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Gerry Andrews

James Apjohn

Anne Banks

James David Bourchier (journalist)

Gerard Bourke

Mikey 'Feathery' Bourke

David Bracken (archivist)

Michael Brennan (freedom fighter)

George Browne, Count (soldier)

Tony Browne (Local historian)

Vincent Browne (journalist/broadcaster)

Fr. Joe Carroll

Rev. William Casey

Thomas Cleeve

Angela Collins

Maghnus Collins (adventurer)

Stella Conran (fashion model)

William E. Corbett (City engineer)

John Hamilton Cox

Fr. John Creagh (see also 'Jews of Limerick' file)

Samuel Crumpe (doctor)

Dermot Culhane (photographer)

Madge Daly (nationalist, sister of Edward Daly)

Nicholas Flood Davin (journalist/writer)

Peter de Lacy (soldier)

John Devane (solicitor)

John Dillon (President, Irish Farmers Association)

Len Dinneen (broadcaster)

Thomas Dongan

Paddy Dooley (sports/businessman)

Dan Doyle (librarian)

Peter Drake (soldier)

Martin J. Duggan 

Bartholomew Thomas Duhigg

Lord Dunraven, The 7th Earl of Dunraven and Mountearl, Thady Windham Thomas Wyndham Quin

Robert Dwyer-Joyce

Niall Egleston (photographer)

Philip Embury (Methodist founder)

Francis Finegan

Aengus Finucane

James F. Fitzgerald (teacher)

Niall Fitzgerald (Businessman)

Marion Fitzgibbon

William Fitzgibbon

John ('The Man') Frawley (broadcaster)

Leigh Gath (Thalidomide victim/writer)

William Geary (Garda/ victim of miscarriage of justice)

Brian Geoghegan (husband of Tánaiste, Mary Harney)

David Gleeson (filmmaker)

Paul Gleeson (adventurer, long-distance rower)

Hugh Gough

Michael Guerin (honorary consul)

John Guiry (rebel)

Victor Haddick  (filmmaker)

Timothy Hannon

William Henry Harvey

Michael Hayes ('Black' Mick Hayes)

Tom Hayes (Irish-American)

Lady Mary Heath aka Sophie Pierce (aviator/athlete)

Robert Herbert (Limerick City Librarian/historian)

John Higgins

Frank Hogan (the man with the “John 3:7” sign at sporting occasions)

Martin Hogan (escaped bonds in penal Australia, one of the Catalpa Six)

Paddy Hogan (memoirist)

Robert Hogan (judge)

John Philip Holland (inventor of submarine)

John Howly

Rev. David Humphreys

John Hunt (art historian/collector)

Vere Hunt, Sir

James Irwin (mathematician)

Vere Wynne Jones (broadcaster)

Father John Kenyon (priest/nationalist)

Joseph Kidd (homoeopath)

King-Griffin, Michael (Professor King-Griffin)

Francis Maurice Lacy (soldier)

Celia Holman Lee (fashion model/agent)

Philomena Lee

Thomas Langlois Lefroy (judge/politician)

Richard Leonard

Father Timothy Peter Leonard (Columban missionary/martyr)

Father William Leonard (priest)

Dr. Joseph John Long (doctor & Protestant missionary)

Father Alfred Loughran

James McCarthy

Michael MacCurtain (engineer/City official)

Thomas McGarry

Con McGrath (teacher/Councillor)

Michael McInerney (journalist)

James Gerard McMahon (High Court judge)

Patrice de MacMahon, Duke of Magenta

Ciarán MacMathúna (broadcaster/folklorist)

Joe Malone (singer/publican)

James Marwood (hangman)

Eyre Massey, 1st Baron Clarina

Godfrey Massy (clergyman)

Monsignor Michael Moloney

Michael J. Mulqueen (lawyer)

Robert 'Bobby' Mulrooney (naval officer)

Austin Murphy (aviator)

Terence Aubrey Murray

Jack Nash (newspaper seller)

Paddy Neale (United Irishman)

Donal Nevin (union leader)

Pádraig Ó Maidín (librarian)

Fitzjames O'Brien (writer)

Peter O'Brien ('Peter the Packer') (judge)

Richard Baptist O'Brien, Dean (Dean of Limerick, founder of Catholic Young Men’s Society)

Kathleen O’Carroll (‘flying-boat’ crew)

Eamon O'Connor (camerman/show producer/entertainer)

Eugene O’Curry (scholar)

Michael O'Dwyer (former prisoner of the Gestapo)

Ellen O'Grady

Standish Hayes O'Grady (Celticist)

John O’Mahony (Fenian)

Pamela O'Malley (political/trade union activist)

William O'Meara (priest)

Catherine O'Neill (Mother Therese Emmanuel) (nun/co-founder of Ladies of the Assumption)

Tadhg O'Neill (publisher)

Francis Patrick O’Neillan

Michael Maurice O'Shaughnessy

William Brooke O'Shaughnessy (physician)

Dodo Reddan 

Vonnie Reynolds (fashion designer)

John Riddell

Father Jerry Roche (murder victim)

Father Francis Ryan (priest)

James Ryan (hangman)

Father John Ryan 

Thady Ryan

William Sampson (Rear Admiral)

Dominick Sarsfield

Patrick Sheahan (constable)

Barney Sheehan (arts promoter)

Fr. Eugene Sheehy (and David Sheehy, MP)

Nicholas Sheehy

George Stacpoole (antiques dealer)

Augustus Stafford O'Brien Stafford

Pat Stapleton (hairdresser)

Tom Steele

Annie Sullivan

John Thayer 

Matthew Thornton (signatory U.S. Declaration of Independence)

George Turner (aka 'Wires Marconi') (eccentric)

  • George Turner, by Kevin Hannan, Limerick Chronicle18/06/1996

  • "Wires" by Thomas Ryan, Old Limerick Journal, vol. 2, March 1980

William Upton (fenian)

Thomas Philips Vokes

Seán Wall (freedom fighter)

Larry Walsh (museum curator)

Mary Walsh, Sister Mary

Maureen Walsh

Lilla Ward (descendent of Daniel O'Connell)

Father Francis White

Richard Southwell Wyndham-Quinn, 6th Earl of Dunraven



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