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 1838 calendar


  •  Abbott, Elizabeth (1,226 Kb) , Glanmire, Cork, Limerick Chronicle 28/11/1838, died at son's house, widow of William Abbott of Ballymaloe, Cork, quaker, mother of Thomas Abbott of Rutland Street, Limerick

  • Adamson, female (Mrs.) (599 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 25/04/1838, of Limerick City, widow of Jason Adamson

  • Aikman, Alexander (590 Kb) , Prospect Pen, St Andrew's, Limerick Chronicle 22/08/1838, aged 83, proprieter of Birnham Wool & Wallenford in St. George's, for many years represented the Parish of St. George in the Hon. House of Assembly, first published the paper 'Jamaica Mercury', changed to 'Royal Gazette' in 1778

  • Aldworth, William (738 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 27/10/1838, report, of Newtown Ellard, died in the County Hospial from wounds inflicted upon him by Thomas, John & James Magrath of Barnaclough, attacked him because he complained about their pig trespassing in his garden

  • Anglim, Josephine (463 Kb) , St. Lucie, Limerick Chronicle 31/01/1838, wife of Thomas R. Anglim of Limerick

  • Armstrong, Rhoda (631 Kb) , Robert Street, Limerick Chronicle 12/09/1838

  • Atkinson, Charles (662 Kb) , Cappawhite, Limerick Chronicle 01/09/1838, of Rehins, aged 82, at the residence of his son, Rev. Thomas Atkinson, father-in-law of the Rev C. R. Coote of Doon, one of the oldest magistrates of Mayo

  • Atkinson, William (702 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 21/03/1838, son of Richard Atkinson

  • Barker, C. Stuart, Lieut. (717 Kb) , Market Hill, Co. Armagh, Limerick Chronicle 28/02/1838, died at the house of his father, Captain Barker, late of the 64th Regt., nephew of the late Thomas Stuart of Limerick

  • Barnes, Margaret (532 Kb) , Castle Barracks, Limerick Chronicle 24/03/1838, wife of Captain Barnes, 25th Regt, buried at St. Munchin's, funeral attended by officers of the garrison (death notice 28/03/1838) (674 Kb)

  • Barry, Thomas (410 Kb) , Friarstown, Limerick Chronicle 27/01/1838

  • Batt, Benjamin Elliot (783 Kb) , Brunswick Street, Limerick Chronicle 07/11/1838, of Banagher, bro of Chief Constable Batt of Newmarket-on-Fergus

  • Beary, Patrick (628 Kb) , Derk, Limerick Chronicle 19/12/1838

  • Bennett, Edward (833 Kb) , the Glebe of Kilfinane, Limerick Chronicle 09/05/1838, of Ballintubber, Lieut. In the South Cork Regt of Militia

  • Bennett, John Lieut. (698 Kb) , Sexton Street, Limerick Chronicle 10/11/1838, late chief constable of the police

  • Bennett, male (Major) (550 Kb) , Castletown, Isle of Man, Limerick Chronicle 04/08/1838, late of the 64th Regt., son of the late Rev. John Bennett, former Rector of Bruff

  • Berrane, Rodger (721 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 02/06/1838, report, riding home, thrown from his horse and died

  • Bevan, Emma/ Amy (1,186 Kb) , Catherine Place, Limerick Chronicle 28/04/1838, widow of Henry Bevan of Camass, former High Sheriff of Limerick

  • Blachford, George (554 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 14/11/1838

  • Blair, James (410 Kb) ,  Canal House, Limerick Chronicle 27/01/1838, died of croup, aged 12, son of John Blair, pro-collector of Excise

  • Blake, John (702 Kb) , North Strand, Limerick Chronicle 21/03/1838, box-keeper of the theatre in George's Street

  • Blood, James (407 Kb) , Brunswick Street, Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838

  • Bond, Margaret (606 Kb) , Adare, Limerick Chronicle 07/03/1838, aged 108

  • Bourke, Mary (854 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 29/12/1838, report, trampled to death at Thomond Bridge by a horse & cart laden with bread, coroner's inquest found the driver guilty of dangerous driving leading to the woman's death

  • Bradshaw, Mary (662 Kb) , Fitzwilliam Square, Limerick Chronicle 08/12/1838, aged 77, wife of William Harden Bradshaw of Summerville, Co. Tipperary

  • Brahan, female (Mrs.) (1,377 Kb) , Patrick Street, Limerick Chronicle 03/01/1838, died at her daughter's house, mother of the Rev. John Brahan, administrator of Kilmallock

  • Bredin, male (Lieut.) (662 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 01/09/1838, 37th Regt., son of Captain Bredin, Royal Artillery

  • Brown, Sarah (1,226 Kb) , Wilton, Cork, Limerick Chronicle 28/11/1838, aged 78, died at the house of her son, William P. Brown, widow of Henry Brown of Davefort

  • Bryant, Churchill Edward (517 Kb) , Grove Lodge, Richmond, Limerick Chronicle 23/06/1838, son of Sir J. Bryant

  • Bunton, Timothy (584 Kb) , William Street, Limerick Chronicle 16/06/1838

  • Byrnes, James (511 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 10/03/1838, report, murdered bu William Enright

  • Cairnes, Robert (578 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 14/04/1838, died of typhus fever, of Dundee

  • , Shannon Street, Limerick Chronicle 10/11/1838

  • Carmody, Ellen (626 Kb) , Patrick Street, Limerick Chronicle 21/04/1838, wife of Thomas Carmody, confectioner

  • Carte, Fanny Elizabeth (3,256 Kb) , Cecil Street, Limerick Chronicle 08/08/1838, dau of the late Edward Carte of Newcastle

  • Carter, Emily (532 Kb) , Mount Pleasant, Limerick Chronicle 24/03/1838, dau of Richard D. Carter

  • Caswell, Robert (505 Kb) , George's Quay, Limerick Chronicle 18/04/1838, son of Robert Caswell

