Old Limerick Journal

The Old Limerick Journal [full scans of all articles, volumes 1 to 49]


  • Remember, son, when all else fails, go out and govern New South Wales: Australia and whiskey, Limerick Chronicle 30/10/1990, p10

  • Old Limerick Journal, Limerick Leader 20/02/1993, p5

  • 46 Years Ago: Old Limerick Society, Limerick Chronicle

  • epic times in Limerick recalled in local journal, Limerick Leader 15/03/1980, p8

  • Historians [Notice of Old Limerick Society meeting], Limerick Chronicle 25/01/1994

  • Launch of 'Old Limerick Journal', Limerick Leader 15/12/1979, p1&18

  • It's Old Limerick Journal time again, Limerick Leader 19/12/1981

  • Exploring Limerick's history bye-ways, Limerick Leader 08/03/1980

  • Hillery praises Old Limerick Journal, Limerick Leader 09/05/1988, p11

  • Looking at Limerick's role in revolution, Limerick Leader 15/05/1989, p3

  • Journal fills some of the many gaps in the city's history, Limerick Leader 07/07/2001

  • A look ar Old Limerick, Limerick Leader (Leader2) 29/01/2010, p2

  • Old Limerick Journal turns 45, Limerick Leader (Leader2) 10/12/2011, p1&2

  • Cover images of Old Limerick Journals, volumes 31-45.

  • County's rich history bought [sic] to book, Limerick Leader 12/11/2016, p17 

  • Mary's work completes her father's legacy, Limerick Leader 22/01/2018, p19

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