 81, widow of Pierce Kelly of Ballycullen, Co. Clare

Kelly, female (553 Kb) , Churchtown, near Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 05/08/1840, report, died of an epileptic attack

Kennedy, Jane (539 Kb) , Capel Street, 30/09/1840

Kennedy, Joseph Dr. (537 Kb) , William Street, Limerick Chronicle 09/12/1840, Superintendant of the Shanagolden Dispensary for 20 years

Kennedy, Mary (528 Kb) , Broad Street, Limerick Chronicle 19/08/1840

Kennedy, Philip (438 Kb) , Blois, Limerick Chronicle 07/03/1840, son of John Kennedy of Limerick

Kennelly, female (Mrs.) (592 Kb) , John's Square, Limerick Chronicle 22/01/1840, widow of John Kennelly (death notice 25/01/1840) (1,247 Kb)

Kilpatrick, John Captain (565 Kb) , Cecil Street, Strand, Limerick Chronicle 12/08/1840, aged 66

Lane, Ellen (508 Kb) , Clover Hill, Limerick Chronicle 01/02/184, aged 60, died at the residence of her nephew Daniel Buckley, widow of Edmond Lane of Rathkeale (death notice 05/02/1840) (780 Kb)

Lane, female (Mrs.) (554 Kb) , Sir Harry'a Mall, Limerick Chronicle 18/03/1840, widow of the late Dr. Lane

Langford, George (592 Kb) , Henry Street, Limerick Chronicle 22/01/1840, of Marino, Co. Kerry (death notice 25/01/1840) (1,247 Kb)

Leahy, David (616 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 19/12/1840, son of Michael Leahy, solicitor

Leahy, Mary (733 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 30/12/1840, wife of Michael Leahy, solicitor

Leary, female (615 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 19/08/1840, report, drowned at Steam Boat Quay

Ledger, Thomas (853 Kb) , Henry Street, Lower, Limerick Chronicle 25/03/1840, aged 56, cabinet maker

Lloyd, Thomas (592 Kb) , Castle Lloyd, Limerick, Limerick Chronicle 22/01/1840

Lloyd, Thomas Palmer (507 Kb) , Sandgate, Limerick Chronicle 25/07/1840, of Old Broad Street

Lodge, Francis (874 Kb) , Bishop Street, Limerick Chronicle 26/02/1840, former merchant of Dublin

Lynch, Mary Ann (584 Kb) , Ellen Street, Limerick Chronicle 12/02/1840, dau of Mr. P. Lynch (death notice 15/02/1840) (628 Kb)

Lynch, Michael (628 Kb) , Grenagh, Limerick Chronicle 15/01/1840

Lynch, Michael John (508 Kb) , Roche's Street, Limerick Chronicle 01/02/1840, died at his mother's house, son of the late John Lynch, spent 4 years at Tullabeg seminary

Lyons, John (607 Kb) , Cappamore, Limerick Chronicle 27/05/1840, report, died from injuries sustained in a destructive fire that destroyed 4 homes

Macnamara, Mary Anne (556 Kb) , Patrick Street, Limerick Chronicle 29/04/1840, dau of Michael Macnamara

Macrae, William Roderick (835 Kb) , Bonavoree House, Tulla, Limerick Chronicle 22/04/1840, aged 4 years, son of William MacRae

Madden, Michael (585 Kb) , Sir Harry's Mall, Limerick Chronicle 11/01/1840, aged 60, master of the guild of masons and brick layers

Madigan, Bartholomew (554 Kb) , Rutland Street, Limerick Chronicle 01/01/1840, late of George Street, woolen draper

Maguire, Patrick (811 Kb) , James' Street, Limerick Chronicle 11/04/1840, aged 75

Mahony, female (Mrs.) (866 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 04/04/1840, mother of Myles Mahony

Mangan, Richard (471 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 07/11/1840, report, labourer employed in a timber yard at Bedford-Row, accidental death, beam fell on him

Manogue, Michael (602 Kb) , Parteen, Limerick Chronicle 27/05/1840, report, killed at Thomondgate by a bread cart rolling over him

Mason, Henry (803 Kb) , St John's Wood, Limerick Chronicle 06/05/1840, proprieter of "The Buck's Gazette"

Massy, Phebe Letitia Catherine (545 Kb) , Janeville, Limerick, Limerick Chronicle 21/11/1840, died of fever & inflamation of the bowels, aged 2, dau of John Massy

Maunsell, Henry (841 Kb) , Mallow Street, Limerick Chronicle 16/05/1840, son of Henry Maunsell

McCarthy, female (Mrs.) (477 Kb) , Kilmallock, Limerick Chronicle 06/10/1840, aged 32, wife of Thomas McCarthy

McFarland, George (840 Kb) , Adare Cottage  08/01/1840

McKay, Hugh (778 Kb) , Liverpool, Limerick Chronicle 04/03/1840, former merchant of Limerick & Clare Port, served in the 27th &92nd Highland Regt.

