The Old Limerick Journal

Vol. 1 

Vol. 1, December 1979


Old Times [poem] by Gerald Griffin
Shawn-a-Scoob by Desmond O'Grady
How Plassey Got Its Name by Kevin Hannan
Gurky McMahon was buried today by Seán Bourke
Pol Carr's [poem] by Frank Hamilton
The siege of Clampett's Bow by Jim Kemmy
The goose's corner : origin of the Michaelmas Goose by Dolly Stewart
An old school [John Street C.B.S.] by Dick Naughton
Drunken Thady : a legend of Limerick [poem] by Michael Hogan
Memoirs of a Savoy pageboy by Joe Malone
The Enigma of Frank Ryan, part 1 by Michael McInerney
Remember Limerick [poem] by Kevin O'Connor
A chronicle of Limerick life [The Limerick Chronicle] by W. W. Gleeson
Servant boys and girls in Co. Limerick by Pat Feeley
Garryowen by Kevin Hannan


Vol. 2 

 Vol. 2, March 1980


The loss of Michael McInerney
Limerick's "Marconi" [George Turner] by Kevin Hannan
"Wires" [George Turner] by Thomas Ryan
From an April morning walk [poems] by Gerard Ryan
The poet Ryan : a memoir by Desmond O'Grady
A visit to Limerick - 1938 by Dorothy McCall
Memories of Mulgrave Street by David Hanly
The Shelling of the Strand Barracks by P. J. Ryan
Edward Thomas O'Dwyer, part 1 by John Rushe
The death of "Feathery" Bourke by Seán Bourke
The curse of St. Munchin [poem] by Michael Hogan
Mills and millers by Dolly Stewart
Treacy's packet and tripe by Jim Kemmy
Jim "Packet" O'Halloran - the singing tripe king by W. W. Gleeson
The General Strike - 1919 [known as The Limerick Soviet] by Jim Kemmy
The Enigma of Frank Ryan, part 2 by Michael McInerney
Rabbi Levin of Colooney Street by Pat Feeley
The closed Lyric [poem] by Kevin O'Connor
Recollection of some Limerick newsboys, part 1 / Frank Renihan


Vol. 3 

 Vol. 3, June 1980


Hidden history [comment on Maurice Lenihan and his 'History of Limerick'
Limerick town [poem] by John Francis O'Donnell
Tom Bull [Thomas McNamara] by Kevin Hannan
Josie by Jim Kemmy
An April incident by Tim Lehane
The city of Limerick by Geoffrey Grigson
The old Theatre Royal [Henry Street] by J. F. Walsh
Limerick labour, Fr. Bannon and...a proposed brewery by Pat Collins
Social life by the Shannon : the Civil War in Limerick by P. J. Ryan
A legend of Rory Frawley by Kevin O'Connor
Limerick Savings Bank by Kevin Hannan
Limerick, part 1 by Kate O'Brien
The best stone cutter in the country by Seamus Murphy
Sliabh Luachra : "the mountain of the rushes" by Pat Feeley
Broderick's Academy by W. W. Gleeson
"Change at the Junction" by Kevin O'Connor
The bed by Desmond O'Grady
Women in Cathedral grounds [poem] by Seamus Ó Cinnéide


Vol. 4 

 Vol. 4, September 1980


A rhyming history [the Davis Manuscript]
On the rampart : Limerick [poem] by John Francis O'Donnell
Arthur's Quay by E. H. Bennis
Warmest love, pt two [cont. of article, 'Limerick' in OLJ 3] by Kate O'Brien
Scandal at Bruff, part one by Dermot McEvoy
The sanitary services by P. J. Ryan
Doggy Cross [James Cross] by Jim Kemmy
Education in Limerick 1830-60 by Kevin R. O'Connor
The House of Industry by Paddy Lysaght
Whiteboys and Ribbonmen : early agrarian secret societies / Pat Feeley
St. John's Square by Kevin Hannan
Some Limerick newsboys, part 2 by Frank Renihan
Memories of Denmark Street by Michael Kenevane
Mike Danagher by Kevin Hannan
The Dean and the Bard by W. W. Gleeson
The Broadford Soviet by Michael McCarthy


Vol. 5 

 Vol. 5, December 1980


John Ferrar, citizen of Limerick
Homecoming [poem] by Desmond O'Grady
Some Limerick characters by Thomas Ryan
Christmas in the Presentation parlour by Kate O'Brien
Scandal at Bruff, part two by Dermot McEvoy
The Danish city by W. W. Gleeson
Billy Carr's garden by Jim Kemmy
A child's parish Christmas [poem] by Donal Ó Murchú
The Shannon Scheme Strike by Michael McCarthy
St. John's Gate by Kevin Hannan
Scenes from a Limerick childhood by Donall Mac Amhlaigh
Early days on the Island Field by Joe Malone
Garryowen by Gerald Griffin
John Mallon : notes on a formidable policeman by Pat Feeley


Vol. 6 
   Vol. 6, Spring 1981


Adare [poem] by John Francis O'Donnell
The Building of the Sarsfield Bridge by Pádraig Ó Maidin
The Early Years of Bishop O'Dwyer by John Rushe
Joseph Sexton, papermaker by Alf MacLochlainn
The Market House [Mungret Street] by Moira Jennings
Limerick by Robert Graves
Roche's Hanging Gardens by Jim Kemmy
The Poor Law comes to Limerick by Chris O'Mahony
Two Parkmen by Kevin Hannan
A Corporation Minute Book, 1769-96 by Charlotte Murphy
"Up Garryowen" by W. W. Gleeson
Mungret Agricultural School by Milo Spillane
The City's entertainment : Limerick before the Civil War / P. J. Ryan
Memories of Burton's Billiard Saloon by Joe Malone
Scandal at Bruff, part 3 by Dermot McEvoy
The Castlecomer Mine and Quarry Union by Pat Feeley
The MacAdam tradition by Michael McCarthy


Vol. 7 

 Vol. 7, Summer 1981


The White manuscript
When filled with thoughts of life's young day [poem] by Gerald Griffin
The Battle of the Tail Race by Michael McCarthy
The Greatest Ballplayer - J. J. Bowles by T. J. McElligott
Poverty and pawnshops : Limerick before the Civil War by P. J. Ryan
Scandal at Bruff, part 4 by Dermot McEvoy
Recollections 1928-1939 by Tony MacMahon
Athlunkard Boat Club by W. W. Gleeson
From Limerick to the Golden Gate by L. A. O'Donnell
Looking back by Michael J. Kenevane
Building the Workhouses by P. J Meghen
The horror of Verdun by Tom Burtchaell
Godfrey Massy: Vicar of Bruff by Pius Browne
Shanny's pub by Jim Kemmy
The Castlecomer Mine and Quarry Union [pt. 2] by Pat Feeley


Vol. 8 

 Vol. 8, Autumn 1981


A forgotten benefactor [Robert Frith]
The men of Park [poem] by Richard Ross-Lewin
How the Shannon Scheme Workers Lived by Michael McCarthy
Bishop O'Dwyer, part 3: E. T. O'Dwyer and the Temperance Movement by John Rushe
Some local industries by P. J. Ryan
Owen's Garden - how Garryowen got its name by Jim Kemmy
Limerick Breweries by John Keane
The Sandmen by Kevin Hannan
Scandal at Bruff part five by Dermot McEvoy
J. P. O'Sullivan : memories of the Limerick theatre by Kevin Dineen
Studiisque Asperrima Belli by Tony MacMahon
The Castlecomer Mine & Quarry Union part 3 by Pat Feeley
A haunting by Robert Graves
The Brazen Head by W. W. Gleeson
The eighteenth century city by John O'Keeffe
A letter from the past


Vol. 9 

 Vol. 9, Winter 1981


The death of a cabin-boy [Patrick O'Brien]
Christmas Eve [poem] by Michael Hogan
The American letter by Tony MacMahon
Proceedings of Old Limerick Society from its foundation to end of season 1943-44
Bishop O'Dwyer [part 4]: E. T. O'Dwyer and the Artisans' Dwellings Co. by John R
The Limerick stage 1736-1800, part one by William Smith Clark
St. Michael's [graveyard] by Kevin Hannan
The siege of 64 Great Strand Street by Pat Feeley
McNamara's Band by Willie W. Gleeson
A Christmas battle by Tom Burchaell
P. J. ('Cushy') Ryan by Jim Kemmy
The Wellesley Bridge by Phil Lovett
The election of 1874 by Michael McCarthy
How I was nearly sent to Glin by Joe Malone
A Limerick childhood by Dorothy McCall


