Freedom of Limerick City [Honorary]


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for a list of Hereditary Freemen of Limerick see 'Genealogy' file

The Freedom of Limerick – a history, Limerick Chronicle 7/12/1982, p16

Municipal Privileges Act, 1876 by Des Ryan, Old Limerick Journal vol. 45, Winter 2011

Copy of the oath to be taken by a freeman of Limerick, Limerick : An Appreciation, by Limerick Civic Trust, no date

Council set to honour pioneers, Limerick Leader 24/01/2015, p10

Boer War awards

Michael Browne

Isaac Butt & Richard O'Shaughnessy

Andrew Carnegie

William Conway

Cardinal D’Alton

Lord Dunraven

 Rev. Dr. Downey, Archbishop of Liverpool

James Gubbins

Michael D. Higgins

Robert Wyse Jackson

Kenneth Kaunda

Seán Keating & J. M. Flood

John F. Kennedy

J. P. McManus & Bill Whelan

Tomás Ó Fiaich, Gaetano Alibrandi, Jeremiah Newman

Dermod O'Brien

Paul O'Connell

Brendan O’Regan, Ted Russell, Edward Walsh

Paschal Robinson

T. D. Sullivan & John Dillon

 Joseph Brendan Whelan

Terry Wogan & Richard Harris



Local Studies Files, main page

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