McKeon, Mary (523 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 02/12/1840, wife of J. W. McKeon, barrister

McLoughlin, Patrick (554 Kb) , Dunkerrin, King's County, Limerick Chronicle 01/01/1840, aged 104, death hastened by fatigue caused by walking in and out of Limerick

McManus, Ellen (533 Kb) , Rathkeale, Limerick Chronicle 08/07/1840

McManus, Ellen (533 Kb) , Mona Lodge, Castleconnell, Limerick Chronicle 26/02/1840, dau of James McNabb

McNamara, Cornelius (745 Kb) , Kilpeacon, Limerick Chronicle 27/05/1840, aged 76

Meade, Patrick (580 Kb) , Dromin, Limerick Chronicle 08/02/1840, of Newcastle

Molony, Catherine (745 Kb) , Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 27/05/1840, wife of William Molony, hotel proprieter

Molony, John (781 Kb) , Claire Street, Limerick Chronicle 23/05/1840, aged 75, tanner in Limerick

Montford, Eliza (771 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 15/07/1840, wife of Serjeant Montford, 97th Regt.

Mooney, Eliza (539 Kb) , Chapel Street, Limerick Chronicle 30/09/1840, wife of William Mooney, dau of the late Mr. Harding Tracy of Cork

Mooney, John (554 Kb) , Queen Street, Limerick Chronicle 18/03/1840, salesmaster in Smithfield (death notice 21/03/1840) (1,196 Kb)

Moore, Thomas (772 Kb) , Thomond Gate, Limerick Chronicle 29/01/1840

Morgan, Charles John (523 Kb) , Richmond Place, Limerick Chronicle 02/12/1840, infant son of James Morgan

Morrison, William (617 Kb) , near Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 31/10/1840, report, servant of the farmer Cregan, accidental death, returning from the bog, horse and car crashed and car fell on him

Mullock, Sarah (840 Kb) , Thomas Street, Limerick Chronicle 08/01/1840, dau of John Mullock

Murphy, John (585 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 11/01/1840, aged 23, son of Daniel Murphy

Myles, Catherine (853 Kb) , Newenham Street, Limerick Chronicle 25/03/1840, dau of Thomas Myles

Myles, Sarah (779 Kb) , Rutland Street, Limerick Chronicle 19/02/1840, wife of James Myles

Nash, female (Mrs.) (545 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 21/11/1840, died at her father's house, widow of William H. Nash

Nicholls, Anna Caroline (811 Kb) , Caroline, Castle Street, Limerick Chronicle 11/04/1840, wife of Thomas Nicholls

Nicholson, William (644 Kb) , Lower Baggot Street, Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 07/11/1840, aged 80, of Turtulla, Tipperary, late of Limerick

O'Brien, Cornelius (570 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 25/04/1840, proprieter of the Book & Stationary establishment on George's street, agent for Pelican & Phoenix Insurance Companies

O'Brien, Edward (781 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 23/05/1840, barrister, son of Edward O'Brien & Dowager Lady O'Brien,son-in-law of the late James Hewitt Massy Dawson

O'Brien, James (542 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 03/06/1840, of typhus fever, aged 49, buried at Rathkeale

O'Connell, Eliza (477 Kb) , Castleconnell, Limerick Chronicle 06/10/1840, dau of the late John O'Connell of Cappa, Rathkeale

O'Connor, Charles (522 Kb) , Fanningstown, Limerick Chronicle 03/10/1840, aged 68

, Askeaton, Limerick Chronicle 06/05/1840, report, strangulation, murder

O'Donnell, Henry Anderson Colonel (733 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 30/12/1840  report, aged 82, late of the East India Company Service, father of the Lieut-Col Sir Charles R. O'Donnell, Millitary Secretary to the Commander of the Forces in Canada, his estates revert to his widow Mrs. O'Donnell, buried at St. Munchin's