Vol. 10 

 Vol. 10, Spring 1982


Our loss [Dolly Stewart, Padraig O Maidin, Sean Bourke]
Kitty Bredin [poem] / Desmond O'Grady
The Irishtown by Kevin Hannan
Crime on the Shannon Scheme by Michael McCarthy
The development of the port of Limerick in the 19th century by Phil Lovett
A nocturnal visitor by Peter M. C. Morris
The evolution of local government by Tony MacMahon
Daingean days, part one by Sean Bourke
Emigration From the Limerick Workhouse 1848-1860 by Chris O'Mahony
The battle of the Falklands December 1918 by Tom Burtchaell
A Limerick posting, part one by Siegfried Sassoon
The siege of 64 Great Strand Street pt. 2 by Pat Feeley
Crosbie Row by Joe Malone
The life and letters of Feathery Bourke, part one by Jim Kemmy





Vol. 11 

 Vol. 11, Summer 1982


In praise of local history
from Shawn-A-Scoob [poem] by Michael Hogan
A visit to Limerick 1952, part one by Constantine Fitzgibbon
The Royal Irish Constabulary: life in Limerick before the Civil War by P.J. Ryan
The Bruff agitation : a brief history 1897-1907 by Pius J. A. Browne
Daingean days, part two by Sean Bourke
Aspects of the 1904 Pogrom by Pat Feeley
City of commerce by Willie W. Gleeson
The life and letters of Feathery Bourke, part two by Jim Kemmy
The Limerick stage 1736-1800, part two by William Smith Clark
A Southill story by Kevin Hannan
How many angels on a 'pinhead'? : a Limerick labour leader in San Fran
by Michael McCarthy


Vol. 12 

 Vol. 12, Autumn 1982


Our literary history : in praise of minor poets
The Galbally farmer [poem] by Darby Ryan
A visit to Limerick 1952, part two by Constantine Fitzgibbon
King John's Castle by Willie W. Gleeson
The Park Danes, part one by Patsy Harrold
Memories of Mrs. Baker by Joe Malone
A Limerick childhood, part one by Christopher Isherwood
Daingean days, part three by Sean Bourke
Mikey Raleigh's Band by Bob Hamilton
Dr. Thomas Arthur by Kevin Hannan
Spring Rice [poem] by Finbarr Crowe
The life and letters of Feathery Bourke, part three by Jim Kemmy
The Bard of Thomond by Patrick Lysaght
Industries and workers : Limerick before the Civil War / P. J. Ryan


Vol. 13 

 Vol. 13, Winter 1982


Our Literary history II : some novelists of distinction
A poet's grave [poem] by T. J. Dunbar
Daingean days, part four by Sean Bourke
Michael Hogan in America 1886-1889, part one by Jim Kemmy
City Hall paintings by William W. Gleeson
A visit to Limerick 1952, part three by Constantine Fitzgibbon
Pawnbroking in Limerick by W. MacL
A Limerick childhood, part two by Christopher Isherwood
The Carnegie Library by P. J. Ryan
The Park Danes, part two by Patsy Harrold
A Coonagh man by John Walsh
A magical debut by Eamon O'Conor
The 17th century city : a topographic study by Thomas F. O'Sullivan
The Normans in Limerick by Charlotte Murphy
Marwood the hangman by Kevin Hannan
The Liberator and the Limerick Ladies by James Doherty
The old canal [poem] by Finbarr Crowe


Vol. 14 

 Vol. 14, Spring 1983


Folklore [Kevin Danaher]
Duffy's circus Limerick [poem] by Desmond O'Grady
A Limerick childhood by Moira Verschoyle
The old West Clare by Frank Roberts
The Fairgreen by David Hanly
Two elections by Willie W. Gleeson
The bells of St. Alphonsus by Finbar Crowe
The Whit Sunday march, 1915 by P. J. Ryan
Memories of Michael McInerney by Malachy Gray
A D'Alton letter by Aideen Ireland
Sean Bourke's missing manuscript by Frank Hamilton
Michael Hogan in America 1886-1889, part two by Jim Kemmy
Some critical notes on Kate O'Brien by Paddy Lysaght
The life of a servant girl by Molly Byrne
Dr. Robert Frith by Michael Conway
Where the Mulcaire river flows by Kevin Hannan
The Park Danes, part three by Patsy Harrold
Davitt and the Limerick Jews by Pat Feeley
Corner boys by Joe Malone


Vol. 15 

 Vol. 15, Spring 1984


Our printing history
A Limerick Christmas [poem] by Finbar Crowe
The Windmill and District by Jack O'Sullivan
Limerick's Bacon Factories by Paddy Lysaght
A West Limerick centenarian by Batt Leahy-Harnett
Galloping Hogan : saddle, sabre & song by Tim Lehane
The Shannon Scheme: a Forgotten Limerick Connection by Willie W. Gleeson
Medical remedies from 18th century Limerick by Aideen Ireland
Castleconnell, part 1 by Kevin Hannan
John Ford and the women of Limerick by Joe Malone
Michael Hogan in America 1886-'89, part three : homecoming by Jim Kemmy
Dr. Samuel Crumpe by Michael Conway
The Park Danes, part four by Kevin Hannan


Vol. 16 

 Vol. 16, Summer 1984


Cannock's clock
Delmege's Wood, Cappantymore [poem] by Seamus O Cinneide
Castleconnell, part 2 by Kevin Hannan
Memories of The People's Park by Finbar Crowe
Parteen : to organise or not? by Michael McCarthy
The Park Danes, part five by Patsy Harrold
The matchmaker : how Park marriages were made by Kevin Hannan
Unbound poet by Michael Hartnett
Schooldays by Michael Kenevane
A Limerick coachmaker and trade unionist 1833-'34 by Bernard Reaney
De Valera - a fateful visit by Mairin Power
The salt water enterprise [John Philip Holland] by John Walsh
The great explosion of 1837 by Mary McMahon
The two famines by W. W. Gleeson
The leaving of Thomondgate by Joe Malone
A forgotten dramatist [James Kenney] by Jim Kemmy


Vol. 17 

 Vol. 17, Winter 1984


Mountshannon House and the Fitzgibbons by Carole Gurnett
The Park Danes: pastimes and pubs by Kevin Hannan
Maurice Lenihan - Historian of Limerick, part 1 by Francis Finnegan
Seán Bourke the actor by May Griffin
Christmas in Newcastle West by Michael Hartnett
The bells of Saint Mary's by Finbar Crowe
St. John's Boys School by Kevin Hannan
Memories of St. John's Girls School, part one by Patsy Harrold
It's a long way to Limerick by Tim Lehane
The Jews of Limerick by Des Ryan
Flight to Lahinch by Francis Roberts
O'Duffy's Other Brigade by Michael McCarthy
Treacy's packet and tripe shop by Mary Kate Irwin
Kate O'Brien's Limerick by Jim Kemmy
Out for blood! by W. W. Gleeson


Vol. 18 

 Vol. 18, Winter 1985


The History of Cannock's, part 1 by Finbarr Crowe
Charlotte Grace O'Brien by Frank Hamilton
A 19th century citizen [Patrick Riordan] by Anthony Riordan
Limerick - as others saw us by Paddy Lysaght
A missing aircraft by Frank Roberts
Limerick in the General Election 1885 by James Doherty
Catherine Hayes by W. W. Gleeson
The Park Danes - the daily labourers by Jim Kemmy
Maurice Lenihan - Historian of Limerick, part 2 by Francis Finnegan
In my own time by Kevin Hannan
Bishop Charles Graves by Aideen Ireland
The Jews of Limerick, part 2 by Des Ryan


