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Vol 28, Winter 1990 - 1690 Siege edition

Social Life in the City by Richard Ahern (1,646 Kb); A descriptive poem on Limerick in 1690 by Michael Lloyd and Eamon O’Flaherty; The Topography of the Siege by Kevin Hannan (855 Kb); The armies of James and William by Margaret O’Dea and Ray Walsh; Patrick Sarsfield, part 1 by Michael McCarthy (1,945 Kb); The siege of Limerick, 1690 by J. G. Simms; Eye-witness and contemporary accounts: Introduction by Larry Walsh; Diary of the siege of Limerick from contemporary Sources by Larry Walsh; Report on the fortifications of Limerick, 1685 by Thomas Phillips; The journal of John Stevens introduced by Larry Walsh; An Impartial History by George Story introduction by Larry Walsh; Limerick and France during the Jacobite War of 1689-1691 Part 2 by Shiela Mulloy; The Jacobite wars: Some Danish sources by John Jordan; The Danish force at Limerick, 1690 by Kevin Danaher and J. G. Simms; Letters of Jean Payen de la Fouleresse to the king of Denmark; A Jacobite narrative Dutch sources for the Williamite campaign in Ireland by W. Troost; The Dutch at Limerick by Pieter Tesch; The destruction of Cyprus by Charles O’Kelly; Southwell –Nottingham correspondence; Dr. George Clarke: Letters and autobiography; Memoirs of the Duke of Berwick introduction by Larry Walsh; Journal of the Rev. Rowland Davies; Dumont de Bostaquet and the Huguenots at Limerick by Harman Murtagh and Michael O’Dwyer; Rapin de Thoyras: Huguenot soldier by Larry Walsh; A wayward wild goose: Peter Drake’s memoir of the Siege by Jim Kemmy; The diary of Gedeon Bonnivert by Robert H. Murray; Letters of D. Campbell to Sir Arthur Rawdon; Letter from Mr. Theophilus Harrison to the Rev. John Strype; Le Fleming manuscripts; Military transactions in Limerick, 1690 by Robert Parker; Memoirs of Brigadier-General Robert Stearne; Hastings manuscripts; Diary of Colonel Thomas Bellingham; A diary of the siege of Limerick by Samuel Mullenaux introduced by Larry Walsh; The siege as reported in the London Gazette; King William’s speech to Parliament, 2 Oct, 1690; Sarsfield's Ride by Michael McCarthy (1,139 Kb); Echoes of Galloping Hogan by Tim Lehane; The Walls of Limerick by Kevin Hannan (745 Kb); Gunmoney and the Limerick Mint by Gerard Rice (1,337 Kb); The Duc de Lauzun by Louis de Saint-Simon, translated by Lucy Norton; Fact and Fancy: Story and Storytellers of 1690 by Kevin Hannan (427 Kb); The siege:Limerick, 1690 by Lord Macauley; Glossary.

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Vol. 29, Winter 1992

The Granary by Jim Kemmy (450 Kb); The Limerick Watch by Kevin Hannan (507 Kb); Liszt in Limerick by Richard Ahern (584 Kb); Dr. William Brooke O’Shaughnessy by J.E. Cosnett; Henry 2nd and Glenstal castle by Andrew Nugent; The Rathkeale Workhouse incident, November, 1921 by A. Kinsella; A German tourist’s impressions of Limerick 1865 by Larry Walsh; The lamentation of James Walsh by Pat Feeley; Brother Jerome FitzPatrick 1878-1910 by Barry Coldrey; Joseph O'Mara Operatic Tenor by Anthony Riordan (370 Kb); An octogenarian remembers by Michael Kenevane; The life of a Limerick dentist by Michael Guerin; The Dáil Courts in Limerick by Mary Kotsonouris (795 Kb).

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Vol. 30, Winter 1993

The Quakers in Limerick, 1657-1707 by Emilie M. Bennis (452 Kb); Richard Bourke's Views on Citizenship and Education by Jennifer Ridden (1,806 Kb); A Palatine childhood by F. S. Hinchy; A List of Merchants 1811-12 compiled by Áine Thornhill (271 Kb); The County Club by Kevin Hannan (340 Kb); Thomas F. Feigh: Philantropist extraordinary by Cathleen O’Brien-Grennan; The Limerick Bishop who said no to papal infallibility by Liam Irwin; Charles Burton Barrington and Trinity football Club by Trevor West; Women's Suffrage Associations in Limerick 1912-14 by Des Ryan (1,277 Kb); The life of a Limerick dentist by Michael Guerin; Shannon’s greatest air mystery by Mike Roycroft.

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Vol. 31, Winter 1994

Richard Crosbie's Aerial Voyage from Limerick, 1786 by Larry Walsh (1,203 Kb); The case of Thaddeus O’Malley by Fergus D’Arcy; Reminiscences of a Journalist by Maurice Lenihan, ed. by Alf MacLochlainn (845 Kb); Christmas holidays by Aubrey de Vere; Limerick Stone and Stonemasons by Jim Kemmy (1,007 Kb); Sir Peter Tait by Kevin Hannan (978 Kb); Paddy Nolan, K.C. by Roy St. George Stubbs; University College, Mungret, 1888-1908 by Patrick Kearney (816 Kb); The life of a Limerick dentist by Michael Guerin; Growing up in Limerick’s pig market by Anne O’Mahoney; Pennywell memories by Michael Brew.