O'Grady, Standish (612 Kb) , Rockbarton, Limerick Chronicle 22/04/1840, obituary,aged 77, received the title of Lord Viscount Guillamore, former lawyer & judge, succeeded in title and estates by his son Col. the HOn. Standish O'Grady, former Attorney General & Chief Baron of the Exchequer, buried at Knockany Church (funeral report 25/04/1840) (629 Kb)

O'Leary, John (566 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 19/09/1840, victualler

O'Meara, Joseph Captain (597 Kb) , Glentworth Street, Limerick Chronicle 12/09/1840, died from long illness caused by severe sun-burn when he was serving in the East Indies, late 62nd Regiment, son of the late Lieutenant General O'Meara of Limerick

Osbourne, Mr. E. (533 Kb) , Knockany, Limerick Chronicle 08/07/1840

O'Shaughnessy, Averina (512 Kb) , Cornwallis Street, Limerick Chronicle 09/05/1840, wife of William O'Shaughnessy

O'Shaughnessy, Mary (543 Kb) , Clare Street, Limerick Chronicle 05/09/1840, widow of John O'Shaughnessy, former grocer & wine merchant

O'Shaughnessy, William (522 Kb) , Rathkeale, Limerick Chronicle 03/10/1840

Parker, Eliza (605 Kb) , Kilcoleman, Limerick Chronicle 12/12/1840, dau of Anthony Parker of Castlelough, Tipperary

Parker, female (Mrs.) (549 Kb) , Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 25/11/1840, wife of William Parker of Ballyvalley, Clare, dau of the late Major Wilson of Caherconlish House, Limerick

Parsons, Robert (778 Kb) , Cecil Street, Limerick Chronicle 04/03/1840, son of Richard Parsons of Clifton-on-Shannon, late of Cragbeg, Limerick

Peacocke, Eliza (792 Kb) , William Street, Limerick Chronicle 11/03/1840, dau of John Peacocke

Peacocke, Mr. T. (528 Kb) , Clare Street, Limerick Chronicle 19/08/1840, of Kilmore

Pearse, Mary Anne (508 Kb) , Domick Street, Upper, Limerick Chronicle 01/02/1840, of Capel Street

Pearse, Robert (809 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 13/05/1840, aged 61, supervisor of excise

Perrier, Jane Lady (477 Kb) , St. Luke's Place, Cork, Limerick Chronicle 06/10/1840, wife of Sir Anthony Perrier, sis of Mrs. Vereker of Limerick

Pierce, John (803 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 06/05/1840, aged 2, son of John Pierce

Pierce, Thomas Locke (611 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 02/05/1840, son of John Pierce

Pinkerton, John Rev. (669 Kb) , Glentworth Street, Limerick Chronicle 23/12/1840, aged 72, minister of the Presbyterian congregation in Limerick for 40 years, buried at Munchin's Church

Poe, William (543 Kb) , Donnybrook, Co. Tipperary, Limerick Chronicle 05/09/1840, aged 61, son-in-law of the late John Gabbett of Limerick

Potter, Ellen (1,196 Kb) , the Convent, St. Peter's Cell, Limerick Chronicle 21/03/1840, of the sisterhood of Mercy

Powell, George (769 Kb) , Prince's buildings, Clifton, Limerick Chronicle 05/08/1840, son of Richard Powell of Newgarden in the Liberties in this city

Preston, Nathaniel Rev. (537 Kb) , Swainston, Meath, Limerick Chronicle 28/03/1840, son of the late Nathaniel Preston, nephew of the Rev. Dean of Limerick

Quaid, Thomas (511 Kb) ,  Dan Bridge, near Newcastle  22/08/1840  died of a fit of epilepsy, farmer, bro of the Rev. Mr Quaid of Kilkisheen, Co. Clare

Quin, Elizabeth (546 Kb) , Ballyornan, Wicklow, Limerick Chronicle 29/02/1840, widow of Charles William Quin, late Physican General of the Forces, sis to the Dean of Limerick

Quin, female (Mrs.) (580 Kb) , Patrick Street, Limerick Chronicle 08/02/1840, wife of John Quin, grocer (death notice 12/02/1840)

Richards, Charles (542 Kb) , London Hospital, Limerick Chronicle 31/10/1840, master of John & Isabel of Newcastle

Riggs, William Jnr. (849 Kb) , Queen Street, Limerick Chronicle 03/06/1840, son of the late Lord Chief Barron Richards