Vol. 19 

 Vol. 19, Summer 1986


Maurice Lenihan - Historian of Limerick, part 3 by Francis Finnegan
The abduction of Honora Goold by Pat Feeley
Paddy Nolan in Calgary by Grant MacEwan
The History of Cannock's, part 2 by Finbarr Crowe
The Park Danes : Park in poetry by Jim Kemmy
The first radio pirate by Jim O'Carroll
The Second Munsters 1914-1948, part 1 by Des Ryan
Afternoon [poem] by Desmond O'Grady
Ada Rehan by Kevin Hannan
Memories of Picquet's Lane by Paul Malone
Limerick `slaves' for Jamaica by Carl Senior


Vol. 20 

 Vol. 20, Winter 1986


Maurice Lenihan - Historian of Limerick, part 4 by Francis Finnegan
The Park Danes: hunting the wren in the park by Kevin Hannan
Grady's nosegay by Paddy Lysaght
The summer snowflake by Patsy Harrold
Newcastle West - 1970 by Michael Hartnett
Turnpike roads in Co. Limerick by P. J. Meghen
A tale of two poets [John Francis O'Donnell & Michael Hogan] by Jim Kemmy
The electrification of Shaw's 1894-'96 by Joseph Quaney
The Second Munsters 1914-1918, part 2 by Des Ryan
Michael Hogan (Bard of Thomond) Memorial Committee public appeal






Vol. 21

 Vol. 21, Autumn 1987


The Granary [poem] by Jim Kemmy
150 years of Limerick gas
A Forgotten Limerick Genius [Sylvester O'Halloran] by Kevin Hannan
Some Limerick Print Workers by W. W. Gleeson
Limerick Night Watch 1807-1853 by Chris O'Mahony
A History of the Christian Brothers in Limerick, part 1 by Richard Ahern
The Second Munsters 1914-1918, part 3 by Des Ryan
Memories of Henry Street by Gerry Gallivan
Mick Quilligan's pub by Finbarr Crowe
A journey to an All-Ireland by C. B. McKernan
Old Carey's Road by Paddy Moloney
The Rockite Uprising in Co. Limerick - 1821 by Pat Feeley
A letter for posterity by Michael McCarthy


Vol. 22

Vol. 22 Christmas 1987


An Introduction to Limerick History by Jim Kemmy
A sense of place by Paddy Lysaght
Limerick - behind closed doors by Finbar Crowe
Mary Lavelle by Jose maria de Areilza translated by John Liddy
Mick Quilligan's by Kevin Hannan
Echoes and reflections (ed.)
How Lord Edward Street got its name by W. W. Gleeson
Mourning the Martyrs: a Study of a Demonstration in Limerick City by Breandan Mac Giolla Choille
History of the Christian Brothers in Limerick, part two

Vol. 23

Vol. 23 Australia Ed. 1988


Wild Geese [poem] by Tim Lehane
Limerick and Australia
The Aborigines : the original Australians by Des Ryan
The establishment, the forces of law and order and transportation of Rockites by Pat Feeley
Sir Richard Bourke: His Life and Work by Hazel King
The O'Hallorans in South Australia by Kevin Hannan
The early Catholic missionaries to Australia by Jeremiah Newman
Thomas Spring Rice and the Peopling of Australia by David Fitzpatrick
Major Pery Baylee by E. R. Pretyman
James Raymond : postmaster-general by Vivienne Parsons
John Hurley : pastoralist and politician by Martha Rutledge
Judge Samuel Bindon by David Potts
Sir Richard Bourke: Irish and Colonial Liberal by Bob Reece
Sir Terence Aubrey Murray by Alan Fitzgerald
Balancing the sexes by Chris O'Mahony
Dr. Richard Thomas Tracy by Frank M. C. Forster
William Smith O'Brien in Van Diemen's Land 1849-1854 by John Cussen
The Taits in Limerick and Melbourne by Jim Kemmy
Lola Montez Down Under by Michael McCarthy
The McMahon diary by Bill McInerney
William Ievers : old scenes revisited by Richard Reid
Anthony Lefroy : public servant by G. G. Lefroy
Rev. Francis Hales [from the Australian Dictionary of Biography]
Catherine Hayes: Operatic Soprano by Dennis Shoesmith
Dr. John Gunson by Sally O'Neill
Martin Hogan and the Catalpa Rescue by Eamon McDermott
The widow Mulcahy : from the Golden Vale to the Goulburn Valley by Thomas Patric
Paddy Hannan from Quin : pioneer of the Golden Mile by Michael MacMahon
Archbishop James Duhig: Limerick 1871-Brisbane 1965 by T. P. Boland
Patrick Francis Hanran : merchant and politician by J. C. Proud
Henry King : public servant and parliamentarian
Bishop James Corbett : freeman of Limerick by Monica Starke
James Dalton : mayor of Orange and Papal Knight by Martha Rutledge
Brendan Bracken: the Emergence of an Imperialist by Patsy Harrold
Fr. John Creagh in the Kimberleys by S. J. Boland
Historical walkabout : exploring links by W. W. Gleeson & Jim Kemmy
Some Limerick Palatines: Looking for Family History in Ireland by Bob Reece
The Irish in Australia - Patrick O'Farrell : review article by R. B. Haslam
John and James Toohey : brewers by G. P. Walsh
John Finnerty : magistrate by Ted Mayman
Sr. Katherine Mulquin by Katherine Dunlop Kane
James Patrick Garvan by Bede Nairn
Trooper Thomas Downey : from Sydney to the Somme by Richard Ahern
De Valera in Australia: 1948 by Patrick O'Farrell
Up-and-under : some rugby ties by Karl Johnston
James Vincent Duhig : rationalist by C. A. C. Leggett


Vol. 24 

 Vol. 24, Winter 1988 (Barringtons' Ed.)


The Barrington Normans of Limerick [poem] by Desmond O'Grady
A family's contribution
The Barringtons of Limerick by Dom Hubert Janssens de Varebeke
Sir Matthew Barrington: 1788-1861: the Real Founder of Barrington's Hospital by Mark Tierney
Health Services in Limerick in the early 19th century by Susan Connolly
Dr. John Geary and Dr. Wm. John Geary, 1779-1853 by M. E. Gleeson
Social conditions and medical services before 1830 by Frances Twomey
The Origins and Early Years of Barrington's Hospital by Mark Tierney
Doctors differ by Jim Kemmy (439 Kb)
The Barrington's and the Pery Square Tontine Company by Mark Tierney
The 1832 Cholera Epidemic by Kevin Hannan
The Mont De Piété by Mark Tierney
Gifts to the citizens by Kevin Hannan
Glenstal Castle by Mark Tierney and John Cornforth
The Barringtons and their tenants by Donal Ryan
Housing and Social Conditions: 1830-1940 by Jim Kemmy
When hospital closure threatened: 1879 by Richard Ahern
'Bring him to Barrington's' by Kevin Hannan
The sporting Barringtons by Karl Johnston
A farmer's pleasure garden
A Glenstal boyhood by Fitzwilliam Barrington
Florence Barrington in Russia, 1917 by B. S. Faloon
Some recollections by W. W. Gleeson
The Death of Winifred Barrington: Tragedy at Coolboreen by Kevin Hannan
The Irish Hospitals' Sweepstake and Barrington's Hospital, 1931 - 1937 by Mark Tierney
The Barrington dogs: Irish water spaniels by Mary-Rose Barrington-Manuel
A letter to Sir Charles Barrington from William T. Cosgrave
Dr. Sarah O'Malley by Patsy Harrold
The Staff of Barrington's Hospital 1900-1988 by Robert Holmes
Michael Roberts by Jim Kemmy
Sr. Joan Bluett by Kevin Hannan
Nurse Lily Flanagan by David Hanly
The Closure of a Hospital: as Seen by the Press by Frank Hamilton


Vol. 25

 Vol. 25, Summer 1989 (French Ed.)