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Vol. 32, Winter 1995 - Famine edition

Pre-Famine Limerick: A Study in Contrasts by Paula Coonerty (1,144 Kb); The Great Irish Famine, 1845-1852 by Thomas P. O’Neill; The onset of famine: County Clare, 1845-1846 by Ciaran O’Murchadha; The Workhouse by Kevin Hannan (319 Kb); Limerick: Building and the Famine by Judith Hill (851 Kb); Richard Osborne at Limerick by K.A. Murray; William Monsell, First Baron Emly of Tervoe by Matthew Potter (1,090 Kb); Bread or Blood by Tom Donovan (779 Kb); Limerick Quakers and Famine Relief by Rob Goodbody (1,167 Kb); The Great Famine in Murroe (1845-1849) by Mark Tierney; ‘Potatoes and providence’ British government responses to the Great Famine by Peter Gray; Godfrey Massy's Memoirs of the Famine Years in Bruff (824 Kb); Pine coffin reports compiled by William Murray; Meeting of labourers at Tory Hill (from our special reporter); Incident at Hospital Further government correspondence; A letter from Sir Matthew Barrington, 1846; The Construction of the Floating Docks by Mark Tierney (690 Kb); ‘The distress of the lower class’ Further government correspondence from Limerick, 1847; Famine letters by Alexander Somerville (introduced by K.D.M.Snell); Stephen de Vere’s voyage to Canada, 1847 by P.J. Meghen; The evidence of Francis Spaight, July, 1847 by Patrick J. O’Connor; The Coffin Ships by Kevin Hannan (637 Kb); Michael Hogan and the Paupers' Graveyard by Jim Kemmy (315 Kb); The Newcastle West workhouse by Sean Kelly; Vincent de Paul Society, Limerick, and the Famine by Larry Walsh (450 Kb); Limerick as I saw it, 1848 by William S. Balch; Life and death in Limerick, 1849 by Spencer T. Hall; Gleanings of Limerick, 1850 by S. Godolphin Osborne; Emigration from the workhouses of the Mid-West, 1848-1859 An overview by Chris O’Mahony; The Law and the Famine by Kevin Hannan (295 Kb); The Great Famine (book review) by G. Kitson Clark.

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Vol. 33, Winter 1996

The Faction Fighters by Kevin Hannan (521 Kb); Eugene O'Curry in Limerick by Larry Walsh (260 Kb); The Visionary, the Liberator and the Bishop by Tom Donovan; The FitzGerald and McGregor history by Jim Kemmy; Bartholomew Dowling by Paddy Lysaght (345 Kb); The Crescent by Denis M. Leonard (652 Kb); Reputations: Nineteenth-Century Monuments in Limerick by Judith Hill (921 Kb); The 1841 census by Tom Ryan; Limerick Workhouse, June 1846 to December 1847 by David Costello (1,206 Kb); The Presentation Sisters and the Education of 'Poor Female Children' in Limerick (1,509 Kb); The Limerick School of Art and Design, 1852-54 by Mark Tierney (510 Kb); The Great Influenza Epidemic, 1918-1919 by Des Ryan (282 Kb); November, 1918 by Kevin Dinneen; The life of a Limerick dentist by Michael Guerin.

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Vol 34, Summer 1998

Words Spoken at the Grave of Jim Kemmy, Mount St. Laurence Cemetery, Limerick, 2 (256 Kb)9 September 1997 by Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh; A topographical canvas by Jim Kemmy; The United Irishmen and Limerick by Tom Donovan (512 Kb); The Munster Fusiliers and the South African War [Boer War] 1899-1902, part 1 by (683 Kb)Des Ryan; William Smith O'Brien, 6 October 1803 to 18 June 1864 by Brendan O'Brien (907 Kb); The Life and Times of Eyre Massy, First Baron Clarina of Elm Park (1719-1804) by (533 Kb) Matthew Potter; Insurrection by Gerard Curtin; Dual action by Maurice Cowhey; Limerick's First Charter and the Mayoralty by Larry Walsh (393 Kb); King John’s charter to Limerick -anonymous; John Hayes (1887-1957) Founder of Muintir na Tire by Eoin Devereux (457 Kb); Richard Pierce McElligott by John Curtin; The White manuscript by David Lee; Ballinacurra - Three Urban Townlands by Tony Browne (465 Kb); Some transported rebels of 1798 by Tom Donovan; The River Shannon Fishery by John Rennie (896 Kb); A Limerickwoman’s account of the Titanic disaster by Des Ryan; Between the sieges, 1690-1691 by Liam Irwin.

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Vol. 35, Winter 1998

The Soldiers Houses in Limerick: The Story of the Irish Sailors and Soldiers Lan (394 Kb)d Trust by Anthony O'Brien; William Frewen :Limerick famine scapegoat by Richard Davis; Spirits in Bondage by Morgan McCloskey (300 Kb); Copsewood College by Fr. Martin McCormack S.D.B; The Limerick City Militia 1798 by Kieran Kennedy (573 Kb); More Urban Townlands - Mount Kennett, Courtbrack and Corcanree by Tony Browne (638 Kb); Charlotte Bronte’s Kilkee honeymoon by Thomas J. Byrne; The Kidnapping of Dr. Herrema by Ciarán O Griofa (268 Kb); James Apjohn of Pallasgrean 1795-1886 by Michael Dwyer (313 Kb); The Munster Fusiliers in the South African War [Boer War] 1899-1902, part 2 by D (895 Kb)es Ryan; The Rugby International at Limerick, 1898 submitted by John Curtin (544 Kb); Was the Treaty of Limerick Signed on the Treaty Stone? by A. J. O'Halloran (609 Kb); Miscellania 1.

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