Riggs, William Jnr. (849 Kb) , Galbally, Limerick Chronicle 01/04/1840

Riordan, female (Miss) (630 Kb) , Shanagolden, Limerick Chronicle 31/10/1840, of small pox, dau of Doctor Riordan (death notice 04/11/1840) (1,195 Kb)

Robinson, John (554 Kb) , Lancashire, Limerick Chronicle 18/03/1840, quaker, bro of Joseph Robinson, Tea Warehouse, Patrick Street, Limerick

Roche, Catherine (628 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 15/01/1840, aged 6, dau of Stephen Roche

Roche, Elizabeth (556 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 29/04/1840, aged 8, dau of Stephen Roche

Roche, Jane (896 Kb) , Queen Street, Limerick Chronicle 14/04/1840, court report, murdered by her husband, Maurice Roche

Roche, Maurice (896 Kb) , Queen Street, Limerick Chronicle 14/04/1840, court report, suicide, murdered his wife, jury found he was temporarily insane at the time of suicide and murder

Roche, Michael (525 Kb) , Rocheville, near Kilmallock, Limerick Chronicle 30/05/1840, solicitor

Ryan, Jeremiah (840 Kb) , Broad Street, Limerick Chronicle 08/01/1840, grandson of Mrs C. McMahon

Ryan, John (617 Kb) , Abington House, Limerick Chronicle 18/04/1840, barrister

Ryan, John (542 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 22/07/1840, report, died form injuries by his dau-in-law, Alice Bushe, who he allegedly tried to abuse

Ryan, Margaret (509 Kb) , Abington House, Limerick Chronicle 13/06/1840, widow of Jeremiah Ryan (death notice 17/06/1840) (702 Kb)

Ryan, Michael (585 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 11/01/1840, librarian to the institution

Sandes, female (Mrs.) (811 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 11/04/1840, wife of William Sandes of Pyrmount, Tarbert

Saurin, Mary Lady (780 Kb) , Stephen's Green, Limerick Chronicle 05/02/1840, widow of the Right Hon. William Saurin, former Attorney General of Ireland, sis to the Marquis of Thomond

Scanlan, Matthew (477 Kb) , the Strand, Limerick Chronicle 06/10/1840, son of the late Michael Scanlan of Ballinaha, bro-in-law to the Hon. George Eyre Massy

Scannell, David (514 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 24/06/1840, died at the house of his bro, Michael Scannell, P.P. of Aghada servant woman  Pallisgrean  04/01/1840, servant woman of the Rev. William Scott, shot dead by servant boy in the same residence

servant woman, Pallisgrean, Limerick Chronicle 04/01/1840, servant woman of the Rev. William Scott, shot dead by servant boy in the same residence

Shea, John Henry (522 Kb) , Abbeylara Village, Limerick Chronicle 03/10/1840, son of Rev. John Shea

Sherlock, Robert (779 Kb) , Patrick Street, Limerick Chronicle 19/02/1840, aged 72

Shiels, John Cumming (565 Kb) , Clare Castle, Limerick Chronicle 12/08/1840, of scarletina, aged 7, son of Doctor Shiels 36th Regiment

Size, Anne (769 Kb) , William Street, Limerick Chronicle 05/08/1840, wife of Anthony Size, apothecary & druggist

Slotherpe, Mary Lloyd (523 Kb) , Canal House, Limerick Chronicle 15/08/1840, aged 4, dau of W. G. Slotherpe

Smyth, John (546 Kb) , Westland Row, Limerick Chronicle 29/02/1840, sculptor, master of modelling, Royal Dublin Society House

Smyth, Richard (549 Kb) , Croagh, Limerick Chronicle 25/11/1840, late of Smythfield, Limerick, former High Sheriff and Clerk of the Peace

Sparrow, female (Mrs.) (477 Kb) , 06/10/1840

Spellacy, Michael (508 Kb) , Coloony Street, Limerick Chronicle 22/02/1840, son of Michael Spellacy, accountant, Milford House, Limerick Chronicle 27/05/1840, aged 18, son of the late Matthius Stacpoole of Moymore, Co. Clare, nephew of captain Stacpoole, Royal Navy

Stacpoole, William (593 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 29/08/1840, son of Massy Stacpoole of Mount Fergus, Co. Clare

Stanton, Blanche (547 Kb) , Exeter Boarding School, Limerick Chronicle 15/04/1840, aged 11, dau of the late Captain Stanton, grand-dau of the late Captain John Berkley Westropp  of Limerick

Staunton, Barbara (633 Kb) , Lower Cecil Street, Limerick Chronicle 26/08/1840, aged 95, widow of John Staunton