Il y a des mots qui font vivre / There are words full of hope [poem] by Paul Eluard
Limerick and France
Three Arthurs by Kevin Hannan
France, O Bruadair and Sir John Fitzgerald by Michael Hartnett
The Moloneys of Kiltanon by Kevin Hannan
Limerick and France during the Jacobite War of 1689-1691 by Sheila Mulloy
A 1690 poem by Jim Kemmy and Chris O’Mahony
Joseph O'Halloran, S.J. by Kevin Hannan
Dean Terence O’Shaughnessy by Mark Tierney and Ignatius Murphy
The timetable of revolution
The first modern revolution by A. J. P. Taylor
The powder-keg that blew by Martin Kettle
The fall of the Bastille by Richard Hayes
The revolution: how it was reported in the Limerick Chronicle by Larry Walsh
The strange career of the man from Ennis: James Bartholomew Blackwell by Hugh Gough
James Burke: priest and revolutionary by Des Ryan
James Roche by Jim Kemmy
The Meade brothers by John de Courcy Ireland
The Irish Brigade and Freemasonry by Richard Hayes
The French Revolution and modern politics by Brian Fitzpatrick
A grave in Kilmurry by Kevin Hannan
The declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen by B. S. Faloon
Coquebert de Montbret's impressions of Limerick 1790 by Síle Ní Chinnéide
A Frenchman's walk through Limerick 1796 by Chevalier de La Tocnaye
Major-General Oliver Harty in Brittany 1799-1800 by F. W. Van Brock
The Defences of Ireland 1793-1815: the Shannon Estuary by Paul M. Kerrigan
George Geary Bennis by Jim Kemmy
The French MacMahons by Denis MacMahon
The Marencourt cup by Jim Kemmy
A survey of the reports of French consuls in Ireland 1814-1929 by Mark Tierney
A brief history of Quimper by Martin Chappell
How Quimper became the capital of Finistere by Herve Glorennec
Quimper – as seen by The Graphic 1870-71
Walter Osborne in Quimper and Pont-Aven 1883 by Jeanne Sheehy
Laurel Hill: a French Foundation by Richard Ahern
The Franco-Irish Ambulance Brigade 1870-71 by Michael McCarthy
The land war: a Paris pamphlet by Paul Rowlandson
Norman Garstin: a Limerick Artist in France 1882-86 by Julian Campbell
The McMahon diary: a Clareman in Paris 1888 by Bill McInerney
Dermod O'Brien: a Paris Apprenticeship by Julian Campbell
A visit to Paris 1890 by William Ievers
The Limerick Visit of Fr. Raus 1904 by Des Ryan
The Munster Fusiliers in France 1914-1918 by Des Ryan
Dr. Richard Hayes: 'Limerick's Most Distinguished and Enthusiastic Francophile'
From Limerick to the Left Bank by Desmond O’Grady
The style of Jean-Pierre Rives by Karl Johnston
Biographical Dictionary of Limerickmen in France by Richard Hayes
Limerick Jesuits in France by Francis Finegan
Glossary of French terms


Vol. 26

 Vol. 26, Winter 1989


Exiled memory '57 / Making a comeback: 1960 [poem] by Jim Kemmy
A milestone in cement
Arthur's Quay by Jim Kemmy
Limerick in 1689 by Richard Ahern
The Promotion of a Limerick Linen Industry 1760-1763 by Patrick J. O'Connor
The Corbally District by Kevin Hannan
Limerick's Campaign for a University 1838-1845 by Pat Kearney
John M. O'Cahill of Templeglantine and Pentwater, Michigan by Alf MacLochlainn
Patrick Bonaventure Kennedy O.F.M. 1855-1924 by Bartholomew Egan
A place remembered by Cicely Forde
Memories of The Savoy by Anthony Riordan
Potatoes, Turf and Fireside Chats: Muintir na Tire and the 'Emergency' in Limerick by Eoin Devereux
Childhood holidays by Desmond O'Grady
Longpavement and the Line to the West by Paddy Clear
An Arthur's Quay Christmas by Frank Hamilton



Vol. 27

 Vol. 27, Autumn 1990


The Devil's address to the merchants of Limerick by Seán Ó Faoláin
City of bells
The District of Thomondgate by Kevin Hannan
Daniel Defoe and the Palatines by Peter Hutchinson
A pioneering policeman [Major Willcocks] by Pat Feeley
The Nolans and Costelloes of Listowel, Limerick and Calgary by Padraig & Padraig Og de Bhaldraithe
The nightwalker [poem] by Gerald Griffin
Some Limerick links with Australia by Richard Reid
A letter to Lord Monteagle
The death of Martin Cherry by Jim Kemmy
Archbishop Daniel Mannix by James Griffin
The Parteen Eviction by Michael McCarthy
The Limerick Distillery in 1886 by Richard Ahern
Michael Joyce: Squarerigger, Shannon Pilot and M.P. by Brian Donnelly
Towards a university for Limerick, 1934-1972 by Pat Kearney


Vol. 28

 Vol. 28, Winter 1990 (Siege Ed.)


From Limerick [poem] by John Francis O'Donnell
Ending the siege mentality
Ireland and Jacobitism by Richard Hayes
The European dimension by Liam Irwin
James II, King of Ireland by Keith and Maureen Haight
The French navy at the time of the Williamite war by John de Courcy Ireland
Williamite peace tactics, 1690-1, part 1 by J. G. Simms
Social Life in the City by Richard Ahern
A descriptive poem on Limerick in 1690 by Michael Lloyd and Eamon O’Flaherty
The Topography of the Siege by Kevin Hannan
The armies of James and William by Margaret O’Dea and Ray Walsh
Patrick Sarsfield, part 1 by Michael McCarthy
The siege of Limerick, 1690 by J. G. Simms
Eye-witness and contemporary accounts: introduction by Larry Walsh
Diary of the Siege of Limerick from contemporary sources by Larry Walsh
Report on the fortifications of Limerick, 1685 by Thomas Phillips
The report
The journal of John Stevens introduced by Larry Walsh
A true and impartial history by George Story, introduction by Larry Walsh
Limerick and France during the Jacobite War of 1689-1691, pt. 2 by Sheila Mulloy
The Jacobite wars: some Danish sources by John Jordan
The Danish force at Limerick, 1690 by Kevin Danaher and J. G. Simms
Letters of Jean Payen de la Fouleresse to the king of Denmark
A Jacobite narrative
Dutch sources for the Williamite campaign in Ireland by W. Troost
The Dutch at Limerick by Pieter Tesch
The destruction of Cyprus by Charles O’Kelly
Southwell – Nottingham correspondence
Dr. George Clarke: letters and autobiography
Memoirs of the Duke of Berwick introduction by Larry Walsh
Journal of the Rev. Rowland Davies
Dumont de Bostaquet & the Huguenots at Limerick by Harman Murtagh & Michael O’Dwyer
Rapin de Thoyras: Huguenot soldier by Larry Walsh
A wayward wild goose: Peter Drake’s memoir of the Siege by Jim Kemmy
From the diary of Gédéon Bonnivert by Robert H. Murray
Letters of Mr. D. Campbell to Sir Arthur Rawdon
Letter from Mr. Theophilus Harrison to the Rev. John Strype
Le Fleming manuscripts
Military transactions in Limerick, 1690 by Robert Parker
Memoirs of Brigadier-General Robert Stearne
Hastings manuscripts
Diary of Colonel Thomas Bellingham
A diary of the siege of Limerick by Samuel Mullenaux introduced by Larry Walsh
King William’s speech to Parliament, 2 Oct, 1690
Sarsfield's Ride by Michael McCarthy
Echoes of Galloping Hogan by Tim Lehane
The Walls of Limerick by Kevin Hannan
Gunmoney and the Limerick Mint by Gerard Rice
The Duc de Lauzun by Louis de Saint-Simon (translated by Lucy Norton)
Fact and Fancy: Story and Storytellers of 1690 by Kevin Hannan
The siege: Limerick, 1690 by Lord Macaulay
A prospect of Limerick from Story's 'Continuation', 1693 [back cover]


