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  • Short descriptions of Sarsfield, Thomond, Baal’s, Matthew, Athlunkard, Park and O’Dwyer Bridges, no source

  • Short descriptions of Sarsfield, Thomond, Athlunkard, O’Dwyer , Baal’s and Matthew Bridges, Corporation Guide to Limerick, no date

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  • Photograph showing Sarsfield and Shannon Bridges, Irish Independent, 28/10/1992 

  • Extract from article The Corbally District by Kevin Hannan re. Park & Athlunkard Bridges, Old Limerick Journal no. 26, Winter 1989, p21

Abbey Bridge

Athlunkard Bridge

Baal’s Bridge

Barrington’s Bridge, Lisnagry

  • Photograph, Old Limerick Journal  no. 24, p12

Black Bridge, Plassey

Canal Bridge

  • Photograph, the Canal Bridge, with Tom Bull’s house…, Old Limerick Journal no. 3, p6

Carey’s Road, Railway Bridge

Grove Island

Kennedy Bridge

‘Living Bridge’

Mathew Bridge

  • Drawing by Samuel Frederick Brocas, 1819, Old Limerick Journal no. 24, p23
  • Photograph, 1940s, Old Limerick Journal no. 24, p106

  • Family rescued from their barge, Irish Times 16/8/2001, p6

O’Brien’s Bridge, Co. Clare [connects to Montpelier, Co. Limerick]

  • Photograph, Across Deep Waters: Bridges of Ireland by Michael Barry, p150 

  • A lordly tale article re O’Brien’s Bridge, Thomond & Sarsfield Bridges and the Limerick docks by Martin Byrnes, Limerick Chronicle 25/4/2006

Sylvester O’Halloran Bridge

Park / O’Dwyer Bridge



Sarsfield / Wellesley Bridge

Shannon Bridge

Thomond Bridge




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