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The Old Limerick Journal, contents of vols. 36-43

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Vol. 36, Winter 1999                     Old Limerick Journal, No. 36, Winter 1999

Maiden Street (for Denis Deere) [poem] by Michael Hartnett (223 Kb); The Limerick Municipal Elections, January 1899 by Enda McKay (1,139 Kb)The Munster Fusiliers in the South African War [Boer War] 1899-1902, part 3 (472 Kb) by Des Ryan; James McMahon of Mount Mungret - a Timber Merchant by Morgan McCloskey (752 Kb); Two Obituaries of the Bard of Thomond (1832-1899) (424 Kb); Limerick Volunteers 1776-1793 by Kieran Kennedy (813 Kb); The Night of the Big Wind by Gerard Curtin (581 Kb); A brave slave, Robert St. George by John Curtin (325 Kb); The Irish Brigades in the South African War [Boer War] 1899-1902 by Des Ryan (310 Kb); From Limerick to Van Diemen's Land: Irish transportation at work (829 Kb) by Richard Davis; More Urban Townlands, part 2 - Mount Kennett, Courtbrack and Corcanree (618 Kb) by Tony Browne; The Coopers of Limerick: A Craft of the Past by Morgan McCloskey (428 Kb); Limerick Turkish Baths by Tom Donovan (439 Kb); Abolition and Reinstatement of the Limerick Night Watch, 1898-99 (954 Kb) Reminiscences of Old Limerick by Ernest H. Bennis (751 Kb).

Cover of Old Limerick Journal, vol. 37

Vol. 37, Summer 2001                         Old Limerick Journal, No. 37, Summer 2001   

Quakers in Limerick by Phil Lovett (930 Kb)Tumbling out of school by Maureen McAteer (277 Kb); O'Maras of Limerick and their Overseas Businesses by Morgan McCloskey (562 Kb); The Last Crusade: Limerick's Role in the Spanish Civil War (753 Kb) by Barrie Wharton and Des Ryan; The Celtic cross at Limburg an der Lahn: a sentimental journey (502 Kb) by Anthony O’Brien; The Norwegian emigrant ship Hannah Parr at Limerick, 1868 (2,235 Kb) by Claire O. Haugen and Jim Overdahl; Letters to Colorado by Finn Deloughry (254 Kb); Songs of agrarian strife by Pat Feeley (1,117 Kb)The efforts of Sir Richard Bourke in promoting national education (857 Kb) in Ireland and New South Wales, 1828-1855 by Max Waugh; Eyre Lloyd's Boer War diary by Tony Browne (624 Kb); Hungarians in Limerick, 1956-1958 by Des Ryan (670 Kb); P. W. Joyce's Published Works on Irish Placenames by Pat Feeley (281 Kb); Killalee's Historic Graveyard by Frank Prendergast (357 Kb); Limerick Divided by the Act of Union by John Curtin (445 Kb).


Vol. 38, Winter 2002                        Old Limerick Journal, No. 38, Winter 2002

Portrait of an old woman [poem] by Frances Condell (147 Kb); P. J. ('Cushy') Ryan by Jim Kemmy (143 Kb)The Fourth Siege of Limerick: Civil War, July 1922, by P. J. Ryan, part 1 (1,786 Kb), part 2 (2,058 Kb), part 3 (2,052 Kb) Men of Mangles, 1822 by Valerie Thompson (248 Kb)West Limerick reminiscences by Pat Feeley (450 Kb)A tale of two unions: John O'Ryan and the Limerick Operative House Painters' (1,024 Kb) Society, 1908 by Charles Callan; The Jews, Fr. Creagh and the Mayor's Court of Conscience by Des Ryan (523 Kb); Pádraig O'Keeffe: the last fiddle master by Pat Feeley (914 Kb); Richard O'Gorman in Limerick, 1848 by Laurence Fenton (599 Kb); Tennyson at Kilkee and other Munster tours, 1842-1878 by Thomas J. Byrne (1,502 Kb).


Vol. 39, Winter 2003                         Old Limerick Journal, No. 39, Winter 2003

For I am desolate [poem] by Gerald Griffin (35 Kb)The Volunteers, the 1916 Rising and its Aftermath by P. J. Ryan (2,109 Kb)Limerick and the Victoria Cross by Patrick McNamara (382 Kb); The pope's emigrants by Des Ryan (1,034 Kb); We had a song to sing o by Anthony O'Brien (320 Kb); The Sack of Viking Limerick by Lenore Fischer (1,154 Kb); The chronicles of a Gay Gordon by Joseph M. Gordon (1,192 Kb); Richard O'Gorman in Limerick, 1848: a further note by Laurence Fenton (156 Kb)From Dooradoyle to the Elysee Palace : the life and times of Marie Edme Patrice (733 Kb) Maurice McMahon, Duc de Magenta (1808-1893) by Dr. Matthew Potter; Religion and social conflict during the Protestant Crusade in West Limerick (1,755 Kb), 1822-49 by Gerard Curtin; The reminiscences of Dave Flynn of Mountcollins, Co. Limerick by Pat Feeley (780 Kb).


