Limerick Socialist (1972 - 1981)


The Limerick Socialist was published monthly between 1972 and 1981. Largely the work of the late, well-known Limerick politician, Jim Kemmy, the journal focussed on the current issues of the time and gave comment on these issues from a left-wing perspective. Regardless of one’s own political views this journal constitutes a fascinating glimpse of the social/political sphere of the time.

 We present this journal in association with the Jim Kemmy Municipal Museum (Limerick City Museum). The museum kindly loaned its collection of the Limerick Socialist to the library and the collection presented here is scanned from the combined collections of the City Museum and the library service.

Update, July 2020 - Almost all of the gaps in the collection have now been filled by the generous donation by Bernadette Kiely of her late father, P. J. Galvin's collection, to Limerick City & County Library.

 Special thanks to Daniel Maguire for his assistance with this project.


Limerick Socialist, Volume 1 (1972)

Limerick Socialist, Volume 2 (1973)


Limerick Socialist, Volume 3 (1974)


Volume 4 (1975)

Volume 5 (1976)

Volume 6 (1977)

Volume 7 (1978)

Volume 8 (1979)

Volume 9 (1980)

Volume 10 (1981)

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