Vol. 29

 Vol. 29, Winter 1992


It's a long way from the Markets Field [poem] by Tess Guerin-Letendre
The walls of Limerick
A man, a dog and a bottle by Brian Hodkinson
The Granary by Jim Kemmy
The Limerick Watch by Kevin Hannan
Liszt in Limerick by Richard Ahern
Dr. William Brooke O’Shaughnessy by J. E. Cosnett
Henry II and Glenstal Castle by Andrew Nugent
The Rathkeale Workhouse incident, November, 1921 by A. Kinsella
A German tourist’s impressions of Limerick 1865 by Larry Walsh
The lamentation of James Walsh by Pat Feeley
A pioneer of Irish traditional music [Thomas J. Purcell] by Bryan MacMahon
Brother Jerome Fitzpatrick 1878-1910 by Barry Coldrey
Joseph O'Mara Operatic Tenor by Anthony Riordan
An octogenarian remembers by Michael Kenevane
The life of a Limerick dentist, part 1 by Michael Guerin
The Dáil Courts in Limerick by Mary Kotsonouris


Vol. 30

 Vol. 30, Winter 1993


Sweet Adare [poem] by Gerald Griffin
The contribution of Séamus Ó Cinnéide
The Quakers in Limerick, 1657-1707 by Emilie M. Bennis
Richard Bourke's Views on Citizenship and Education by Jennifer Ridden
A Palatine childhood by F. S. Hinchy
A List of Merchants 1811-12 compiled by Áine Thornhill
The County Club by Kevin Hannan
Thomas F. Feigh: philantropist extraordinary by Cathleen O’Brien-Grennan
The Limerick bishop who said no to papal infallibility by Liam Irwin
Charles Burton Barrington and Trinity Football Club by Trevor West
The experience of an Irish town in the First World War: Kilrush & the Munster Fusiliers by Martin Staunton
The two coopers of Lough Gur by Jim Kemmy
Women's Suffrage Associations in Limerick 1912-14 by Des Ryan
The life of a Limerick dentist, part two by Michael Guerin
Shannon’s greatest air mystery by Mike Roycroft
Vol. 31 

 Vol. 31, Winter 1994


The Limerick train [poem] by Brendan Kennelly
The pleasures of Plassey
Richard Crosbie's Aerial Voyage from Limerick, 1786 by Larry Walsh
The case of Thaddeus O’Malley by Fergus D’Arcy
Reminiscences of a Journalist by Maurice Lenihan, ed. by Alf MacLochlainn
Christmas holidays by Aubrey de Vere
Limerick Stone and Stonemasons by Jim Kemmy
Sir Peter Tait by Kevin Hannan
Paddy Nolan, K.C. by Roy St. George Stubbs
University College, Mungret, 1888-1908 by Patrick Kearney
The life of a Limerick dentist, part three by Michael Guerin
Growing up in Limerick’s pig market by Anne O’Mahoney
Pennywell memories by Michael Brew


Vol. 32 

 Vol. 32, Winter 1995


From Ghost Voices: a famine sequence [poem] by Flann O'Connor
Blight, starvation and flight [editorial]
How the potato came to Ireland by Richard Ahern
Pre-Famine Limerick: A Study in Contrasts by Paula Coonerty
The Great Irish Famine, 1845-1852 by Thomas P. O'Neill
The famine in Limerick by Kevin Hannan
The onset of famine: County Clare, 1845-1846 by Ciarán Ó Murchadha
Garret Hugh Fitzgerald
Baron Monteagle of Brandon and the famine, 1845-1848 by Charlotte Murphy
Limerick Union Workhouse during the Great Famine by Ciarán Ó Murchadha
The Workhouse by Kevin Hannan
Limerick: Building and the Famine by Judith Hill
Richard Osborne at Limerick, introduced by K. A. Murray
William Monsell, First Baron Emly of Tervoe by Matthew Potter
Bread or Blood by Tom Donovan
Limerick Quakers and Famine Relief by Rob Goodbody
The Great Famine in Murroe by Mark Tierney
'Potatoes and providence': British Government responses to the Great Famine by Peter Gray
Godfrey Massy's Memoirs of the Famine Years in Bruff
Pine coffin reports: government correspondence, 1846 compiled by William Murray
Meeting of labourers at Tory Hill (from our special reporter), Limk Chronicle
Incident at Hospital: further government correspondence
A letter from Sir Matthew Barrington, 1846
The Construction of the Floating Docks by Mark Tierney
'The distress of the lower class': some further government correspondence, 1847
Famine letters by Alexander Somerville, introduction by K. D. M. Snell
Stephen de Vere's voyage to Canada, 1847 by P. J. Meghen
Emigration and famine: the evidence of Francis Spaight, July, 1847 by Patrick J. O'Connor
The Coffin Ships by Kevin Hannan
Michael Hogan and the Paupers' Graveyard by Jim Kemmy
The Newcastle West workhouse by Sean Kelly
Vincent de Paul Society, Limerick, and the Famine by Larry Walsh
Limerick as I saw it, 1848 by William S. Balch
Life and death in Limerick, 1849 by Spencer T. Hall
Gleanings of Limerick, 1850 by S. Godolphin Osborne
Emigration from the workhouses of the mid-west, 1848-1859: an overview by Chris O'Mahony
The Law and the Famine by Kevin Hannan
Book review - The Great Famine, Studies in Irish History, 1845-52
ed. by R. Dudley Edwards and T. Desmond William by G. Kitson Clark
From A chant for Irishmen, befitting the times [poem] by Thomas Dillon


Vol. 33 

 Vol. 33, Winter 1996


Confraternity campaign [poem] by John Liddy
The death of Kevin Hannan [editorial]
The Faction Fighters by Kevin Hannan
Eugene O'Curry in Limerick by Larry Walsh
The visionary, the Liberator and the bishop by Tom Donovan
The Fitzgerald and McGregor history by Jim Kemmy
Bartholomew Dowling by Paddy Lysaght
The Crescent by Denis M. Leonard
Reputations: Nineteenth-Century Monuments in Limerick by Judith Hill
The 1841 census by Tom Ryan
Limerick Workhouse, June 1846 to December 1847 by David Costello
The Presentation Sisters and the Education of 'Poor Female Children' in Limerick
The Limerick School of Art and Design, 1852-54 by Mark Tierney
The Great Influenza Epidemic, 1918-1919 by Des Ryan
November, 1918 by Kevin Dinneen
The life of a Limerick dentist, part four by Michael Guerin


Vol. 34 

 Vol. 34, Summer 1998


On surveying the ruins of Shanny's pub [poem] by Kevin Hannan
Words Spoken at the Grave of Jim Kemmy, Mount St. Laurence Cemetery, 9/9/97 by Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh
A topographical canvas by Jim Kemmy
The United Irishmen and Limerick by Tom Donovan
The Munster Fusiliers and the South African War [Boer War] 1899-1902, part 1 by Des Ryan
William Smith O'Brien, 6 October 1803 to 18 June 1864 by Brendan O'Brien
The Life and Times of Eyre Massy, First Baron Clarina of Elm Park (1719-1804) by Matthew Potter
Insurrection by Gerard Curtin
Dual action by Maurice Cowhey
Limerick's First Charter and the Mayoralty by Larry Walsh
King John's charter to Limerick
John Hayes (1887-1957) Founder of Muintir na Tire by Eoin Devereux
Richard Pierce McElligott by John Curtin
The White Manuscript by David Lee
Ballinacurra - Three Urban Townlands by Tony Browne
Some transported rebels of 1798 by Tom Donovan
The River Shannon Fishery by John Rennie
A Limerickwoman's account of the Titanic disaster by Des Ryan
Between the sieges, 1690-1691 by Liam Irwin


Vol. 35 

 Vol. 35, Winter 1998


Those Limerick bells [poem] by Finbar Crowe
Soldiers Houses in Limerick: Story of the Irish Sailors & Soldiers Land Trust by Anthony O'Brien
William Frewen: Limerick famine scapegoat by Richard Davis
Spirits in Bondage by Morgan McCloskey
Copsewood College by Martin McCormack
The Limerick City Militia 1798 by Kieran Kennedy
More Urban Townlands - Mount Kennett, Courtbrack and Corcanree by Tony Browne
Charlotte Bronte's Kilkee honeymoon by Thomas J. Byrne
The Kidnapping of Dr. Herrema by Ciarán O Griofa
James Apjohn of Pallasgrean 1795-1886 by Michael Dwyer
The Munster Fusiliers in the South African War [Boer War] 1899-1902, part 2 by Des Ryan
The Rugby International at Limerick, 1898 submitted by John Curtin
Was the Treaty of Limerick Signed on the Treaty Stone? by A. J. O'Halloran
Miscellanea: newspaper extracts supplied by John Curtin (264 Kb)