  • Chute, Elizabeth (648 Kb) , Tralee, 27/10/1838, died of influenza, widow of Richard Chute of Chute Hall, Kerry, dau of the Rev. William Maunsell, former rector in St. John's, Limerick

  • Clanchy, James (658 Kb) , Denmark Street, Limerick Chronicle 02/05/1838, spirit retailer

  • Clare, Redmond (463 Kb) , Maryborough, Limerick Chronicle 31/01/1838

  • Cleary, Mark (491 Kb) , Gibbonstown, Limerick Chronicle 05/05/1838, aged 70

  • Clelland, Agnes (648 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 10/10/1838, dau of John Clelland of Thomondgate

  • Coll, Sarah (603 Kb) , Meadestown, near Bruff, Limerick Chronicle 03/11/1838, dau of Patrick Coll (death notice 07/11/1838) (783 Kb)

  • Collins, Ellen (459 Kb) , Kilbane, near Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 24/02/1838  report, went to bed in good health, found dead the next morning along with her mother,  post mortem discovered stomach of her mother Mary to be very irritated but Jury found "death by visitation of God" as there was too little evidence of fact

  • Collins, Mary (459 Kb) , Kilbane, near Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 24/02/1838, report, widow, went to bed in good health, her & dau, Ellen Collins, found dead the next morning, post mortem discovered stomach of Mary to be very irritated but Jury found "death by visitation of God" as there was too little evidence of fact

  • Collins, Timothy (683 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 22/08/1838, report, of Abbeyfeale, run over by a horse and car while returning from New Castle Market

  • Colopy, female (Mrs.) (658 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 18/08/1838, widow of J. Colopy, shoe maker

  • Connell, Michael (666 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 19/09/1838, report, fight with his bro-in-law John Connell on Thomond Bridge, head struck against the stones 3 times, kicked in the head & he died instantly, jury found Michael Connell was killed by John Connell, of Mass Lane, labourer

  • Connelly, Jane (1,336 Kb) , Patrick Street, Limerick Chronicle 10/01/1838, dau of Andrew Connelly

  • Connors, Patrick (655 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 05/05/1838, report, returning home from Shanagolden, beaten to death, Patrick Callaghan & Jeremiah Maher committed for the murder, Connors' son also beaten in the attack

  • Considine, female (Mrs.) (676 Kb) , Roche's Street, Limerick Chronicle 07/02/1838, aged 93, mother of Major Considine

  • Conway, Charles (599 Kb) , Thomond Gate, Limerick Chronicle 25/04/1838, aged 19, died at his father's residence, bro to the late Rev. J. Conway

  • Coote, Charles P. Rev. (648 Kb) , Eccles Street, Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 27/10/1838, rector of Doon, Limerick, murdered

  • Copley, James (675 Kb) , Whitehall Yard, Limerick Chronicle 26/05/1838, aged 69, bro-in-law of Lord Manners

  • Cosgrave, male (530 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 11/04/1838, report, returning home from market, murdered on the New Tipperary line road

  • Costelloe, Philip (586 Kb) , Kingstown, Limerick Chronicle 15/08/1838, of Dominick Street

  • Creagh, Patrick (590 Kb) , Glentworth Street, Limerick Chronicle 24/11/1838

  • Crowe, James C. (634 Kb) , Roche's Street, Limerick Chronicle 04/07/1838, grandson of the late Doctor Creagh, nephew of the late Martin Creagh, merchant

  • Cunningham, Stephen (599 Kb) , Shannon House, Kildysart, Limerick Chronicle 25/04/1838  aged 66,

  • Curry, Joseph (501 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 21/11/1838, of Limerick, son of Malachi Curry

  • Dalton, James (613 Kb) , Clare Street, Limerick Chronicle 29/08/1838

  • Darrac, Frances (653 Kb) , Patrick Street, Limerick Chronicle 19/09/1838, wife of Joseph Durrac

  • Dawson, Gustavus Wybrants (578 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 14/04/1838, son of Paul Charles Dawson, sub-inspector of Revenue Police

  • Deely, Thomas (662 Kb) , Rathcahill, near Rathkeale, Limerick Chronicle 01/09/1838, report, fell from his horse on the way home from Cork, accidental death, his son died in the same way some years previous

  • Denmeade, Henry (1,249 Kb) , Cork, Limerick Chronicle 03/10/1838, aged 70, printer & stationer, late of Limerick

  • Dobbs, Mary (854 Kb) , George's Quay, Limerick Chronicle 29/12/1838, widow of John Dobbs, printer

  • Dobbyn, William (634 Kb) , Kilbeggan, Limerick Chronicle 06/06/1838, son of Captain Dobbyn

  • Donnelly, Bridget (549 Kb) , Clonshire, near Adare, Limerick Chronicle 09/06/1838 (death notice 13/06/1838) (611 Kb)

  • Donnelly, Charles (676 Kb) , Charles Street, Limerick Chronicle 07/02/1838, son of Thomas Donnelly

  • Duggan, Margaret (561 Kb) , Mount Kennett, Limerick Chronicle 30/06/1838, late of Francis Street

  • Dwyer, John (741 Kb) , John's Gate, Limerick Chronicle 03/11/1838, report, died of apoplexy

  • Evans, Henrietta (463 Kb) , Courtbrack, Limerick Chronicle 31/01/1838, wife of Ralph Evans, dau of Ralph Westropp of Limerick (death notice 03/02/1838) (443 Kb)

  • Fetherston, Mary (630 Kb) , Bruree House, Limerick Chronicle 07/04/1838, dau of R. Fetherston

  • Fitzgerald, Ellen (543 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 03/03/1838, dau of David Fitzgerald

  • Fitzgerald, Laurence (628 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 19/12/1838, report, sent to jail under a Quarter Sessions Decree for a small sum of £3s 9d, murdered in prison the following day

  • Fitzgibbon, Isabella (1,336 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 10/01/1838, sis of Thomas G. Fitzgibbon of Ballyseeda

