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  - Landmark building on the market for €350K, has broad appeal, Limerick Leader 27/10/2012, p11

  - Former Ard Scoil Mhuire Convent & Scholl, Bruff, Co. Limerick, Limerick Leader 06/11/2012, p26 & 27  

   - Ardscoil to embark on a year of 50th celebrations, Limerick Leader 19/10/2013, p10

  - 20,000 Pennies to build a school, Limerick Leader 25/1/2014, p1 & 2 [Leader 2]

  - Ardscoil Ris sets sights on golden future as Noonan cuts tape to herald new facilities, Limerick Leader 8/3/2014, p4

- Broderick's Academy by W. W. Gleeson, Old Limerick Journal, vol. 3, June 1980

- Education's humble beginnings in Bruree, Limerick Leader 05/05/2018, p2

          - Sexton Street across the centuries, Limerick Post 24/10/2015, p44-45

 - Planning application lodged for new schoolLimerick Leader 30/01/2016, p9

- Class of '66 celebrate re-union [sic] and their success, Limerick Leader 22/10/1986, p13

   - Portrait of the Principal, Limerick Leader 04/12/1999 

   - Sisters of Mercy mark 150 years in Doon, Limerick Leader 11/04/2005, p15 

   - Convent is to close after 151 years, Limerick Leader 26/03/2016, p17

    - Glenstal officially opens new 6m school building, Limerick Leader 1/2/2014, p17

- Tragedy at Laurel Hill, 1895 by Sharon Clancy, Old Limerick Journal vol. 40, Summer 2004

  • Le Cheíle

    - Le Cheíle school puts it all together, Limerick Chronicle 17/06/2014, p4

    - Historic day' for southside pupils [Le Chéile school opened], Limerick Leader 02/09/2015, p6 

    - Former Mount Convent sold to Mary Immaculate, Limerick Leader 14/08/2013, p6

        - Mungret College development plans to uncover hidden treasures, Limerick Post 16/04/2016, p44-45

        - Mungret College's hidden history, Limerick Life 24/08/2016, p15

- Mungret Agricultural School by Milo Spillane, Old Limerick Journal, vol. 6, Spring 1981

- University College, Mungret, 1888-1908 by Patrick Kearney, Old Limerick Journal vol. 31, Winter 1994

The Presentation Order and the National School System in Limerick, 1837-1870 by Paula Coonerty,North Munster Antiquarian Journal, Vol. 30 (1988)

- The Presentation Sisters and the Education of 'Poor Female Children' in Limerick, Old Limerick Journal vol. 33, Winter 1996

- Bishop Leahy celebrates 125 years of Presentation Sisters, Limerick Leader 25/11/2013, p3 

- True believer Mary helps start Presentation school, Limerick Leader 28/04/2018, p3

   - Copsewood College by Martin McCormack, Old Limerick Journal vol. 35, Winter 1998

    - End of era as Salesians to merge with St Nessan's, Limerick Leader 7/10/2013, p6

    - Salesian school to close in 2015, Limerick Post 12/10/2013, p22

    - Students:"Stop our school's closure", Limerick Leader 14/10/2013, p1&2

    - Parents step up campaign to save Salesians, Limerick Leader 16/10/2013, p1&3

    - Limerick school wins top award, Limerick Chronicle 10/05/1994, p6

    - Photograph, Mother Caroline at Salesians' Convent in 1957, Limerick Leader 22/06/2019, p48 (Leader 2)

   - Scoil Carmel is to close by 2016, Limerick Chronicle 28/1/2014, p1 & 6

   - End of an era for Scoil Carmel is 'part of wider story' in city, Limerick Leader 29/1/2014, p3

   - 'Every avenue was explored, but the time has come to close', Limerick Leader 1/2/2014, p8

   - Scoil Carmel to close, Limerick Post 1/2/2014, p6

    - Bittersweet memories for city school in its final days, Limerick Leader 30/04/2016, p.8

     - Three schools were opened, marking a giant step forward in education locally, Limerick Leader, 04/05/1966

     - Historic occasion on Limerick, three new schools opened, Limerick Leader 07/05/1966, p13

     - Celebrations at Corbally's Scoil Ide for its Golden Jubilee year, Limerick Leader 17/05/2014, p4

     - Scoil Íde launches three books to celebrate 50th, Limerick Chronicle 18/11/2014, p14

     - New books bring past and present together, Limerick Leader 22/11/2014, p23

- St. John's Boys School by Kevin Hannan, Old Limerick Journal, vol. 17, Winter 1984

- Memories of St. John's Girls' School, part one by Patsy Harrold, Old Limerick Journal, vol. 17, Winter 1984

   - Emotional day on northside as school closes for final time, Limerick Leader 24/06/2015, p3

    - Schools in City North set to merge, Limerick Leader 04/03/2015

    - 'Fond Memories' shared as St. Munchin's closes its doors, Limerick Leader 09/06/2015, p10 

   - Search is on for the students of 1962, Limerick Post 03/08/2013, p6

   - St. Munchin's: 50 proud years in Corbally, Limerick Leader 17/08/2013, p16

   - St. Munchin's celebrates 50 years, Limerick Leader 21/08/2013, p10

   - St. Munchin's 'dream' goes on after 50 years in the city, Limerick Leader 31/08/2013, p3

  • St Nessan's

   - St Nessan's students go where no Irish teens have gone before, Limerick Leader 8/2/2014, p6

   - Final frontier for St Nessan's students, Limerick Post 15/2/2014, p25

   - St. Nessan's await blast-off at NASA, Limerick Leader 09/06/2014, p6

   - Roll call of St Nicholas' history is read out with pride, Limerick Leader 13/12/2014, p21

    - New book to record and celebrate school's bicentennial, Limerick Leader 06/12/2014, p2 [Leader 2]

      - Top class: first national school opens, Limerick Leader 11/08/2018, p45 [leader2]

St. Philomena's Preparatory School by Sister Marie Hayes, FCJ, Old Limerick Journal vol. 49, Winter 2015

     - New school to hold meeting tonight, Limerick Leader 01/10/2014, p8



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