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 General items

 The 1916 Memorial, Sarsfield Bridge

1916 memorial image

 Bard of Thomond

Dockers' Memorial

Fitzgibbon Monument, Wellesley Bridge

fitzgibbon mon 01

'The Fitzgibbon Pump' at Annacotty

Richard Harris statue

         see Richard Harris file for more items on the Harris statue

Manchester Martyrs' Memorial

manch 01

O'Callaghan & Clancy [Murdered Mayors] Memorial

O'Connell Monument

o'connell 01     o'connell 02   o'connell 03

O'Grady Monument

o'grady 01      o'grady 05

Sarsfield Monument

sarsfield 01  sarsfield 02   sarsfield 03  sarsfield 04  sarsfield 05  sarsfield 06

Sporting Monument (Rugby player & Hurler), O'Connell Street

 rugby & hurling memorial 01

Spring Rice Memorial, People's Park

spring rice 01    spring rice 02   spring rice 03

War Memorial, Pery Square

war memorial, pery sq 01 

Miscellaneous monuments/memorials

misc 02 (Athlunkard BC)  Monument at Athlunkard Boat Club



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