  • Fleming, Mary (491 Kb) , Newtown, Limerick Chronicle 05/05/1838, former house-keeper of the late Edward Croker for 40 years

  • Flin, Catherine (647 Kb) , Nenagh, Limerick Chronicle 11/08/1838, dau of Joseph Flin, late of Limerick

  • Flin, Maryanne (658 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 28/11/1838, aged 17, dau of Joseph Flin of Nenagh, late of Limerick

  • Flynn, Richard (658 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 28/11/1838, report, assistant clerk in the Stamp Office, fell into the canal & drowned, chasing a boat his bro had boarded earlier, neglected all caution to chase the boat

  • Foley, John (407 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838, son of John Foley

  • Foley, Margaret (630 Kb) , Merchant's Quay, Limerick Chronicle 07/04/1838, widow of Samuel B. Foley

  • Foley, Thadeus (407 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838, son of John Foley

  • Fraleigh, male (523 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 22/12/1838, report, fell off a merchant's roof at Henry Street and died

  • Franklin, George (590 Kb) , Kildimo, Limerick Chronicle 22/08/1838, at his father's house, died of fever, son of George Franklin

  • Furlong, female (Mrs.) (407 Kb) , George's Quay, Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838, widow of Thomas Furlong, handware merchant

  • Furnell, Samuel (650 Kb) , Marshalsea, Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 21/07/1838, late of Limerick

  • Gabbett, Richard (698 Kb) , Leeson Street, Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 10/11/1838, son of Daniel Gabbett of Limerick

  • Garraway, Sarah (595 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 02/06/1838, dau of Rodger Garraway of Castlecomer

  • Gibson, Ann (866 Kb) , Curriclogh House, Limerick Chronicle 23/05/1838, wife of Captain William Gibson

  • Glynn, John (617 Kb) , Peter Street, Limerick Chronicle 25/08/1838

  • Godfrey, Michael (446 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 17/01/1838, report, violently assalted on his way back from the fair at New Pallas, 4 of the party in custody

  • Goggin, Eliza (436 Kb) , O'Brien's Bridge, Limerick Chronicle 10/02/1838, widow of Michael Goggin of Limerick, assistant stamp distributor

  • Goodwin, Jacob (662 Kb) , Cullenswood Avenue, Limerick Chronicle 01/09/1838, aged 81, died at the house of his son, C.F. Goodwin

  • Gore, female (Mrs.) (662 Kb) , Thomond Gate, Limerick Chronicle 24/10/1838, widow of Silvester Gore, of Lacroe, Co. Clare, mother of Dr. Gore of Limerick, buried at St. Munchin's

  • Gore, Silvester Francis (590 Kb) , Cecil Street Upper, Limerick Chronicle 22/08/1838, infant son of William Ringrose Gore

  • Gorman, Daniel (703 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 28/03/1838, report, attended the funeral of John O'Donnell, drank too much alcohol & on the way home was knocked down & run over by a car

  • Gorman, Edward (591 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 20/06/1838, report, farmer, thrown from his horse in a state of intoxication near Newcastle

  • Grace, Lucy (543 Kb) , Mungret Street, Limerick Chronicle 03/03/1838, aged 72, widow of Philip Grace of Cullin, Tipperary

  • Grant, Harrison (662 Kb) , Glentworth Street Upper, Limerick Chronicle 24/10/1838, aged 16, son of James Grant, St. Servan's, France

  • Gray, female (3,256 Kb) , Maryborough, Limerick Chronicle 08/08/1838, wife of James, barrack serjeant

  • Griffin, Daniel (677 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle, 07/04/1838, report, murdered returning from the fair of Adare, Government offers reward for apprehending Michael Sullivan & Patrick Walsh, charged with the murder

  • Grogan, Edward (568 Kb) , Anne Street, Limerick Chronicle 11/07/1838, late of the Customs' Department of Limerick Port

  • Hall, female (Mrs.) (711 Kb) , Bruff, Limerick Chronicle 04/04/1838, report, wife of Edward Hall, went to bed with a fire in the room and no chimney, died of suffocation, her child and servant were also in the room but they survived when given medical aid

  • Hancock, John Augustus, Rev. (606 Kb) , Glebe House, Limerick Chronicle 07/03/1838, Rector of Annaduff, Leitrim

  • Hanly, Michael (471 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 03/01/1838, report, died in hospital from a broken skull sustained at the Croom Fair

  • Hannon, Nicholas (648 Kb) , Ann Street, Limerick Chronicle 10/10/1838, of Inch St. Lawrence, Limerick

  • Hanvey, James (634 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 06/06/1838

  • Harding, Elizabeth (1,226 Kb) , Anglesborough, Limerick Chronicle 28/11/1838, wife of Robert Harding

  • Harding, Henry (717 Kb) , Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 28/02/1838, of Derawlin, Limerick, son of the late Brigade Major Harding

  • Harold, Eliza Maria (648 Kb) , Russell Place, Upper Mallow, Limerick Chronicle 10/10/1838, dau of Richard Harold of Pennywell

  • Harrigan, Simon Joseph, Rev. (454 Kb) , Dominican Convent, Limerick Chronicle 24/01/1838  built the Gothic Chapel of that order in Upper Glentworth Street

  • Harringron, Margaret (584 Kb) , High Street, Limerick Chronicle 01/12/1838, wife William Harrington, harness-maker

  • Hartigan, James (463 Kb) , Broad Street, Limerick Chronicle 31/01/1838, son of Richard Hartigan, tobaconist

  • Hartnett, Eliza (654 Kb) , Abbeyfeale, Limerick Chronicle 22/09/1838

  • Hartnett, female (Miss) (703 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 17/10/1838, report, crossing the River Feale, Newcastle with her sister, 2 women drowned

  • Hartnett, William (1,377 Kb) , Nocbrack, near Abbeyfeale, Limerick Chronicle 03/01/1838

