Books & Journals

 The History of Limerick
- John Ferrar (1787)
 Limerick; its History and Antiquities - Maurice Lenihan (1866) The Glamour of Limerick - A.J. O'Halloran (1928)
The Cromwellian Settlement of the County of Limerick - James Grene Barry (1900)Worthies of Thomond - Robert Herbert (1944-1946)Limerick Municipal Elections (1841-2009)
Round about the County of Limerick - Rev. James Dowd (1896) Our Catholic Life (1954-'70)Hatch 33 (1987-'97)
The Old Limerick Journal Vol. 1-49Journal of the Limerick Field Club (1897-1900)Limerick Socialist (1972-1981)
The Bottom Dog (1975-1976)Limerick War News (1922)North Munster Antiquarian Journal (1909-2013)


Other books and journals from the Limerick City and County Library collection:

In the Shadow of the Spire : a Profile of St. John's Parish

Reflections On Kildimo - A Journal of Local History by Fr. Martin McCormack S.D.B.

Municipal Corporation Boundaries (Ireland) - Reports and Plans, 1837

James and George Pain - Gothic Architects by David Lee (2003)

Ireland's Naturall History by Gerard Boate, 1652

Two Centuries of Popular Education: An Historical Survey of the Educational Institutions of Limerick, 1700 - 1900 by Michael V. (Milo) Spillane (1973)

A Visit to Knock by T. O'C (printed & published by T. O'Connor, 3 Military Road [O'Connell Avenue], Limerick, 1880)  

Limerick Harbour Directory 1890   

History of Limerick by A. O'Dubhgaill 

Feile Padraig Annual 1957 

Limerick Clothing Factory 1850-1950

Life of Sarsfield by R. Barry O'Brien, 1895 

Life and Times of Patrick Sarsfield (Printed by Guy & Co, 114 George Street, Limerick)

Recollections of an Irish Police Magistrate [Thomas Phillips Vokes] by Henry Robert Addison, 1863 

Some Members of the Munster Circuit by Patrick Lynch, 1946

Souvenir of the Centenary of Gerald Griffin, Poet & Novelist - a Faithful Delineator of Irish Character (Guy & Co., Cork, 1903)

Limerick City Street Names by Gerry Joyce (Limerick Corporation, 1995) 

Forgotten Revolution: Limerick Soviet 1919 by Liam Cahill

The Antiquities of Limerick and Its Neighbourhood by Thomas Johnson Westropp, 1916

Limerick and Its Sieges by James Dowd, 1890

The history, topography and antiquities of the county and city of Limerick, vol I by Rev. P. Fitzgerald and John James McGregor

Night Times (1990-1991)

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