Family Histories

Special thanks to Noel Murphy, whose research work comprises the vast majority of the information contained on this page.

see separate files for Arthur, BarringtonClampett, FitzgibbonRocheRussell, Spring-Rice families´╗┐

Other resources for family history research on our website include GenealogyObituaries, death notices, etc. from The Limerick Chronicle newspaper;  Limerick trades directories - database of Limerick City-related content & scans of all directories in the Limerick Library collection; some registers of electors for Limerick City.


  • General 

- List of online family history research resources

- Pedigree sketches from Court Of Claims book, compiled by Noel Murphy 

- Extract from 'The Huguenot settlements in Ireland' by Grace Lawless Lee [families referred to include Lefroy, Delmege, D'Esterre, Bonfoy] 

       - World is a poorer place as Brian dies by L. K. Power, Limerick Chronicle 24/04/2014

       - Henry John Cleeve in Burke's Irish Family Records, London 1976

       - Philantropy in Ireland in the late 1800's and early 1900's [various sources]

    – Some notes on the Creagh family from the Cromwellian period by Noel Murphy

    - Creagh Family of Limerick, notes by Noel Murphy

   – Personalities of the siege no. 6 – Pierce de Lacy by Robert Herbert, Limerick Leader 8/10/1951, p3

   – Extract from Calendar of Inquisitions re Edmond oge Lacye, p 371

    - Chronological arrangement of Goggin references from Rosemary ffolliott's BDMs, compiled by Noel Murphy

   - see also Croly, above

    – extracts from The Complete Peerage, p 186 & 470

    - Book, If Those Trees Could Speak: The Story of an Ascendancy Family by Frank Tracy, from South Dublin County Libraries

- Biographical sketch of Standish O'Grady from 'Worthies of Thomond' by Robert Herbert 

Irish peerage becomes extinct, Limerick Chronicle 18/10/2005 [50 Years Ago column)   

    - David Sargent, from the 1901 census and the 1911 census by Noel Murphy

    – Prominent family’s city crypt finally restored to former glory, Limerick Leader 21/3/2009, p11

    – references from various sources incl. Rosemary fFolliott’s B.M.D.’s on microfiche at Limerick Co. Library [compiled by Noel  Murphy]

    - references from Rosemary fFolliott’s B.M.D.’s on microfiche at Limerick Co. Library [compiled by Noel Murphy]

    - references from St. Mary's Cathedral records by Noel Murphy

    - Notes on Thomas Vokes of 34 Cathedral Place by Noel Murphy

    - Vokes of Limerick and Adelaide, South Australia by Noel Murphy

    - Full scan of the biography (hagiography) of Thomas Phillips Vokes, Recollections of an Irish Police Magistrate by Henry Robert Addison, 1862 Recollections of an Irish Police Magistrate (24,489 Kb)

    - The White Family of Knocksentry, Co. Limerick by Noel Murphy

    – The Wilson family of Limerick and Clare from Rosemary fFolliott’s B.D.M.’s on microfiche at Limerick Co Library [compiled by Noel Murphy]

    – Indians at the manor [travels of Windham Thomas W.-Q. with artist, Walter Bromley]

    – The late Lord Dunraven, Limerick Leader 25/10/1952, p1

    – Funeral of Earl of Dunraven, Limerick Leader 29/10/1952, p1

    – Will of the late Earl of Dunraven (5th Earl), Limerick Leader 10/10/1953, p2

    – Nearly 1,000 guests at wedding of the year at Adare [marriage of Lady Melissa W-Q to Sir George Brooke], Limerick Leader 27/6/1959, p1


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