  • Hartney, William (443 Kb) , Kilkenny, Limerick Chronicle 03/02/1838, son of W. F. Hartney of Limerick

  • Hastings, Elizabeth (517 Kb) , Charlotte's Quay, Limerick Chronicle 23/06/1838, dau of Stephen J. Hastings

  • Hayes, Edmond (594 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 16/06/1838, report, of Tarbert, stoned to death on the Mail Coach Road, he had arested John Evans that morning, although their was not sufficient evidence to convict John Evans, his wife & his dau of the murder, it is the general oppionion that they carried it out

  • Hayes, male (677 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 11/07/1838, report, struck with a slane on the head at Cappamore, willfull murder, his assaliant Bray has fled

  • Heacook, Richard (653 Kb) , Vicksburgh, America, Limerick Chronicle 19/09/1838, of bilioius fever, son of the late Henry C. Heecook of Ballynacoorty, Limerick

  • Healy, Michael (1,336 Kb) , Denmark Street, Limerick Chronicle 10/01/1838, victualler

  • Heffernan, male (Rev.) (650 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 21/07/1838, R.C. Curate, Cahirconlish

  • Heffernan, William (748 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 28/07/1838, report, died from fractures to the head caused by 2 blows of a bog stick by Laurence Ryan of High Park

  • Hemsworth, Mary (543 Kb) , London, Limerick Chronicle 03/03/1838, died at the residence of her son-in-law Col. Campbell of Kilmartin, widow of Thomas Hemsworth of Limerick

  • Hennessy, Margaret (676 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 15/08/1838, report, knocked down by a horse & car at Pallaskenry, died in hospital a few days later

  • Hewson, Susan (626 Kb) , Camass, Limerick Chronicle 12/12/1838, aged 19, dau of Frederick Bevan, wife of George Hewson

  • Hickey, Bridget (709 Kb) , City Jail, Limerick Chronicle 21/07/1838, report, serving a 7 year sentence for larcery, sent from Cork & Kilmainham in ill health, died in jail

  • Hickey, John (551 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 10/03/1838, report, struck on the head with a stone by William Hawe, found guilty of manslaughter

  • Hill, Richard (1,226 Kb) , Wilson's Quay, Limerick Chronicle 28/11/1838, printer

  • Hodges, John (783 Kb) , Westmoreland Street, Limerick Chronicle 07/11/1838, aged 84

  • Hodson, female (Mrs.) (555 Kb) , Richmond Place, Limerick Chronicle 13/10/1838, aged 84, wife of Hartley Hodson

  • Hogan, Maurice (586 Kb) , Faningstown, Limerick Chronicle 15/08/1838

  • Holland, Frederick (854 Kb) , Mount Rivers, Newport, Limerick Chronicle 29/12/1838  of Ballyvoreen, Limerick, at the house of his bro-in-law Richard Philips, barrister, former chairman of the County's Quarter Session's Court,  presided under the Insurrection act with the Right Hon. Francis Blackburn

  • Holmes, John (613 Kb) , New Barracks, Limerick Chronicle 29/08/1838, messman to the 25th Regt.

  • Horn, Jane (407 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838, wife of William Horn, of this city, civil engineer

  • Hourigan, Daniel, Rev. (463 Kb) ,  Glasgow, Limerick Chronicle 31/01/1838, of fever, formerly of Limerick

  • Howie, Jane (684 Kb) , Charles Street, Limerick Chronicle 31/10/1838, wife of Thomas Howie

  • Hughes, Philip (715 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 17/03/1838, carpenter

  • Hughes, Philip (715 Kb) , Kilmallock, Limerick Chronicle 24/11/1838, hotel keeper

  • Ievers, Richard (3,256 Kb) , Green Park, Bruff, Limerick Chronicle 08/08/1838, buried at Lough Gur

  • Jackson, Sarah (1,226 Kb) , Nicholas Street, Limerick Chronicle 28/11/1838, dau of Thomas Jackson

  • Jackson, Thomas Villiers (554 Kb) , William Street, Limerick Chronicle 14/11/1838, son of George Jackson (death notice 17/11/1838)

  • Jenkins, Richard Hinton (634 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 06/06/1838, son of Captain Jenkins, 25th Regt.

  • , Upper Mount Pleasant, Limerick Chronicle 29/09/1838, widow of Anthony Johnson of Ballyduff House, King's County

  • Jones, John (717 Kb) , Thomas Street, Limerick Chronicle 28/02/1838, plummer & glazier

  • Jones, Mary (436 Kb) , Henry Street, Limerick Chronicle 10/02/1838, dau of the Rev. Samuel Jones

  • Joyce, John (1,336 Kb) , Patrick Street, Limerick Chronicle 10/01/1838, tailor

  • Keane, Margaret (699 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 19/12/1838, report, missing since the Newcastle Races, found drowned

  • Keefe, male (640 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 26/05/1838, report, the man arrested for Mr. Keefe's murder is an under-tenant of Baron Pennefather at Knockgraffon, thought that he was hired for the crime

  • Kellett, Helena (586 Kb) , Oakville, Limerick Chronicle 27/06/1838, sis to the late John Dalton Kellett of Clonacody, Co. Tipperary

  • Kelly, Elias (407 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838, formerly of Rathkeale

  • Kelly, Robert (407 Kb) , New Orleans, Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838, died of yellow fever, formerly of this city

  • Kennelly, Thomas (648 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 27/10/1838, clothes broker

  • Kinnane, female (child) (446 Kb) , John Street, Limerick Chronicle 06/06/1838, aged 89, former clothier in Limerick

  • Kinnane, female (child) (446 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 17/01/1838, report, aged 11, went walking with her bro, they sheltered in the ditch over night,she was found dead by morving , her brother survived

  • Knox, female (Mrs.) (854 Kb) , Netley Park, Mayo, Limerick Chronicle 29/12/1838, aged 23, wife of William Henry Knox, sis of Mrs. John O'Grady of Knockany, Limerick