Stein, Andrew (508 Kb) , Kennetpans, Alloa, N. B., Limerick Chronicle 22/02/1840, late of this city

Studdert, George (853 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 25/03/1840, aged 29, of Kilnamona, Co. clare, son-in-law of Hughes Russell, of Limerick

Supple, James (537 Kb) , Roche's Street, Limerick Chronicle 28/03/1840

Switzer, Peter (866 Kb) , Kilgobbin, Limerick Chronicle 04/04/1840, aged 89

Taylor, female (Mrs.) (518 Kb) , Parsonstown, Limerick Chronicle 04/07/1840, died at the residence of Robert J. Stoney, widow of James Taylor, aged 79

Taylor, William (508 Kb) , Roche's Street, Limerick Chronicle 01/02/1840 (death notice 05/02/1840) (780 Kb)

Taylor, William (543 Kb) , Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 18/11/1840, late of Patrick Street, Hardware Merchant

Thomas, Martha Catherine (593 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 29/08/1840, dau of the Rev. William Thomas

Tierney, female (Mrs.) (544 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 23/09/1840

Tinsley, Anne (477 Kb) , Broad Street, Limerick Chronicle 06/10/1840, wife of John Tinsley

Tomes, male Rev. (592 Kb) , Madras, Limerick Chronicle 22/01/1840, Chaplain to the forces in the Presidency, bro-in-law to the Venerable Archdeacon Forster of Limerick

Trousdell, John (563 Kb) , Henry Street, Limerick Chronicle 18/07/1840, senior tide waiter for Limerick Port for 43 years

Tuohy, Catherine (547 Kb) , Limerick City, Limerick Chronicle 15/04/1840, wife of Jeremiah Tuohy, Classical Teacher

Turner, Catherine (584 Kb) , Liverpool, Limerick Chronicle 24/10/1840, wife of Thomas Turner of Limerick

Unthank, John (841 Kb) , Mungret Street, Limerick Chronicle 16/05/1840, aged 89, quaker for 60 years, medical practitioner, his nephew Robert Simpson Unthank is his sole legatee

Vereker, John (981 Kb) , Kingstown, Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 11/01/1840, obituary, son of the late Major Vereker, nephew of Lord Gort, served in the 22nd Regt., buried at cahirnarry (funeral report 15/01/1840) (981 Kb)

Wall, Ellen (501 Kb) , Meelick, Limerick Chronicle 14/10/1840, wife of John Wall, dau of Thomas Frost

Wall, Hannah (572 Kb) , Maryborough, Limerick Chronicle 14/11/1840, wife of John Wall of Denzille Street

Wallace, Ebenezer (592 Kb) , Brunswick Street, Limerick Chronicle 22/01/1840, manager of the National Bank, Limerick (funeral report 25/01/1840) (634 Kb)

Ward, Alicia (570 Kb) , Kevin street, Limerick Chronicle 25/04/1840

Wayland, George (549 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 25/11/1840, aged 70

Weekes, Teresa (554 Kb) , Roche's Street, Limerick Chronicle 01/01/1840, widow of Richard Weekes

Welsh, Andrew (542 Kb) , Newtown House, Limerick Chronicle 18/04/1840 (death notice 22/04/1840) (835 Kb)

Westropp, female (Mrs.) (598 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 27/06/1840, report, widow of Ralph Westropp, buried at Tulla (death notice 27/06/1840) (1,126 Kb)

White, Eliza B. (572 Kb) , Tipperary, Limerick Chronicle 14/11/1840, aged 75, died at the residence of her nephew, Dr. Smithwick, widow of J .G. White, former Assistant Surgeon to the 5th Dragoon Guards

Williamson, male (581 Kb) , Tory Hill, Limerick Chronicle 01/01/1840, report, murdered

Wilson, Benjamin (550 Kb) , Cork, Limerick Chronicle 15/02/1840, late of Green Field and Knock Gray, married Frances Ievers in 1805, dau of Richard Ievers of Green Park, Limerick (death notice 19/02/1840 (779 Kb)

Wilson, James (467 Kb) , Francis Street, Limerick Chronicle 28/11/1840, of measles, son of James Wilson

Woods, Ellen (525 Kb) , Patrick Street, Limerick Chronicle 30/05/1840, dau of Bartholomew Woods of Newcastle

Young, Sarah (522 Kb) , High Street, Limerick Chronicle 03/10/1840


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