Vol. 36 

 Vol. 36, Winter 1999


Maiden Street (for Denis Deere) [poem] by Michael Hartnett
The Limerick Municipal Elections, January 1899 by Enda McKay
The Munster Fusiliers in the South African War [Boer War] 1899-1902, part 3 by Des Ryan
James McMahon of Mount Mungret - a Timber Merchant by Morgan McCloskey
Two Obituaries of the Bard of Thomond (1832-1899)
Limerick Volunteers 1776-1793 by Kieran Kennedy
The Night of the Big Wind by Gerard Curtin
A brave slave, Robert St. George by John Curtin
The Irish Brigades in the South African War [Boer War] 1899-1902 by Des Ryan
From Limerick to Van Diemen's Land: Irish transportation at work by Richard Davis
More Urban Townlands, part 2 - Mount Kennett, Courtbrack and Corcanree by Tony Browne
The Coopers of Limerick: A Craft of the Past by Morgan McCloskey
Limerick Turkish Baths by Tom Donovan
Abolition and Reinstatement of the Limerick Night Watch, 1898-99
Reminiscences of Old Limerick by Ernest H. Bennis


Vol. 37 

 Vol. 37, Summer 2001


Quakers in Limerick by Phil Lovett
Tumbling out of school by Maureen McAteer
O'Maras of Limerick and their Overseas Businesses by Morgan McCloskey
The Last Crusade: Limerick's Role in the Spanish Civil War by Barrie Wharton & Des Ryan
The Celtic cross at Limburg an der Lahn: a sentimental journey by Anthony O’Brien
The Norwegian emigrant ship Hannah Parr at Limerick, 1868 by Claire O. Haugen & Jim Overdahl
Letters to Colorado by Finn Deloughry
Songs of agrarian strife by Pat Feeley
The efforts of Sir Richard Bourke in promoting national education in
Ireland & New South Wales, 1828-1855 by Max Waugh

Eyre Lloyd's Boer War diary by Tony Browne
Hungarians in Limerick, 1956-1958 by Des Ryan
P. W. Joyce's Published Works on Irish Placenames by Pat Feeley
Killalee's Historic Graveyard by Frank Prendergast
Limerick Divided by the Act of Union by John Curtin


Vol. 38 

 Vol. 38, Winter 2002


Portrait of an old woman [poem] by Frances Condell
P. J. ('Cushy') Ryan by Jim Kemmy
The Fourth Siege of Limerick: Civil War, July 1922, by P. J. Ryan, part 1
The Fourth Siege of Limerick: Civil War, July 1922, by P. J. Ryan, part 2
The Fourth Siege of Limerick: Civil War, July 1922, by P. J. Ryan, part 3
Men of Mangles, 1822 by Valerie Thompson
West Limerick reminiscences by Pat Feeley
A tale of two unions: John O'Ryan & the Limerick Operative House Painters' Society (1908)
by Charles Callan

The Jews, Fr. Creagh and the Mayor's Court of Conscience by Des Ryan
Pádraig O'Keeffe: the last fiddle master by Pat Feeley
Richard O'Gorman in Limerick, 1848 by Laurence Fenton
Tennyson at Kilkee and other Munster tours, 1842-1878 by Thomas J. Byrne


Vol. 39 

 Vol. 39, Winter 2003


For I am desolate [poem] by Gerald Griffin
The Volunteers, the 1916 Rising and its Aftermath by P. J. Ryan
Limerick and the Victoria Cross by Patrick McNamara
The pope's emigrants by Des Ryan
We had a song to sing o by Anthony O'Brien
The Sack of Viking Limerick by Lenore Fischer
The chronicles of a Gay Gordon by Joseph M. Gordon
Richard O'Gorman in Limerick, 1848: a further note by Laurence Fenton
From Dooradoyle to the Elysee Palace : the life and times of Marie Edme Patrice
Maurice McMahon, Duc de Magenta (1808-1893) by Dr. Matthew Potter

Religion and social conflict during the Protestant Crusade in West Limerick
1822-49 by Gerard Curtin

The reminiscences of Dave Flynn of Mountcollins, Co. Limerick by Pat Feeley


Vol. 40 

 Vol. 40, Summer 2004


Christmas bells [poem] by Maureen Sparling
Opposition to the Boer War, Limerick, 1899-1902 by Des Ryan
A Riot in Limerick, 1848 by Laurence Fenton
Remembering Professor King-Griffin by Eoin Devereux
Travellers' impressions: Castleconnell and Killaloe, 1914 by Burton E. Stevenson
Two opinions of Limerick by Brian Hodkinson
The Brunswick Clubs: Rise, Contradictions and Abyss by Alan Phylan
The agricultural labourer in County Limerick by Pat Feeley
William Smith O'Brien and Cahermoyle by Laurence Fenton
Limerick Recipients of the Victoria Cross: John Danagher and Nathaniel Burselm by Patrick F. McNamara
Tragedy at Laurel Hill, 1895 by Sharon Clancy
Abbeyfeale reminiscences: Jerome Murphy and The Sport Murphy - interviews with Pat Feeley, 1978
People from Loughill & Shanagolden D.E.D.s in Glin & Rathkeale workhouses 1851 by Chris O'Mahony
The young hussar (Lord Fitzgibbon) from the statue by P. MacDowell
Vol. 41

 Vol. 41, Winter 2005


The youth of spring [poem] by Séamus Ó Cinnéide
The Blueshirts in Limerick 1932-1936 by Des Ryan
A Limerick Pianist [George Alexander Osborne] Remembered by Morgan McCloskey
The loss of the schooner, Undine by Tom Donovan
Travellers' impressions: Limerick and Adare, 1914 by Burton C. Stevenson
Cahara House tragedy by Tom Donovan
Fr. John Creagh C.S.S.R., Social Reformer 1870-1947 by Des Ryan
The Catholic Institute Athletic Club, Rosbrien by Ralph McMahon
Two 1841 shipping disasters by Tom Donovan
Visitors impressions: John Harden, 1797
The Tragic Death of Constable Patrick Sheahan D.M.P. by Tom Donovan



Vol. 42

 Vol. 42, Winter 2006


Know Ye Not That Lovely River [poem] by Gerald Griffin
The Shamrock League by Des Ryan
Luke and Edward Hartigan - Casualties of World War One by Alan Johnson
Bedford Row Lying-in Hospital 1812-1975 by Terry Forristal
The Design of Glenstal Castle 1836-1861 by Marion D. McGarry
Some Memories of Bishop Graves by Gerald O'Carroll
Opposition To the Payment of Tithes in West Limerick 1821-1838 by Gerard Curtin
How Queen Victoria's Death Was Received in Limerick by Denis O'Shaughnessy
St. Mary's All-Ireland Fife and Drum Band, Limerick by Patrick J. McNamara
RIC Consolidation in Limerick 1919-1921 by Tom Toomey
Memories of 1930s Dublin by Tadhg Murphy
Eleanor McGhie by Sharon Clancy


Vol. 43

 Vol. 43, Summer 2009


Thoughts of Spring [poem] by Michael D. Ryan
Waving the green flag, Athens, 1906 [Con Leahy] by Des Ryan
The S.S. Kerry Head by Patrick J. McNamara
The 1970 Springboks tour and local politics in Limerick by Brian Hanley
Murder at Mountshannon by Tom Donovan
'Black' Mick Hayes by Pat Feely
Limerick County Library service 1935-55 by Margaret Franklin
The Battle of Plassey and its Limerick connections by Brian Hodkinson
Young Ireland in Limerick, 1848 by Laurence Fenton
Freedom and conflict [Boer War] by Des Ryan
The old harbour canal, part one: commercial activity by John Rainsford
A memoir of some 19th century residents of Newcastle... by Mary Castelyn
John Ferrar's [sic] Limerick City Directory - 1788 by Charlotte Murphy [directory is Richard Lucas Directory]
Conditions in Limerick Jail [1922] by Brian Hodkinson
The graveyard at Killeely by Noel Quirke
Some random 18th century newspaper extracts by Tom Donovan