  • Landers, Eliza (645 Kb) , Patrick Street, Limerick Chronicle 15/12/1838

  • Langan, John (448 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 21/02/1838, aged 80

  • Lavelle, John (550 Kb) , Denmark Street, Limerick Chronicle 04/08/1838

  • Lee, Maria (698 Kb) , Nenagh, Limerick Chronicle 10/11/1838, aged 27, wife of George Lee, dau of the late John O'Hea of Cork, grand niece of Charles Creed of Ballynanty, Limerick

  • L'Estrange, Robert Augustus (631 Kb) , Harcourt Terrace, Limerick Chronicle 12/09/1838, of apoplexy, son of the late Francis L'Estrange

  • Lloyd, Hariette (606 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 07/03/1838, died at her mother's residence, dau of the late Frederick Lloyd of Lisheen, Co. Tipperary, Alderman of Limerick

  • Lloyd, Jane (728 Kb) , Ivy Lodge, near Callan, Limerick Chronicle 06/10/1838, widow of Robert Lloyd of Parsonstown, King's County & of Limerick

  • Lloyd, Thomas (604 Kb) , Downpatrick, Limerick Chronicle 19/05/1838, son of Thomas Lloyd

  • Locke, Anne (854 Kb) , Rutland Street, Limerick Chronicle 29/12/1838

  • Locke, Margaret (687 Kb) , Cheriton, Kent, Limerick Chronicle 05/09/1838

  • Lovett, Philip Cosby (628 Kb) , Killiney, Limerick Chronicle 19/12/1838, formerly surveyor general for Excise in Limerick

  • Ludlow, female (Mrs.) (650 Kb) , Christ's Hospital, Limerick Chronicle 16/05/1838, aged 82

  • Lynch, Eliza (866 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 23/05/1838, aged 18, dau of Michael Lynch of Grenagh

  • Lynch, Thomas (531 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 17/11/1838, report, died in hospital from fractures to the head inflicted by James Murray of St. Michael's Parish night watch

Mackey, Catherine (567 Kb) , Great Union Road, Jersey, Limerick Chronicle 20/10/183, aged 82, widow of Capt. Mackey, 21st Fusileers, formerly of  Elizabeth Terrace, sis of the late William Fitzgerald of Corbally

Maher, Thomas (604 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 08/08/1838, report, in jail for killing his wife, death by natural causes

Malone, John (854 Kb) , the North Strand, Limerick Chronicle 29/12/1838, of Mungret Street, grocer

Mangan, Thomas (550 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 31/03/1838, calico dealer (death notice 04/04/1838) (905 Kb)

Marshall, Samuel (627 Kb) , Catherine Street, Limerick Chronicle 26/09/1838, aged 76, of Timoline, buried at Doon

Martin, Anne (701 Kb) , Court-house Lane, Limerick Chronicle 31/03/1838, report, bed-clothes caught fire, burned to death

Mason, Joseph (3,256 Kb) , Cooleeen, Limerick, Limerick Chronicle 08/08/1838, aged 67

Massy, male (infant) (715 Kb) , Mallow Street, Limerick Chronicle 17/03/1838, son of the Rev George Massy

Matthews, John (662 Kb) , Maryborough, Limerick Chronicle 24/10/1838

Matthews, Patrick (459 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 24/02/1838, report, missing since Christmas, body found in the River at Russel's Quay by a boatman, jury found "accidental death"

Maunsell, Louisa Jane Emma (604 Kb) , Dunbroody Rectory, Limerick Chronicle 19/05/1838, dau of the Rev. Horatio Maunsell

Maunsell, Margaret (584 Kb) , Mountcatherine, Limerick Chronicle 01/12/1838, at the house of her Nephew, George Lloyd, dau of Joseph Maunsell of Caher House

Maunsell, Richard (1,318 Kb) , Cornwallis Street, Limerick Chronicle 05/12/1838

Maunsell, Robert George (728 Kb) , Kilkee, Limerick Chronicle 06/10/1838, late of this city, son of Robert George Maunsell, banker, bro of Colonel Maunsell, 3rd Dragoon Guard & Col. Maunsell, 75th Light Infantry, a Burgess of the Corporation, buried at St. John's Church, Limerick (funeral report 10/10/1838) (671 Kb)

McArthur, Alexander (436 Kb) , Greenock, Limerick Chronicle 10/02/1838

McCarthy, Mary (675 Kb) , Rathkeale, Limerick Chronicle 26/05/1838, wife of Thomas McCarthy, died after the premature death of a child

McDonnell, Charles (1,377 Kb) , Carr Street, Limerick Chronicle 03/01/1838

McElligott, Pierce (715 Kb) , Bridge Street, Limerick Chronicle 17/03/1838, formerly of the Custom Department in Limerick Port & Liverpool Port

McInerny, male (627 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 23/06/1838, report, got into a fight in a public house in a state of intoxication, pushed down a stairs

McKee, Mary Murray (715 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 17/03/1838, niece of Dean & Mrs. Murray, dau of the late Alexander McKee of the 72nd Regt.

McMahon, Charles (550 Kb) , Patrick Street, Limerick Chronicle 04/08/1838, grocer & wine merchant

McMahon, Francis (448 Kb) , Nicholas Street, Limerick Chronicle 21/02/1838, herald painter

McMahon, John (652 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 12/12/1838, report, western boatman, fell in the water at Honan's Quay & drowned

McNamara, John (626 Kb) , Bruff, Limerick Chronicle 21/04/1838, aged 90, father of the Rev. Patrick McNamara, P.P. of Bruff

McNamara, Patrick, Rev. (617 Kb) , Park House, near this city, Limerick Chronicle 25/08/1838, at the residence of the Rev. Dr. Ryan, Rev. McNamarra was R.C. Dean of Limerick Parish, buried at Bruff Chapel

McNamarra, James (614 Kb) , Ayle, Co. Clare, Limerick Chronicle 17/11/1838, aged 53, buried at the Abbey of Quin