Cover of Old Limerick Journal, vol. 40
Vol. 40, Summer 2004                        Old Limerick Journal, No. 40, Summer 2004 

Christmas bells [poem] by Maureen Sparling (37 Kb)Opposition to the Boer War, Limerick, 1899-1902 by Des Ryan (1,011 Kb)A Riot in Limerick, 1848 by Laurence Fenton (655 Kb); Remembering Professor King-Griffin by Eoin Devereux (502 Kb); Travellers' impressions: Castleconnell and Killaloe, 1914 by Burton E. Stevenson (1,416 Kb); Two opinions of Limerick by Brian Hodkinson (168 Kb); The Brunswick Clubs: Rise, Contradictions and Abyss by Alan Phylan (1,186 Kb); The agricultural labourer in County Limerick by Pat Feeley (1,128 Kb); William Smith O'Brien and Cahermoyle by Laurence Fenton (312 Kb); Limerick Recipients of the Victoria Cross: John Danagher and Nathaniel Burselm b (469 Kb)y Patrick F. McNamara; Tragedy at Laurel Hill, 1895 by Sharon Clancy (423 Kb)Abbeyfeale reminiscences: Jerome Murphy and The Sport Murphy (737 Kb) - interviews with Pat Feeley, 1978; People from Loughill and Shanagolden D.E.D.s in Glin and Rathkeale workhouses (879 Kb), 1851 by Chris O'Mahony; The young hussar (Lord Fitzgibbon) from the statue by P. MacDowell (258 Kb).

Old Limerick Journal, No. 41, Winter 2005 Vol. 41, Winter 2005

The youth of spring [poem] by Séamus Ó Cinnéide (41 Kb); The Blueshirts in Limerick 1932-1936 by Des Ryan (1,437 Kb)A Limerick Pianist [George Alexander Osborne] Remembered by Morgan McCloskey (356 Kb) The loss of the schooner, Undine by Tom Donovan (399 Kb) Travellers' impressions: Limerick and Adare, 1914 by Burton C. Stevenson (2,116 Kb); Cahara House tragedy by Tom Donovan (138 Kb); Fr. John Creagh C.S.S.R., Social Reformer 1870-1947 by Des Ryan (423 Kb); The Catholic Institute Athletic Club, Rosbrien by Ralph McMahon (163 Kb); Two 1841 shipping disasters by Tom Donovan (182 Kb); Visitors impressions: John Harden, 1797 (1,347 Kb) The Tragic Death of Constable Patrick Sheahan D.M.P. by Tom Donovan (407 Kb).

Old Limerick Journal, No. 42, Winter 2006  Vol. 42, Winter 2006

Know Ye Not That Lovely River [poem] by Gerald Griffin (25 Kb); The Shamrock League by Des Ryan (516 Kb); Luke and Edward Hartigan - Casualties of World War One by Alan Johnson (1,075 Kb); Bedford Row Lying-in Hospital 1812-1975 by Terry Forristal (930 Kb); The Design of Glenstal Castle 1836-1861 by Marion D. McGarry (630 Kb); Some Memories of Bishop Graves by Gerald O'Carroll (308 Kb); Opposition To the Payment of Tithes in West Limerick 1821-1838 by Gerard Curtin (344 Kb); How Queen Victoria's Death Was Received in Limerick by Denis O'Shaughnessy (246 Kb); St. Mary's All-Ireland Fife and Drum Band, Limerick by Patrick J. McNamara (224 Kb); RIC Consolidation in Limerick 1919-1921 by Tom Toomey (388 Kb); Memories of 1930s Dublin by Tadhg Murphy (234 Kb); Eleanor McGhie by Sharon Clancy (135 Kb).

Old Limerick Journal, No. 43, Summer 2009   Vol. 43, Summer 2009

Thoughts of Spring [poem] by Michael D. Ryan (27 Kb), Waving the green flag, Athens, 1906 [Con Leahy] by Des Ryan (933 Kb), The S.S. Kerry Head by Patrick J. McNamara (806 Kb), The 1970 Springboks tour and local politics in Limerick by Brian Hanley (1,041 Kb), Murder at Mountshannon by Tom Donovan (1,616 Kb), 'Black' Mick Hayes by Pat Feely (6,230 Kb), Limerick County Library service 1935-55 by Margaret Franklin (1,178 Kb), The Battle of Plassey and its Limerick connections by Brian Hodkinson (1,005 Kb), Young Ireland in Limerick, 1848 by Laurence Fernton (3,086 Kb), Freedom and conflict [Boer War] by Des Ryan (1,291 Kb), The old harbour canal, part one: commercial activity by John Rainsford (1,402 Kb), A memoir of some 19th century residents of Newcastle... by Mary Castelyn (1,993 Kb), John Ferrar's [sic] Limerick City Directory - 1788 by Charlotte Murphy (235 Kb) [directory in question is actually the Richard Lucas Drectory], Conditions in Limerick Jail [1922] by Brian Hodkinson (484 Kb), The graveyard at Killeely by Noel Quirke (2,335 Kb), Some random 18th century newspaper extracts by Tom Donovan (115 Kb).

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