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*NOTESoccer Players in separate file*

See also separate files for notable sports people such as Tom CliffordAl Finucane, Andy LeeGerard McDonnell, Seán McGowan, Mick Mackey, Frank O'Mara

See also the series of biographical articles - 'Great Limerick Sportsmen by Séamus Ó Ceallaigh'

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Dan & Tim Ahearne

Ron Barry (horse racing)

J. J. Bowles (handball)

Joseph K. Bracken (GAA administrator)

John J. Bresnihan (athletics)

Ciarán Carey (hurling)

Willie Casey (boxing)

Tom Clifford

Peter Clohessy (rugby)

Dave Clohessy (hurling)

Catherine Costigan (cage fighting)

Ned Cregan (hurling)

Neil Cusack (athletics)

Stan de Lacy (hockey)

Tommy Dillon (powerlifting)

Frank Dineen (athletics/GAA administrator)

John Downes (athletics)

Mick English (rugby)

Paddy Enright (hurling)

Al Finucane

John J. Flanagan (hammer throwing)

Jerry Flannery (rugby)

Anthony Foley

Paul Gleeson (rowing, long distance)

Gerry ‘Cooner’ Griffin (rugby)

Billy Harris (rugby/athletics)

Pat Hartigan (hurling)

Ger Hartmann (sports physiotherapist)

John Hayes (rugby)

Pa Healy (boxing, rugby, rowing)

Gerard Hogan (horse racing)

Jim Hogan/Cregan (athletics)

Mike Houlihan (hurling)

Roger Hurley (jockey)

J(ohn) J(ames) Keane (athletics, Gaelic Football, sports administrator)

Christy Kelly (boxing)

Paddy Lane

Leahy family (athletics)

Con Leahy (high jumping)

Paddy Leahy

Andy Lee

John Loftus (running)

Becky Lynch ("The Man") (wrestling)

Sam Lynch (rowing)

    *NOTE – Soccer Players in separate file*

    See also separate files for notable sports people such as Al Finucane, Mick Mackey, Tom Clifford


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    Bob McConkey (hurling)

    Gerard McDonnell

    Tom McGarry (handball/soccer)

    Seán McGowan

    Joe McKenna (hurling)

    Mick Mackey

    Dave Mahedy (coach)

    Mick Martin (cycling)

    Denis ‘Ogie’ Moran (Gaelic Football)

    Rob Mortell (mountain climbling)

    William A. Mulcahy (rugby)

    Louie Murnane (rowing)

    Bruce Murray (rowing)

    Conor Niland (tennis)

    Mick O'Brien (handball)

    Con O'Connell (hurling)

    Paddy O'Connell (athletics)

    Paul O'Connell (rugby)

    Edwin O’Connor (yachting)

    Joe O’Connor (rugby)

    Liam O’Donoghue (hurling)

    Dermot G. O’Donovan (rugby, golf)

    John O'Grady (weight throwing)

    Frank O'Mara

    Ger O'Rourke (yachting)

    Niall O'Shaughnessy (athletics)

    Seán O'Sullivan (athletics)

    Powell, Alice (motor racing)

    Tommy Quaid (hurling)

    Mark Quinn (mountain climbing)

    Lee Reeves (boxing)

    Tom Reid (rugby)

    Patrick J. (Paddy) Ryan  (hammer throwing)

    Tom Ryan (hurling)

    Colm Tucker (rugby)

    Tom Walsh (athletics)

    Leslie Walters (soccer & rugby)

    Ralph Westropp (coursing)

    Gordon Wood (rugby)

    Keith Wood (rugby)




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