Mitchell, male (459 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 24/02/1838, had been attending Hospital Petty Sessions, murdered on his way home, Michael Gleeson, Denis McCarthy, Michael Ahern, George Carrol. John McCarthy put in jail for the crime, awaiting trial

Molony, James (662 Kb) , Philadelphia, Limerick Chronicle 08/12/1838, formerly of this city

Moncton, female (Mrs.) (674 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 28/03/1838, widow of Miles Moncton of Ashborough, Limerick, buried at Ballingarry

Montagu, Emily Lady (1,186 Kb) , Park Lane, Limerick Chronicle 28/04/1838  sis to the duke of Edinburgh

Morgan, Thomas (568 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 11/07/1838, domestic of Colonel Maunsel, Assistant Adjudant General for 32 years

Morris, Ann (568 Kb) , Summer Villa, Pallaskenry, Limerick Chronicle 11/07/1838, wife of Harvy Morris

Morrison, Margaret (686 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 21/03/1838, report, wind caused part of the house to collapse, crushed to death with her daughter, Mary Morrison

Morrison, Mary (702 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 21/03/1838, report, aged 2, wind caused part of the house to collapse, Morrison crushed to death with her mother, Margaret Morrison

Mulligan, Thomas (595 Kb) , St. George's, Limerick Chronicle 02/06/1838

Murphy, Ambrose, Rev. (645 Kb) , Mary Street, Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 15/12/1838, native of Limerick

Murphy, Catherine (468 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 17/02/1838, report, lodged in her house due to weather conditions, the sight of blocks falling from her chimney caused her to drop dead in fright

Nash, female (Mrs.) (1,377 Kb) , William Street, Limerick Chronicle 03/01/1838, wife of Ralph Nash

Neale, Ann (650 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 16/05/1838, widow ot Lieut John Neale, R. N.

Need, P. G. Lieut. (613 Kb) , Trinidad, Limerick Chronicle 29/08/1838

Nolan, James (410 Kb) , Newcastle, Limerick Chronicle 27/01/1838, farmer

O'Brien, Ellen (1,377 Kb) , Nicholas Street, Limerick Chronicle 03/01/1838, wife of James O'Brien, tobacconist, dau of the late Dominick Hogan of Ogonaloe, niece to the late Daniel O'Brien of Ryan Inch, Co. Tipperary

O'Brien, male (infant) (713 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 15/09/1838, report, infant delivered at Curry's Lane to the mother Honora O'Brien, found dead in the mother's arems, string tied around it's neck, not sufficient evidence to charge the mother with the death

O'Brien, Maria (590 Kb) , Sexton Street, Limerick Chronicle 24/11/1838, wife of Patrick O'Brien, provision merchant (death notice 28/11/1838) (1,226 Kb)

O'Connell, William (1,318 Kb) , Cork, Limerick Chronicle 05/12/1838, aged 40, of Charleville, bro of Captain Thomas Spread O'Connell of the Royal Navy, nephew of Dr, Oconnell of the Royal Navy, buried at Ballingaddy, near Kilmallock

O'Connor, Edward (630 Kb) , Torquay, Limerick Chronicle 07/04/1838, of Belangar, bro of O'Connor Don

O'Connor, Fanny (647 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 11/08/1838  dau of the late William O'Connor of Thomas Street

O'Connor, female (Mrs.) (491 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 05/05/1838, sis-in-law to E. Litton

O'Donnell, John (703 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 28/03/1838, report, of Court, returning home from Rathkeale, died from the effects of the weather conditions

O'Grady, John (676 Kb) , Cecil Street Upper, Limerick Chronicle 07/02/1838

O'Grady, Thomas (854 Kb) , Cottage, near Bruff, Limerick Chronicle 29/12/1838

O'Halloran, Edmund, Rev. (698 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 10/11/1838, P.P. of Killeedy & Ashfort, Limerick

O'Halloran, female (Mrs.) (1,336 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 10/01/1838, proprietress of the Cork Hotel

O'Halloran, George Colonel (1,186 Kb) , Bertie House, Leamington, Limerick Chronicle 28/04/1838, late 4th Regt., served originally in the 54th under Sir Ralph Abercrombie, fought through the Peninsular War under Sir John Moore (death notice 02/05/1838) (1,186 Kb)

O'Neill, Owen (446 Kb) , Cloughadromin, Limerick Chronicle 17/01/1838, report, died from wounds inflicted on him by William Hanley, found guilty of willful murder

O'Neill, Patrick (586 Kb) , Sir Henry's Mall, 27/06/1838

O'Regan, James, Rev. (650 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 21/07/1838, P.P. of Fedamore

O'Shaughnessy, Alicia (650 Kb) , Friarstown, Limerick Chronicle 21/07/1838, widow of Richard O'Shaughnessy

O'Shaughnessy, Mary (698 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 10/11/1838, aged 61, widow of Garrett O'Shaughnessy

O'Shaughnessy, Richard (561 Kb) , Friarstown, Limerick Chronicle 30/06/1838

O'Shaughnessy, Thomas (1,377 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 03/01/1838, of this city, victualler

O'Sullivan, Catherine (674 Kb) , Liverpool, Limerick Chronicle 28/03/1838, of Liverpool, wife of James O'Sullivan of Clare Street, dau of Henry O'Sullivan of George's Street

O'Sullivan, male Dr. (1,186 Kb) ,  Derrynane, Kerry, Limerick Chronicle 25/04/1838, late of this city

Ouseley, Mary (854 Kb) , the Cresent, Limerick Chronicle 29/12/1838, widow of Ralph Ouseley of Limerick, step mother of Sir R. Gore & Sir William Ouseley

Palmer, Frances (662 Kb) , Maryborough, Limerick Chronicle 30/05/1838, aged 74, formerly of Dublin

Parker, Edward (1,186 Kb) , Thomas Street, Limerick Chronicle 28/04/1838, Clerk of the the Crown, Town Clerk & Clerk of the city for the last 25 years