Vol. 44

 Vol. 44, Winter 2010


New Year's Eve, 1907 & New Year's night [poems] by Sydney Ievers		
Shoot out at the Workhouse - the Shooting of Bobby Byrne by Des Ryan
The Castleconnell Bogs, John's Canal and the Stein Brown Distillery by Brian J Goggin
An act of bravery rewarded by Brian Hodkinson
"Schools of corruption": the contexts for Seán South's Antisemitism by Sean Gannon
The last voyage of the M.V. Plassy by Michael Kirwan
Merry Widows of Limerick City, 1777-1801 by Noel Murphy
Rock and Roll Days at the Savoy - the last years of Limerick's great theatre by Mike Maguire
Limerick Boat Club's great tradition by Denis O'Shaughnessy
Croker's Famine Letters: Ballyneety Relief Committee: and Mrs Croker's Soup Kitchen by Joseph Lennon
Limerick and the Paris Peace Conference 1919 by Des Ryan
The Old Harbour Canal, part two: crisis management 1895-1930 by John Rainsford
Governors, staff and lunatics - life in the Limerick District Lunatic Asylum 1827-1910 by Elaine O'Malley
Appendix to article "Rock and Roll Days at The Savoy" - Events at The Savoy, 1966-1988 by Mike Maguire 


Vol. 45

 Vol. 45, Winter 2011


Vaccination Day [poem] by William Stanislaus Burke		
The haunting of Plassey House by John Rainsford
More merry widows of Limerick City by Noel Murphy
A brief history of the Munster News 1851-1935 by Brendan Burke
Life after transportation: the Australian experience of Michael Coughlan & John Hurley by Katie Devine
Municipal Privileges Act, 1876 by Des Ryan
Limerick and the 1918-19 Spanish Influenza epidemic by Tom Toomey
Dromore Castle by Marian Locke
Thomas Roche of Limerick and Rotterdam 1736-1788 by Mary Casteleyn
Two early descriptions of Limerick by Brian Hodkinson
The life and times of the 'Maddens of Park Lock' by John Rainsford
Limerick's first Columban martyr [Fr. Tim Leonard] by John M. Leonard
An ecumenical rescue by Darragh Greaney
It's a long way from Kilkishen by Patrick J. McNamara
The hidden history of Limerick Skating Rink by Martin Walsh
Four Limerick City Republican memorials by Des Long
Vol. 46

Vol. 46, Winter 2012

Limerick Bells by poet signed 'R'  
The Rise and Fall of Georgian Limerick by John Rainsford 
Story of Freemasonry in Limerick by G Hugh Milne  
Limerick and the 1932 Eucharistic Congress by Tom Donovan  
The Murder of the O'Donovan Brothers by Tom Toomey  
Thomas Phillips Vokes: his Ancestors and Descendents by Noel Murphy   
The Hut Tax War in Sierra Leone 1898-99 by Brian Hodkinson  
Doctor William Leonard by John Leonard    
A Pre-Famine Murder in County Limerick by Noreen Curtis  
John Daly and Na Fianna Eireann in Limerick 1912-1916 by Des Long 
The Limerick Meteorite by Denis O'Shaughnessy  
Limerick Famine Riots of 1830 by Bernard Stack  
The Day General Michael Collins came to Limerick by Des Ryan 
James M'Carty: Teacher, Publisher and Politician, Part One by Lucey Bowen  
Biddy Early's Limerick Connections by John Rainsford  
A Case Study of John Ferrar's  Limerick Chronicle 1774 by Ursula Callaghan  
Wiliam Palmer, a Limerick Portrait Painter by Jennifer Brosnan  
Augustus Stafford O'Brien Stafford MP by Paul Huddie 


Vol. 47

 Vol. 47, Winter 2013


Memories of an Irish Harvest Day by Margaret Doody Scully  
Obituary: Larry Walsh by Brian Hodkinson 
Unlikely Hero: Convict maid Ellen Scott by Deborah Swiss  
Foynes Aeradio in the Years 1936 to 1945 by Michael Kirwan  
James M'Carthy: Teacher, Publisher and Politician, Part Two by Lucey Bowen  
Ignatius Nihill of Limerick and Liverpool by Mary Casteleyn  
Glencairn, "Boss" Croker and the Limerick Connection by John Leonard  
An Involuntary Passage to Australia by Cathal Cavanagh  
Roman Catholic Clergy in St. Munchin's Parish by John Carroll  
A Letter written from Limerick County Jail in 1829 by Brian Hodkinson  
Thomas St. John Gaffney by Des Ryan 
Bedford Row over the Years by T O'Farrell and R Hodkinson 
Irish Estates, Corbally Limerick - Some Reflections by Emma Gilleece and C. O'Carroll  
Limerick and the proposed Ecuador Expedition of 1846 by Brian Hodkinson  
'Mad-Doctoring' in 19th Century Limerick by John Rainsford 

Vol. 48

 Vol. 48, Winter 2014

For Limerick's Glory by Liam O'Brien 
Grace Greenwood and Uncle Tom's Cabin in Limerick (1852-1853) by Liam Hogan  
Roman Catholic Clergy in St.Muchin's Parish by John Carroll  
Bettering their condition: Female Emigration by Liz Rushen  
'Black Jack' Blennerhassett and the County Limerick Gentry of 1735 by Gerald O'Carroll 
The Folklore, Myths and Legends of Old Limerick, Part One by John Rainsford 
A Stroll though Thomas Street by T O'Farrell and R Hodkinson 
St. Michael's Rowing Club: the Early Years by Denis O'Shaughnessy 
Two Early Maps of Hospital, County Limerick by Joseph Lennon  
Jewish Limerick from 1790 to 1903 by Des Ryan 
The Gabbett Family and the Sale of Their Estates by Joseph Lennon  
An Irish American's Observations on Late Victorian Limerick and Clare by Ed O'Shaughnessy  
Jim Locke - Hero by Gerry Locke
The Vagrant in Victorian Limerick by John Rainsford  
William Roche (1775-1850) Limerick Man, Banker and Statesman by Betty Walsh

Vol. 49

 Vol. 49, Winter 2015

On the Banks of the Shannon by Patrick Stanley Sheehan 
"Patsy Harrold Was a Most Unusual Woman..." by Seamus Harrold 
Margaret Eager; the Tsar's Nanny by Sharon Slater 
Some Memories of Mary Hynes (nee O'Sullivan), Rathkeale by Mary Sweetland 
The Lonesome Death of Reverend John Mulqueen by Tom Donovan 
The Limerick Printers' Strikes in the Early 20th Century (Part 1) by Derval O'Carroll
St. Philomena's Preparatory School by Sister Marie Hayes, FCJ 
Frederick Douglass and his Journey from Slavery to Limerick by Liam Hogan 
Limerick Marine Radio Schools by Michael Kirwan 
Disease Epidemics in Limerick, 1910-1915 by Margaret Buckley 
Long way to come to be killed so quickly V-Beach Gallipoli 1915 by Des Ryan 
Fr. Michael Gerard Morrison, S.J. World War 2 Hero of Belsen by John M. Leonard 
The Architectural Development of St. Camillus' Hospital by Emma Gilleece 
Roman Catholic Clergy in St. Munchin's Parish (Part 3) by John Carroll
The Folklore, Myths and Legends of Old Limerick (Part 2) by John Rainsford
Sauntering in Sarsfield Street with Randel Hodkinson and Tom O'Farrell

Vol. 50

 Vol. 50, 2016 (Limerick & 1916 ed.)