Parker, female (Mrs.) (555 Kb) , Thomas Street, Limerick Chronicle 13/10/1838, aged 91, widow of Edward Parker, mother of the Town Clerk of Limerick

Peacocke, Ellen Louisia (617 Kb) , Trinidad, Limerick Chronicle 25/08/1838, of fever, wife of Thomas Goodricke Peacocke, died 8 days before her husband

Peacocke, William Lloyd Captain (617 Kb) , Trinidad, Limerick Chronicle 25/08/1838, of fever, Chief Special Justice of the Port of Spain, son of the late Thomas Goodricke Peacocke of Fort Etna

Powell, Thomas (634 Kb) , Bride Street, Limerick Chronicle 06/06/1838

Purcell, Eugene (407 Kb) , Henry Street, Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838, son of Richard Purcell

Quick, George (627 Kb) , Southsea, Limerick Chronicle 26/09/1838, late Captain King's Dragoon Guards

Quinlan, Denis (630 Kb) , Boherbuoy, Limerick Chronicle 07/04/1838, aged 22, son of Denis Quinlan of Mungret House

Raleigh, William (674 Kb) , William Street, Limerick Chronicle 28/03/1838, dau of John F. Raleigh, apothecary

Reddan, Mary (629 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 18/08/1838, report, fell out of a window on Mungret Street while emptying water, accidental death

Redmond, Margaret Frances (586 Kb) , Bruff, Limerick Chronicle 27/06/1838, aged 11, dau of Henry T. Redmond, stipendiary magistrate

Reidy, John (407 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838, for many years Clerk of the Newcastle Church, master of the Courtenay School at Newcastle

Reyburn, Mary Ann (866 Kb) , Thomond Gate, Limerick Chronicle 23/05/1838, widow of James Reyburn of Limerick

Richmond, Georgina (518 Kb) , Richmond Place, Limerick Chronicle 12/05/1838, died at the house of her mother, dau of the late

Riordan, Mary Hariet (626 Kb) , Castleconnell, Limerick Chronicle 21/04/1838, aged 3, died of croup, dau of Doctor Riordan

Rochford, Michael (518 Kb) , St. Foy, Bordeaux, Limerick Chronicle 12/05/1838, former merchant in Limerick

Rose, Eliza (407 Kb) , Cork, Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838, dau of the late Rev. George Rose, of Rathkeale

Rose, Francis (410 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 27/01/1838, aged 56, wife of John Rose of Castleconnell

Rose, Mary (662 Kb) , Thomas Street, Limerick Chronicle 08/12/1838, wife of Simon Rose

Rourke, Bridget (688 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 24/03/1838, report, aged 99, died in the House of Industry

Russell, John (650 Kb) , Oxford Terrace, Hyde Park, Limerick Chronicle 16/05/1838, aged 5, son of F. W. Russell, grandson of J. N. Russell of Limerick London

Russell, Lydia (555 Kb) , Erinagh, Limerick, Limerick Chronicle 13/10/1838, at the residence of George Vincent

Russell, Sidney Neptune (675 Kb) , Glentworth Street, Limerick Chronicle 26/05/1838, aged 20, son of Hughes Russell

Russell, William Private (717 Kb) , 21/11/1838  report, of the 36th Regt, died of apoplexy

Ryan, Catherine (676 Kb) , Rutland Street, Limerick Chronicle 07/02/1838, widow of P. Ryan of Limerick, the original surgeon apothecary to the Limerick Dispensary

Ryan, Denis (586 Kb) , Newtown Ellard, Limerick Chronicle 27/06/1838

Ryan, John C. (1,377 Kb) , Rutland Street, Limerick Chronicle 03/01/1838, died of fever, resident apothecary & superintendant of the Limerick General Dispensary

Ryan, Joseph (407 Kb) , the Irish Town, Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838

Ryan, Mary (607 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 03/10/1838, wife of Malachy Ryan, grocer

Ryan, Nancy (607 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 03/10/1838, report, minding an orchard at Courtbrack, caught fire, burnt to death

Ryan, Patrick (610 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 10/03/1838, report, struck on the head with a stone by Patrick McMahon at Ballytrasna

Ryan, Patrick (600 Kb) , Gurthaclareen, near Ulla, Limerick Chronicle 29/09/1838

Ryan, Pierce (670 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 23/05/1838, report, beaten to death with stones at Cappamore, two men of the name of Minihan found guilty of murder

Ryan, William (607 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 03/10/1838, report, minding an orchard at Courtbrack, caught fire, burnt to death

Ryves, Alexander (594 Kb) , Tunbridge Wells, Limerick Chronicle 14/07/1838

Sandford, Patrick (650 Kb) , Henry Street, Limerick Chronicle 21/07/1838, aged 87

Sargant, John (410 Kb) , Whitewine Street, Limerick Chronicle 27/01/1838, son of the late Alderman Francis Sargant of Limerick

Sargant, Anne (627 Kb) , Cornwallis Street, Limerick Chronicle 26/09/1838, at the house of William O'Shaughnessy, sis of the late alderman Joseph Sargent of Limerick

Seymour, Horrace (702 Kb) , Shelbourn House, North Strand, Limerick Chronicle 21/03/1838, son of Horatio N. Seymour

Shannon, David Serjeant (1,336 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 10/01/1838, of the City Limerick Militia

Shannon, Mort (554 Kb) , Tulla, Limerick Chronicle 14/11/1838, former ironmonger & pawnbroker in Limerick (death notice 17/11/1838) (614 Kb)

Shaughnessy, Catherine (627 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 11/04/1838, report, missing for a month, body found near the Steam Packet Quay, inquest revealed marks of violence prior to the death, husband is committed on suspicion

Sheehy, Edward (463 Kb) , Ballintubber, Limerick Chronicle 31/01/1838, bro-in-law of Lieut. Gen. Sir Henry Sheehy Keating

Sheehy, Thomas (505 Kb) , Broad Street, Limerick Chronicle 18/04/1838, grocer

Shelton, female (Mrs. E.) (561 Kb) , Blackrock, Cork, Limerick Chronicle 30/06/1838  widow of John Shelton of Rossmore House, Limerick

Simmonds, female (Mrs.) (584 Kb) , Richmond, Limerick Chronicle 16/06/1838, aged 94, widow of John Simmonds of Collinstown, Co. Kildare

Sivel, T. (male) (436 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 10/02/1838, German clock maker

Slattery, Michael (617 Kb) , Mary Street, Limerick Chronicle 25/08/1838, 50 years officer of the Excise Department

Smith, Priscilla (604 Kb) , Shinrone, Limerick Chronicle 19/05/1838, wife of Robert Smith, dau of Thomas Doolan of Wingfield

Smith, William (3,256 Kb) , Rathkeale, Limerick Chronicle 08/08/1838, chief constable & sub-inspector of the police

Southwell, female (Mrs.) (596 Kb) , Dominick Street Upper, Limerick Chronicle 08/09/1838, aged 82, wisdow of the Hon. Capt. William Southwell, great grandaugher to the present Countess of Hillsborough

Sparling, James (448 Kb) , Boherbuoy, Limerick Chronicle 21/02/1838

Standish, John (675 Kb) , Glin, Limerick Chronicle 26/05/1838, Captain of Limerick City Regiment, son of a Rev. Richard Standish, Burgess of the Corporation of Limerick

Stewart, Charlotte (550 Kb) , Abbey Street, Limerick Chronicle 04/08/1838, widow of the late Captain Thomas W. Stewart of the 46th Regt.

Stubbs, Joshua Alexander (578 Kb) , Shannon Bridge, Limerick Chronicle 14/04/1838, aged 10 months, son of Lieut. W. Travers Stubbs, 48th Regt.

Sullivan, Margaret (590 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 24/11/1838, widow of Jeremiah Sullivan of Lower Ormond Quay, paper manufacturer

Sullivan, Margaret (590 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 18/04/1838, report, pig jobber, died from wounds inflicted by John McCormack, with whom he was travelling to the Fair of Causeway, John McCormack found guilty of murder

Sullivan, Samuel William (676 Kb) , Mallow Street Upper, Limerick Chronicle 07/02/1838, aged 3, son of Telford Sullivan

Sullivan, Telford (436 Kb) , Mallow Street Upper, Limerick Chronicle 10/02/1838, infant son of T. Sullivan

Synan, Henry (407 Kb) , William Street, Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838  grocer & spirit retailer

Tarrant, Nicholas (654 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 22/09/1838, aged 76, of the Warder Newspaper Office

, Mungret Street, Limerick Chronicle 17/02/1838, painter

Tierney, John (561 Kb) , Denmark Street, Limerick Chronicle 30/06/1838, former driver of the Limerick & Dublin day coach

Tucker, male (598 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 08/12/1838, report, of Bridgetown, publican, fell off a boat at O'Brien's Bridge and drowned

Tuohy, James (523 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle, 22/12/1838, report, died in hospital as a result of an injury caused by a shaft from a gig striking him in the breast on Catherine's Street, accidental death

Turner, John (407 Kb) , the Irish Town, Limerick Chronicle 06/01/1838

Tyrell, John (1,318 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 05/12/1838, former clerk of St. John's Church

Upton, female (Mrs.) (1,336 Kb) , Glenstar, Limerick, Limerick Chronicle 10/01/1838, wife of Samuel Upton (death notice 27/01/1838) (410 Kb)

Upton, Samuel (653 Kb) , Glenstal, Limerick Chronicle 19/09/1838

Usborne, female (infant) (554 Kb) , Richmond Place, Limerick Chronicle 14/11/1838, dau of Thomas M. Usborne (death notice 17/11/1838) (614 Kb)

Vincent, Frances (618 Kb) , Erina, near Limerick, Limerick Chronicle 15/09/1838, dau of George Vincent

Wall, Joseph J. Master (662 Kb) , Mary's Abbey, Limerick Chronicle 30/05/1838, son of Mr Wall

Walsh, Michael (905 Kb) , Anne Street, Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 04/04/1838, late of Thomas Street, Limerick

Watkins, Catherine (653 Kb) , Castleconnell, Limerick Chronicle 19/09/1838, dau of the late St. Ledger John Watkins, Old Court, Co. Cork

Welsh, Rebecca (590 Kb) , Fethard, Limerick Chronicle 24/11/1838, wife of Richard Welsh

Welsh, Richard (586 Kb) , James' Street, Limerick Chronicle 15/08/1838, aged 86, oldest freeman of the borough of Liverpool

Westropp, female (Mrs.) (448 Kb) , Clonlara Glebe, Doonas, Limerick Chronicle 21/02/1838, aged 87, died at the residence of her son, the Rev. Thomas Westropp, widow of Thomas Westropp

White, Walter Martin (410 Kb) , Cecil Street Upper, Limerick Chronicle 27/01/1838, formerly a brewer of Limerick & French Consul for Limerick Port

Williams, George (717 Kb) , Old Men's Asylum, North Circular, Limerick Chronicle  28/02/1838, aged 80 Road

Williamson, male (436 Kb) , Denmark Street, Limerick Chronicle 10/02/1838, victualler

Wilson, male (463 Kb) , Ballyshannon, Limerick Chronicle 31/01/1838, former solicitor in the courts in Scotland

Woods, George (658 Kb) , Broad Street, Limerick Chronicle 18/08/1838

Woods, Sarah (634 Kb) , George's Street, Limerick Chronicle 04/07/1838, wife of John Woods

Worrall, Eliza (1,336 Kb) , Charlotte's Quay, Limerick Chronicle 10/01/1838, wife of John Worrall

Yeates, Richard (646 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 25/07/1838, late of Sackville Street, cutler

Young, John (505 Kb) , Boherbuoy, 18/04/1838


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