Ode to a well-loved Limerick light-keeper [poem]	
Preparing for Rebellion: an overview of the gun-running events in 1914 by Tom Toomey
The story of Limerick in 1916 by Mannix Joyce
Good Friday 1916: the road to Ballykissane revisited by Barbra McEvoy
Cornelius 'Con' Collins 1881-1937 by Tom Donovan
'Car gone. Passengers drowned. Tommy safe.': Limerick's links to the first casualties of the Easter Rising by Eoin Shanahan
Donal Sheehan from Monagea, drowned at Ballykissane in 1916 by Tom Donovan
Constable James O'Brien: the first victim of the Easter rebellion in Dublin by Tom Donovan
Con Colbert, Limerick man and Irish Rebel by John O'Callaghan
Edward Daly - a Limerick Patriot by Helen Litton
The shooting of Constable Christopher Miller by Tom Donovan
Death of Private Patrick Leen 5th (Royal Irish) Lancers by Tom Donovan
The mysterious death of Shoeing Smith Charles O'Gorman by Tom Donovan
The death of Jane Costello from Kilmallock by Des Ryan
Michael O'Connor, Ballyhahill(1888-1916): 'an innocent casualty' of the 1916 Rebellion by John Curtin
Limerick condemns the Rising by Denis O'Shaughnessy
Arrest of the McNamara Brothers during the 1916 Rebellion by John Curtin
An Easter Rising Memoir by Éamonn de hÓir
Sean Heuston and his association with Limerick by Tom Donovan
Thomas Clarke (1858-1916): Fenian, Republican Motivator and Rebel Leader by Tom Donovan
Two forgotten Limerick Heroes: Mary Perolz and William Pa O'Brien by Tom Toomey
Roger Casement: the Limerick Connections by Angus Mitchell
Mortal Incompatibility: the fate of two policemen who served in Rathkelae by Tom Toomey
Dr. Richard Francis Hayes (1878-1958): revolutionary Historian by Des Ryan
Eamon de Valera and the Easter Rebellion by Tom Toomey
Gleanings from Easter Week by Denis O'Shaughnessy
Bishop O'Dwyer of Limerick: and the Easter Rising of 1916 by Brian P. Murphy, OSB
Harbouring some fugitives of 1916 by Tom Toomey
Fr. Eugene Sheehy by John Harrold
Limerick people who died in battle in 1916: a comparative study by Brian Hodkinson
Ireland - the Bread Basket of Britain by Jennifer Levey
Limerick men and the Kiltimagh Railway accident in 1916 by Joe Coleman
Limerick Cumann na mBan by Helen Litton
Another showcase event in Limerick in 1916 by Brian Hodkinson
Lt. Col. Sir Anthony Weldon (1863-1917) by Des Ryan
The RIC in Limerick in 1916 by Tom Toomey
Michael Colivet by William O'Neill
Kathleen Clarke: an Easter Widow by Helen Litton
The Daly Family of Limerick by Tom Donovan
Daylight Savings to Uniform Time in 1916 by Jennifer Levey
John Daly (1845-1916): Fenian Rebel, Republician Mayor and IRB Organiser by Tom Donovan
Limerick GAA in 1916 by Tom Toomey
Limerick remembering the Golden Jubilee of the Easter Rising in 1966 by Annette and Des Long
The Tivoli Cinema on Charlotte's Quay (1916-1959) by Joe Coleman


Vol. 51

 Vol. 51, Winter 2016


The praises of Limerick [poem]
The Famine of 1740-'41 in Limerick City by John Hanamy
A Victorian Visitor's View of Limerick by Liam Hogan
Paddy O'Neill, United Irishman by Paul Anglim
'Very Cruel Cases' - the Post-Truce Campaign against the Royal Irish Constabulary in County Limerick by Seán Gannon
An unexpected aircraft landing on the River Shannon by Michael Kirwan
A stroll from Pery Square to Wolfe Tone Street and Environs by Tom O'Farrell
Some Love Letters sent to Glanduff Castle by Niamh Byrne
The Fairy Lawn Fete in 1916 by George Lee
The Limerick Printers' Strikes in early Twentieth Century (part 2) by Derval O'Carroll
Round the World Tour by Two Intrepid Ladies by Ursula O'Farrell
The General Lucas Abduction by Chris Ryan
Roman Catholic Clergy of St. Mary's Parish (part 1) by John Carroll
A letter posted from New Orleans to Limerick in 1834 by Tony Browne
Catholic Institute Athletic Club by Flann Brennan






















































































Vol. 52

Vol. 52, Winter 2017


Friarstown Abbey [poem] by Liam O'Brien 01 olj 52 friarstown abbey (91 Kb)
Major-General Cuthbert Henry Tindall Lucas: the man behind the abduction by Ruth Wheeler 02 olj 52 maj gen cuthbert tindall (332 Kb)
Captain Rock and the Limerick Racecourse Riot by John Hanamy 03 olj 52 capt rock & limk racecourse riot (400 Kb)
Trade Unions, apprenticeships and some Limerick printing firms by Derval O'Carroll 04 olj 52 trade unions apprenticeships (960 Kb)
No Mercy: the Story of a Limerick Hanging by Michael Fitzgerald 05 olj 52 no mercy (245 Kb)
Perjury and Subterfuge: the story of three West Limerick Convicts by Tom Donovan 06 olj 52 perjury & subterfuge (531 Kb)
The first Confraternity Procession though the streets of Limerick by Des Ryan 07 olj 52 first confraternity procession (581 Kb)
Roman Catholic Clergy of St. Mary's Parish (Part 2) by John Carroll 08 olj 52 rom cath clergy st ml's pt 2 (993 Kb)
Eight Limerick men lost on the last voyage of the Irish Pine by Michael Kirwan 09 olj 52 8 limk men lost (232 Kb)
A Limerick Silversmith in Afghanistan 1839-42 by Brian Hodkinson 10 olj 52 limk silversmith in afghanistan (362 Kb)
A study of Tuberculosis in Thomondgate in the early twentieth century by Clem Cusack 11 olj 52 study of tb (620 Kb)
'Treat coloured people as your equals' - Charles Lenox Remond in Limerick and the failure of the Anti-Slavery Irish Address (1841) by Liam Hogan 12 olj 52 charles lenox remond (1,185 Kb)
The Glenroe Riots (1873-1874) by Tim O'Connell 13 olj 52 glenroe riots (379 Kb)
Limerick Republican Plot in Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery - a short history by Des Long 14 olj 52 limk republican plot (242 Kb)
The Frend Family of Boskill by Garry Ahern 15 olj 52 frend family (854 Kb)
Fr. Thomas Scully, American Civil War Chaplain by Gabriel Troy 16 olj 52 fr thomas scully (367 Kb)



Vol. 53

Vol 53, Winter 2018


Moore's Road [poem] by Eoin Devereux 01 olj 53 moores road (93 Kb)
The Rise and Fall of the GAA in Thomondgate by Paul Anglim 02 olj 53 rise and fall of the gaa (1,428 Kb)
'Isn't your sister and your daughter and your wife a person?' Margaret Hinchey: Immigrant, Labour Leader, Suffragette by Liam Hogan 03 olj 53 isnt your sister (584 Kb)
Limerick and the 1918 Armistice by Des Ryan 04 olj 53 limk and 1918 armistice (575 Kb)
The Ballylanders Evictions 1871-1874 by Tim O'Connell 05 olj 53 ballylanders evictions (385 Kb)
The Loss of Michael McLoughlin on HMS Pheasant by Michael Kirwan 06 olj 53 loss of ml mcloughlin (228 Kb)
Treading the Treaty Boards - Acts in the History of Limerick Theatre by Gavin Dillon 07 olj 53 treading treaty boards (751 Kb)
Roman Catholic Clergy of St. Mary's Parish [Part 3] by John Carroll08 olj 53 rom cath clergy st ml's pt 3 (766 Kb)
A Review of Housing, Population and the Old Age Pension in the Early Twentieth Century in Thomondgate by Clem Cusack 09 olj 53 review of housing (452 Kb)
Limerick Policemen in the Palestine Mandate, 1922-48 by Seán Gannon 10 olj 53 limk policemen palestine (1,146 Kb)
Limerick Hurlers Join the Centenniel Club [incl. Remembering Harry Greensmith] by Tom Toomey 11 olj 53 limk hurlers join centennial club (528 Kb)
Limerick the Home of Hurling Balls by Tom Donovan 12 olj 53 limk home of hurling balls (358 Kb)
Murder and Medicine: the story of the export of human bodies from Limerick by John Curtin 13 olj 53 murder & medicine (324 Kb)
The Gentleman Was Unmarried by Miriam Lohan 14 olj 53 gentleman was unmarried (379 Kb)
When John F. Kennedy Visited Limerick by William O'Neill 


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